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Brace for IMPACT: The Digital Media Championship

IMPACT to hold tournament to crown a Digital Media Champion

IMPACT Wrestling announced on Thursday that they have created a new title called the Digital Media Championship. A tournament will begin on October 5 and 6 with exclusive matches airing on IMPACT Plus and YouTube Insiders. The first two matches announced from the tournament are Zicky Dice vs. John Skyler and Crazzy Steve vs Hernandez. IMPACT sent the following:

“The first-ever champion will be crowned in a six-way match during COUNTDOWN TO GLORY, the live pre-game show that will stream across all digital platforms immediately before the biggest IMPACT event of the year: BOUND FOR GLORY 2021.
IMPACT Wrestling Executive Vice-President Scott D’Amore said: “In the fine tradition of the iconic television titles from pro wrestling history, IMPACT Wrestling will add a fourth singles championship on October 23rd. The inaugural Digital Media Champion will be crowned in a six-way match, with the winner making history. Twelve contenders, drawn from both the Knockouts and male rosters, will compete in six single-elimination matches over the next three weeks. The winners of those matches will be the final six who go on to BEFORE THE GLORY and the Digital Media Championship six-way.”

The elimination match-ups will stream Tuesdays and Wednesdays on IMPACT’s own digital subscription network IMPACT Plus and for IMPACT Ultimate Insiders on the promotion’s popular YouTube Page. After 24 hours, the matches will be made available for everyone across IMPACT’s digital universe, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.”

The Digital Media Championship: The Good & The Bad

The Good:

  • The new title will give undercard wrestlers something to fight for. Most of the time their matches are thrown together backstage when people bump in to each other.
  • Adding more exclusive content to their different platforms is also a very good idea. IMPACT Plus subscribers only get one exclusive show a month and sometimes they get a special like Callihan Uncensored (whatever happened to that?). Now subscribers will get weekly exclusive matches.
  • The title itself, while reminiscent of the AEW title is gorgeous. It much prettier than all their other titles.

    IMPACT’s Digital Media Championship title belt

The Bad: 

  • The name is dreadful. Only executives use terms like “Digital Media”. Even just “Digital Championship”, while not very good either, would have been better. The name just doesn’t roll off the tongue.
  • The first two matches have made it clear that the title will not be important. If it were, mid-card talent like Cardona, Myers, Jake Something etc would have been announced. Instead they plucked from the deep undercard with Skyler, Dice (wha has potential), Steve, and Hernandez.
  • Its inter-gender. To be fair, women have been challenging for mens titles in this company for years now, but those have been special moments, with exception to Tessa Blanchard. The tournament field appears to be equally men and women which makes this an inter-gender title. IMPACT has been trying to make inter gender wrestling part of their DNA and it hasn’t really worked. It turns more people off than it does bring people in. It’s also a hard sell to prospective sponsors that your show will feature routine man-on-woman violence.  I understand trying things that makes you different from the other, more successful companies, but there is a reason why WWE and AEW aren’t doing this: it’s a losing proposition.

IMPACT! on AXS TV review

This week’s episode featured the return to the ring of Christopher Daniels, a street fight between Eddie Edwards and W. Morrissey, and the damndest cinematic brawl with Purazzo and Mickie James. The is was a really good episode, but it had its share of head scratching moments.


Trey Miguel vs. Alex Zayne vs Laredo Kid: This match was so good that I kind of wish it were in the finals. Miguel got the W here. These three tore the house down in a high octane, fast paced match featuring killer move after killer move. It’s what the X-Division is all about. I really hope they bring Zayne back, he is perfect for this division. For my money, Miguel should be the next champion.

Mickie James–Deonna Purazzo barn fight: This was silly, wild, and fantastic. These two women had a hell of a brawl. Watch the video below.

Christopher Daniels vs. Madman Fulton: Daniels, who is in his 50’s, turned back the clock and looked 10 years younger hitting all his signature moves on Fulton. Major props to Madman here as he looked very good too and worked well with the legend. Great match.

Eddie Edwards vs. W. Morrissey: The macth did not start off well due to Eddie Edwards’ entrance (see MISSES).  The match itself was good but this would have been a total miss if not for the closing angle. Moose put on a vicious beatdown on Edwards after the match and “Pillmanized” Eddies neck with a chair. Looked brutal.

Swingers Palace: Another great edition, however it may have been the final one. Swinger offered to bring his casino to Vegas, but when Scott D’Amore asked if Swinger had a Nevada sampling license, he replied with “A Nevada license? I don’t even have a Tennessee license, daddy!”D’Amore, the new biggest heel in the company, shut it down. Sad.


VDB Segment: I liked the idea of the segment but the execution was poor. VBD was about to beat down Rhino again and Heath returned almost a year after VBD put him on the shelf. Not sure if they are trying to make him look like a bad ass but him getting the best of Doering here was a bit much for me. Rhino rejected Heath and went off by himself after the angle. Whole thing fell flat.

Eddie Edwards’ ring entrance: Edwards, who was coming down to the ring seeking vengeance for his wife and injured tag partner, acted like the typical happy-go-lucky Edwards on his way to the ring, slapping hands and singing songs as opposed to being pissed.


  • Wyndham (Bray Wyatt), did not show up at AEW Dynamite as was a rumored possibility. Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live stated that he does not think Wyndham will be signing with AEW and that he believes that Wyndham will sign with IMPACT Wrestling. IMPACT has been in the mix for awhile but it seems they are the front runners now.
  • W. Morrissey told the Bison Talks podcast that his deal with IMPACT expires in October and that he wants a long-term deal here. He stated “My ultimate goal is to become the IMPACT World Champion and represent IMPACT on a grand stage.” (h/t Fightful). I’ve been very impressed with Morrissey, and I hope they do sign him long term. He could be a top guy for them for years to come.
  • Ariya Daivari and Big Damo (Killian Dain) are now officially free agents and have interest in IMPACT. Daivari has already started taking dates with New Japan of America.

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