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The Challenge Season 37 Recap – Messy Fessy (Ep. 7)

What did we learn in episode six? We learned Fessy and Josh might not be as great of friends as we think.

Let’s get to episode seven. It looks like another short one.

The Rundown

Amber and Esther made up, though Esther said she still thought Amber was fake. Josh tried to make a joke out of it and said to vote out Fessy.

Kaycee isn’t on Josh’s side, though he tried to get her on his side. Amanda tried to get Josh to calm down but he said this was bigger than the game and threw his glass.

Devin and Amanda aren’t letting Tori and Cory off so easily.

Fessy apologized to Josh but Josh couldn’t accept it. He also couldn’t stop crying. After finally talking it out, Fessy and Josh were able to get back on the same page.

There was major worry that TJ would make a ruling that would change the game. TJ warned Esther for throwing the drink. He also scolded Josh for being embarrassing and said he can stay. He deactivated Fessy for putting his hands on Josh.

Fessy said that he was glad to get to know Amanda. Well, they more than got to know each other.


TJ said if they weren’t in the deliberation room in 15 minutes, he would choose the nominations.

Josh, Tori, and Cory plead their cases a bit and apologized for their part in Fessy going home.

The group chose Fessy and Esther for elimination.

Emanuel and Emy had a discussion on if she should go in so that if she won, she could choose a new partner. Berna had a discussion with Kaycee about putting Amanda B. up because she didn’t apologize for her part in the craziness. CT talked to Tori about not trusting Berna as his partner because she’s become a pretty big target and we know the new CT wants to stay in the background.


Kaycee and Emanuel chose Emy to face Esther in the Hall Brawl. This Hall Brawl is slightly different in that the contestants don’t sprint to ring the bell, they have to climb part of their cage to ring the bell.

Emy won both heats to win the elimination. Esther sent shots at Amanda B. on her way out. Esther received a “take care” from TJ. Emy chose Uncle CT to be her partner which made Hughie and Berna partners. Berna also sent shots at Emy for stealing her partner. More than likely, Hughie and Berna go in next.

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