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UFC 266 Live Coverage – Volkanovski Vs Ortega

UFC 266 live coverage

We’ll have live coverage of the main card of UFC 266 starting at 7PM Pacific and 10PM Eastern.

Cynthia Calvillo Vs Jéssica Andrade

Calvillo looks so much bigger than Andrade. Calvillo has a nice little boxing game, but she doesn’t have much power and after she throws a punch, she doesn’t cover up well so she’s ripe for a counter shot. Andrade walked through all her shots and fired power shots, which landed. Calvillo took them well, but near the end of the round, she couldn’t defend herself up against the cage and Herb Dean stopped it.

Winner: Jéssica Andrade by way of 1st round TKO

Both women showed great sportsmanship at the end of the fight. Very cool to see.

Jairzinho Rozenstruik Vs Curtis Blaydes

Rozenstruik came out pretty fast, but it didn’t take long for Blaydes to take him down. It was a struggle, but Rozenstruik did get up. Blaydes was the better boxer of the two when back on the feet, but you can tell he’s very aware of Rozenstruik’s ability to land big shots and he was preparing for that. Blaydes had a nice straight right and then switched stances to throw the jab.

In the second, Blaydes was really looking for the takedown, so much so that he ducked his head and ate a knee from Rozenstruik. His eye is messed up. Right after the knee, Blaydes got the takedown and controlled the fight from there. Rozenstruik looked pretty helpless on the ground there. Blaydes didn’t advance further than half guard. I have Blaydes up 2-0.

The third round was all Blaydes. It was very reminicent to the end of the second round. Rozenstruik couldn’t get up from yet another Blaydes take down. Blaydes’ eye was shut completely. Pretty boring fight that the fans were just waiting to be over.

Winner: Curtis Blaydes by way of unanimous decision

All the scores were 30-27 for Blaydes.

Robbie Lawler Vs Nick Diaz

Lawler came out fast and he’s clearly moving better than Diaz. Diaz kind of lulled him to sleep and overwhelmed him with volume and long arms. Lawler would throw a few punches, stop, and then have to fight off a long combination from Diaz. I think Diaz won the round just on sheer volume.

Diaz still had lots of volume in that round, but there’s not much sting on the shots as Lawler is walking through them. Lawler’s shots have more power and Diaz is on the defensive, either going backward or out and out getting out of dodge. Lawler gets the round and he was much sharper in the second.

Lawler stopped him with a check right hook. Diaz went to a knee and as he was on his knee, Lawler threw another uppercut which looked to clip him. Lawler told him to get up and Diaz didn’t answer the referee’s call and the fight was stopped. Diaz may have a broken nose.

Winner: Robbie Lawler by way of 3rd round TKO

Diaz’s interview after the fight was awkward. He looked very uncomfortable out there.

Lauren Murphy Vs Valentina Shevchenko

As expected, it was a very dominant round by Shevchenko. Murphy wasn’t hurt, but she seems pretty psyched out. She’s watching Shevchenko. She flinches every time Shevchenko does anything. Late in the round, Shevchenko got a hard takedown. Murphy landed flat on her back and hard as the round ended with her on her back. There’s a clear talent discrepancy here.

Fans are just waiting for this one to be over. Murphy hasn’t yet done anything and Shevchenko has is being really patient. She got another takedown and Murphy couldn’t get up. Seems like the idea for Murphy and her corner is to take the least amount of damage as possible.

A whole lot of the same, but Shevchenko did try and sit down on her shots a bit more. Murphy is taking shots and not willing to give any back. I think she just wants to go the distance.

Shevchenko stopped her. Murphy took a lot of damage in the last round. Shevchenko looks like she was in a sparring session and never got hit. She rocked Murphy with a hook and followed her to the cage. Murphy couldn’t even get turned around correctly and was taking a beating. She went down and Shevchenko landed brutal punches and elbows and it was finally stopped.

Winner: Valentina Shevchenko by way of 4th round TKO

Brian Ortega Vs Alexander Volkanovski

Volkanovski looked very crisp early on. He looks to be in great shape too. Ortega was patient and used his reach advantage to touch Volkanovski including cutting him under his left eye. Ortega has a cut over the eye brow over his left eye. This was an excellent first round that I’d give to Volkanovski.

These guys are fighting at such a high level. Volkanovski is getting in there more quickly and beating Ortega to the punch. He’s feinting and Ortega has to react. Volkanovski is also throwing leg kicks which is throwing Ortega’s long game off. I have Volkanovski up 2-0.

This was one of the great rounds in UFC history. Volkanovski landed some big shots that rocked Ortega and it looks like there may have been a heads clash which hurt Ortega too. Ortega was sleepily boxing and caught Volkanovski and he went backward and down. Like a shot gun, Ortega sinks in a guillotine and Volkanovski was fighting it so much and then stopped fighting it, looking like he was going out, he didn’t and got out of it. He fired up and went after Ortega and had him on the ground and in trouble. Like a Hail Mary pass in football, Ortega put him in a triangle and nearly had him again. It just pissed off Volkanovski and he was on top of Ortega again in a second. Ortega looked spent after the round was over.

Before the round started, Herb Dean called the doctor in so they could check on Ortega’s eyes. Dean asked him how many fingers there were and he answered correctly. O

Ortega got a takedown and sunk in another guillotine. Volkanovski got out and was right back on top of him. Ortega was on his back and had his legs around Volkanovski’s waist while Volkanovski was standing. From that position he unloaded with punches right to Ortega’s nose. Looked like it could’ve been stopped at any time. It was brutal. He let Ortega back up and we go to round five. I’d give that a 10-8.

Ortega was better in the fifth round than he was in the fourth and may have even won the round. Volkanovski made sure he wasn’t in a bad position, but he was still taking big shots. This was a terrific fight.

Winner: Alexander Volkanovski

The scores were 49-46, 50-45, and 50-44 for the champ.

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