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Minoru Suzuki is coming to IMPACT Wrestling

Japanese MMA and pro wrestling legend Minoru Suzuki will be making his IMPACT wrestling debut at the upcoming tapings in Las Vegas on October 24 and 25. He is scheduled to appear at a Game Changer Wrestling event in Los Angeles during Bound for Glory, so he is not scheduled to be there. Suzuki has been all over the place after returning to the states for the first time since the pandemic, working for NJoA, AEW, and GCW.

Masha Slamovich signs with IMPACT Wrestling

“Russian Dynamite” Masha Slamovich, the 23-year-old female independent sensation has officially signed a deal with IMPACT. She was offered a contract after her excellent match with Deonna Purazzo during the Knockouts Knockdown taping on September 17. The segment did not air on television, however IMPACT did tweet it out on Thursday. Masha is an excellent pickup by IMPACT and continues to strengthen their Knockouts division, which up until recently was lacking depth.

IMPACT! on AXS TV review

Th October 15 episode was really good, better than last week. The show featured three great matches matches, several awesome segments, and a worst match of the year candidate.  Without that horrendous match (see “MISSES”) this would have been one of their stronger shows of the year. The build to Bound for Glory continues to be fantastic and is much better than their pre-Slammiversary efforts.


  • El Phantasmo vs Willie Mack vs. Rohit Raju: Awesome showing by all three competitors. Mack specifically was on his game here, so much so that I’m dissapointed he didn’t win. ELP picked up the victory pinning Raju and will head to Bound for Glory. He will face Steve Maclin and Trey Miguel to crown a new X-division champion.
  • Savannah Evans vs. Lady Frost:  Evans got the victory and looked really strong in the process. After she was offered a match next week against Mickie James by Deonna Purazzo via a “Pick Your Poison” stipulation.
  • Chris Sabin vs. Chris Bey: Sabin still has it and looked increduble in the ring with young Chris Bey. Bey continues to impress but came up short against the legend. Would love to see these two again.
  • Gail Kim-Decay-IInspiration segment: Wrestling writers should take notes about how well IMPACT is introducting the IInspiration here.  A delivery guy shows up while Kim is being interviewed with a certified letter from the IInspiration stating they were excited about their “well deserved title shot” and that its an honor for Decay to be in the ring with them

  • Swinger’s Palace: This spelled the end of my favorite weekly segment. One of the “Swingerellas” professed her love for Swinger. His response? “Rule number two in the wrestling business: Don’t fall in love with rizzats, daddy!” Goodbye, Swingers Palace.

  • Cage-Alexander summit: Just about everything Josh Alexander and Christian Cage have done to build their title match has been spot on and this was no different. IMPACT aired footage of Cage at an AEW panel from several months back pretending not to know who Josh was. Adding more fuel to the fire.


  • 20-Man Battle Royal: As my friend and colleague Paul Fontaine said, if more Wrestling Observer readers watched IMPACT, this match would have been nominated for Worst Match of the Year. They love inter-gender stuff so much but the ladies in the match were out of place and came off as geeks. The Undead Brides were heavily featured doing weird stuff and spitting mist. Thankfully, the last six competitors salvaged a match that mostly should have been edited off the show. W. Morrissey won and will be entering the “Call Your Shot” gauntlet at number 20 at Bound for Glory. Sabin was last eliminated and will enter at number 1. Some of their biggest stars were added to the gauntlet this year to make it seem more important, but nothing about the preview Battle Royal is making me interested in the match.


  • IMPACT announced that they have signed a deal with Global Sports Network Extreme. The channel has coverage throughout Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. This deal includes the weekly flagship show as well as their four annual pay-per-views. IMPACT will now have Russian commentary and will be seen in Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Ukraine for the first time. Starting on October 15 Impact will air on Friday nights at 9:00 p.m. in Russia, and Bound for Glory will air live.
  • Sean Ross Sapp was asked on Fightful Select if the new Russian TV deal was the “big new distribution deal” that Len Asper tweeted about in August and his answer was no. He stated that he asked around and no one seems to know.
  • Jordynne Grace and Fallah Bah have advanced in the Digital Media Championship tournament.
  • Heath, who told That 90’s Wrestling Podcast that he has signed a two-year deal with IMPACT, will have a mystery partner at Bound for Glory for his match against Violent By Design.
  • Acey Romero, who asked for his release a few months ago, was released by the company and is free to work anywhere he wants. He had not been used nor had he been paid since April, since he gets paid per date.
  • During IMPACT’s Press Pass this week, Doc Gallows stated that there will be “massive surprises” coming to Bound for Glory and that there will be a mystery competitor in the Call Your Shot gauntlet. He and Karl Anderson also told me that they are involved unofficially in recruiting free agents stating “every free agent that comes in here has had a conversation with the GBs, and we have given our stamp of approval.”


The October 14 episode of IMPACT! on AXS TV averaged 89,0000 viewers with a 0.03 demo. Once again, the show did not make the Showbuzz Top 150 this week. Total viewership is down from last weeks 111,000, however the demo is up from last weeks 0.02.  Dark Side of the Ring averaged 135,000 with a 0.06 rating for the Luna Vachon episode.

IMPACT Ratings 2021

Date Total Viewers 18- 49 Demo Rating Notes
5-Jan 148,000 0.04
12-Jan 161,000 0.05
19-Jan 147,000 0.03
26-Jan 186,000 0.05
2-Jan 173,000 0.05
9-Feb 153,000 0.04
16-Feb 197,000 0.06 FinJuice Debut
23-Feb 170,000 0.04
2-Mar 134,000 0.03
9-Mar 144,000 0.04
16-Mar 146,000 0.04
23-Mar 116,000 0.04
30-Mar 148,512 0.04 Final Tuesday Night Episode
8-Apr 168,000 0.06 Thursday Night Debut, head to Head with NXT
15-Apr 132,000 0.04
22-Apr 145,000 0.05
29-Apr 120,000 0.05 NFL Draft Night
6-May 123,000 0.04
13-May 112,000 0.03
20-May 109,000 0.04
27-May 140,000 0.06
3-Jun 143,000 0.04
10-Jun 124,000 0.05
17-Jun 111,000 0.03
24-Jun 111,000 0.03
1-Jul 69,000 0.02 Technical glitch w/TV Guide
8-Jul 120,000 0.03
15-Jul 109,000 0.02
22-Jul 104,000 0.04
29-Jul 113,000 0.02
5-Aug 103,000 0.04
12-Aug 122,000 0.04
19-Aug 126,000 0.04 #122 in Top 150
26-Aug 93,000 0.03 Did not chart
2-Sept 126,000 0.04 #129 in top 150
9-Sept 111,000 0.03 #125
17-Sept 105, 000 0.02 Did not Chart
23-Sept 117,000 0.03 #140
30-Sept 115,000 0.03 #142
7-Oct 111,000 0.02 Did not chart
14-Oct 89,000 0.03 Did not chart

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