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Brace For IMPACT: Five reasons to watch Bound for Glory this weekend

Five reasons to watch Bound For Glory this weekend

Bound for Glory, IMPACT Wrestling’s biggest event of the year, takes place this Saturday on pay-per-view, with anticipation for this year’s card far surpassing all other versions in Anthem-owned IMPACT history.

Jeff Jarrett created BFG in 2003, when TNA looked to promote a Hulk Hogan vs. Jarrett match for the NWA championship. Due to an injury sustained to Hogan during a NJPW match with Masahiro Chono, the bout never came to fruition. Since the inaugural event in 2005, BFG has been IMPACT’s WrestleMania.

The increased level of buzz surrounding this years Bound For Glory is thanks to two well-built stories surrounding the main and co-main events. Deonna Purazzo takes on legend Mickie James in the most heated rivalry in the company. Their feud has traveled from the IMPACT Zone, to the NWA, boardrooms and even inside a barn. As JD Oliva wrote, comparing Josh Alexander’s rise in 2021 to Bret Hart’s in 1991, his bout with Christian Cage is becoming one of the most important matches in the companies history. The IMPACT stalwart Alexander looks to bring home their biggest prize from AEW’s Cage. Two different wrestlers from another promotion has held their world title, which helped generate some buzz.  Without the title, IMPACT lost their identity.

If you are not a typical IMPACT viewer, here are five reasons you should watch Bound for Glory:

  1. Will a “New Generation” emerge? Can Purazzo and Alexander lead IMPACT in to a new boom? IMPACT is on the cusp of a new era. That starts at BFG with two potential passing of the torch moments. The aforementioned Alexander his version of 1992 Ric Flair in future hall of famer Christian Cage. Similarly, Purazzo takes on another TNA icon in Mickie James, as she attempts to create her own legend.
  2. “The Forbidden Door” is wide open. Besides the already announced Christian Cage and NJPW’s El Phantasmo, expect to see many more talents from AEW, New Japan, AAA, and NWA on this show.
  3. “Massive surprises” to come. Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson stated on IMPACT’s Press Pass last week that massive surprises are coming to BFG this year, including one featured in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match. For example, Braun Strowman and Buddy Murphy/Buddy Matthews are rumored to be on their way. Bronson Reed is available and looking for work and could be a great fit. My bold prediction:  NJPW’s Guerillas of Destiny appear to settle some unfinished business with the Good Brothers.
  4. Great matches booked. Besides the main and co-main events, the triple threat match for the vacant X-Divsion title should tear the house down. The Call Your Shot Gauntlet match is usually pretty terrible, but they added some star power this year with Moose, Morrissey, Eddie and others.
  5. A bigger crowd will be in attendance. This will be IMPACT’s first show outside of Skyway studios in well over a year, and it takes place in front of a sold out crowd at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas. The venue holds around 750–800 fans for wrestling, which is about quadruple the size of Skyway.

Notes from Josh Alexander on IMPACT’s Press Pass

IMPACT Wrestling invited me to take part of their recent Press Pass event with Josh Alexander. Here’s some interesting tidbits:

  • James Tunstall of That ’90s Podcast asked about the recent rumors that Adam Scherr has been negotiating with IMPACT. Alexander replied with ““I would welcome the competition, having somebody [of that caliber] come into the company, and if you can more eyes on [IMPACT]. But at the baseball game, I thought Scott was just trolling everybody by making a joke, but if it does actually transpire then it’s pretty cool that a hot take happened on my wife’s Twitch account.” (h/t WrestleZone)
  • About switching from tag team to singles wrestling Josh stated: “I’m known as a tag team wrestler, which is completely fine. As far as Impact Wrestling, you’ve known me as a tag team wrestler for the first year and a half. Two years of my career and then everybody was sort of pleasantly surprised by what I was able to do with the X-Division run,” he said. “The thing is that I know that I could be a World champion. I know that I can be a main event player in this business, in this company and stuff like that. So it’s all about betting on myself and stepping into the ring this Saturday and proving that. It’s something I know and it’s just something everybody else needs to find out.”
  • Here is his response to my question comparing his current run to Bret Hart’s in 1991


  • Mike Johnson of PW Insider reported that Adam Scherr recently met with Scott D’Amore. The two had dinner in Detroit after Scherr appeared at a signing at the Motor City Comic Con.
  • Deonna Purazzo told Fightful Select that female wrestlers including herself and Britt Baker have been asking for women’s wrestlers from AEW and IMPACT to enter the fold.
  • Jordynne Grace and Fallah Bah have advanced in the Digital Media Championship tournament.
  • Ace Austin and Gia Miller’s home burned down in an apartment fire. All their belongings we lost. A GoFundMe was set up with talents and executives like Scott d’Amore, Cody Rhodes, Nick Jackson, and Chris Jericho all making sizeable donations.
  • Josh Alexander told MetroUK his contract with IMPACT is up in February of 2022. “IMPACT’s the perfect spot for me to do that, I’m very happy with that, but also I have to support my family. So there’s things to think about there,” stated Alexander.

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