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The Challenge Season 37 Recap – Priscilla Is A Sneaky Mofo (Ep. 8)

the challenge recap

What did we learn in episode seven? We learned that you can’t put your hands on others. But we already knew that, didn’t we?

The Rundown

Devin explained the strategy to pick off rookies and said the only way it doesn’t work is if the rookies catch on, which he doesn’t think they have.

Berna hasn’t ever experienced a blind side and says when Emy took CT from her as a partner, she felt stabbed in the back. Emy had told her she wasn’t going to do it and Nelson asked her why she did that, especially after saying that she was like a sister to her. Devin told Nelson that he knows that Berna voted for him (and Amber B.) to go into elimination because even though the vote was anonymous, you can peek over shoulders and see the votes. Emy warned Nelson about Berna’s level of trust.

Emanuel and Tori visually flirted with Tori going topless in the pool and Emanuel teasing that he was going nude in the pool.

The Daily Challenge

The mission was Dive Bomb which was yet another hard to understand challenge under the guise of spy stuff. It was about collecting puzzle pieces, putting it together, and detonating a bomb. And yes, there was water involved.

Highlights included:
– Jeremiahah and Big T being terrible at it.
– Amber B. impressed Devin and made him raise his game.
– Tori and Ed superteamed this challenge and look like a team to be reckoned with, but still lost their heat to Amber B. and Devin.
– Berna and Hughie staked out an early lead which made the vets nervous.
– Josh and Ashley were in last place until they got to the puzzle and thanks to Ashley’s puzzle prominence, they won the second heat.
– Nany had major issues in the water, which seemed to knock her and Emanuel back into last place in the third heat.
– Cory and Betina were the first to finish their puzzle, but it was wrong. Cory didn’t want to have anything to do with it and Betina got it wrong.
– CT and Emy finished first in the third heat.
– The team that had the fastest time and won the right to become the agency were CT and Emy.

Berna was heated because her ex-partner and supposed little sister won the agency. CT didn’t feel bad for her because she did it to herself, trying to do a little too much.

Amber B. talked to Bettina and thinks that Jeremiah is going into elimination and also wants to go down so she can save him. She’s feeling herself and wants to get Berna out. She talked to Kaycee and Josh to get some advice and they wanted her to sleep on it before deciding. Kaycee called bluff.


Berna said she wasn’t upset that Emy took CT, it was that she told her she wasn’t going to do it. Priscilla decided to throw Amber B’s name out there and Amber looked hesitant. Jeremiah said he wanted to go in for the agency vote.

As expected, Berna and Hughie were compromised by the group.

Hughie said that he wants to be a dad and thinks winning the game will help him do that.


CT and Emy agreed with Jeremiah wanting to go into elimination and sent him in. They then sent down Priscilla. They stayed on the rookie plan.

The elimination was a partner challenge. Both teams were back-to-back and had to climb what resembled a telephone pole in tandem. Hughie’s big butt actually hurt his leverage and balance.

Priscilla and Jeremiah won the elimination fairly easily. Ashley mentioned before that if they break up the rookie rookie teams, they might be targeted. Priscilla called Ashley’s bluff and stole Josh as her partner. That also disposed the rookie rookie team idea. CT called Priscilla a sneaky mofo. Jeremiah chose Tori and stole her from Ed. That set up Ed and Ashley as a team and Ashley didn’t seem too happy about that.

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