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The Challenge Season 37 Recap – Logan Vs Gabo (Ep. 5)

What did we learn in episode four? We learned that the Big Brother alliance has just exploded.

Let’s get to episode five.

The Rundown

Michele left a nice letter for Emanuel on her way out. Tori may be trying to pick up the pieces for herself.

Josh said there’s no Big Brother alliance anymore. He also didn’t give Amber a heads up. Fessy said Amber didn’t talk to him after he told Josh. Well, because Josh didn’t tell her bro.

Kaycee doesn’t trust Amber either. Could it possibly be because she won last year?

Big T and Logan are getting a little touchy touchy as he tries to teach her some self defense.

Emy and Gabo know they’re the target because they’re the rookie team.

The Daily Challenge

Time for another hard to explain mission!

It’s called Mindfield. It’s an obstacle course where they collect puzzle pieces and have to solve a math problem.

– A big part of the race is crawling through mud which doesn’t seem fun at all.
– Berna is in the lead and it’s time for math. CT says she didn’t take math in school, she took circus.
– Aneesa goes down the wall, falls on her shoulder, and pops her shoulder out.
– Kaycee and Emanuel unlock the code and get their puzzle pieces to the detonation station first.
– CT and Berna win thanks to CT’s puzzle skills and they are the Agency.
– Emy and Gabo lose badly and Emy knows they’re going to get picked. CT has to give Emy a pep talk.

Logan is worried because Aneesa is hurt. Logan wants to throw himself in. Josh is stressing patience.

Aneesa comes back in the house with her shoulder in a sling. It’s dislocated. She has to leave the game.

Emy and Gabo have figured out that together, they are a bad team. You think? Logan still wants to go in so he can then pick his partner. Devin agrees with him that it’s a good idea just to get him to throw himself in.

Logan and Big T get underneath the sheets. Kyle tries to get to the bottom of it, but it’s secret secret.

Josh explains to Kaycee why he’s frustrated. Kaycee says she cares about him, but he can do his own thing.

Deliberation Time

Gabo wants to go in because he wants to split up their rookie team. Logan wants to go in so that he can control his own destiny. CT and Esther’s jobs are easy. Fessy says this should be easy because if anything goes against this plan, the blood would be on CT’s hands. Fessy says that everyone is playing a straightforward game so far and Amber calls him out on it since he backstabbed her.

Gabo says if he was to win, he’d choose Nany as his partner and Hughie goes off. Hughie loves being the target.

Aneesa and Logan were compromised. So Logan is going in. CT and Berna choose Gabo.


They are playing a game called Higher Assets. It’s another puzzle. Gabo wasn’t happy.

Basically, they are hanging from a contraption and they have to use a rope to climb up to look at the order in which they have to put the puzzle together. Then, they use the rope to let themselves down to put the puzzle together. They do it over and over until they get the entire thing put together.

Logan had it put together incorrectly a few times, but he finally figured it out and won.

Logan chose Nany which means that Emy and Hughie are the next target.

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