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The Challenge Season 37 Recap – Fessy and Josh (Ep. 6)

the challenge recap

What did we learn in episode five? We learned that the rookies are still rookies and it’s kind of annoying.

Let’s get to episode six. By the way, this looks like a short episode.

The Rundown

CT enjoys Emy’s outcast character. Emmanuel calls her a sister and says she gets in her head too much, but she has thick skin. She says that CT is her favorite uncle.

Josh is talking to Esther about his deal with Fessy for some reason. That’s going to get back to Fess. Amanda tells Fessy that he needs to apologize to Josh.

Kaycee takes Nany out on a date. Nany says Kaycee is so thoughtful. She got the chocolate strawberries out for her and everything.

What? Josh is making out with Esther? When asked by a producer, Esther is unsure what she actually likes about Josh.

The Daily Challenge

The mission is called Turning Agents. Each agent is going to be strapped to the top of a drift car which will be doing doughnuts. They have to count symbols on a trunk and memorize it to open a lock and detonate a bomb.

– Josh and Ashley seem to do it really fast.
– Berna says she feels like a rock star but I think she meant movie star.
– Kaycee and Emmanuel seem to also knock it out of the park with their time.
– Fessy and Esther thought they also had it, but Kaycee and Emmanuel win. That’s probably not great for Amanda B.

Hughie and Emy are sure they’re going in since they’re the one rookie team.

Priscilla who we haven’t seen almost at all, calls herself the Silent Assassin. No shit. I keep wondering who she is when I see her. Maybe she’ll start to get some run now.

Amanda puts Emy in a very short and small dress because they think she’s possibly going into elimination and wants her to live her best life at the fake club that they go to. Emy supposedly sings in Romania and CT asks her to come on the stage. She sings “I’m An Alien.”

Josh and Esther also make out in the club.

The folks start eating pizza after the club. Someone eats Amber’s pizza and Tori and Cory blame it on Fessy even though it wasn’t him. Amber decides to get her frustration out about Fessy blindsiding her. Esther throws a drink in her face. Somehow, Josh and Fessy go nose to nose. Fessy is trying to calm Josh down, but Josh won’t stop. Then Fessy kind of slaps him, though not hard and the episode ends. No elimination or deliberation this week.

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