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The Challenge Season 37 Recap – Baby Hughie (Ep. 4)

What did we learn in episode three? We learned that Tori is making moves (and maybe too many?) and that Michele actually likes her some face and neck tats Emanuel. Hmmm.

Let’s get to episode four.

The Rundown

Corey L thinks that they are close to where the vets will start turning on each other and he just wants to get that far into the game when they do. He thinks he’ll have a shot.

Big T is crushing on Survivor Logan.

Josh is trying to reason with Fessy to not target Amber who is his partner. Fessy says he’s low on her totem pole out of the vets. So selfish Fessy.

CT is trying to train Hughie. I think Hughie has a long career on this show. What an entertaining lad.

Devin and Kyle are trying to figure out the strategy around teams that feature both rookies and vets. They’re going to target the pawns which will leave the vets coming after each other. They are also supposedly best friends.

Kaycee says Amber is at the bottom of the Big Brother alliance. Amber just wants to trust them. But she says she’s still in the Big Brother alliance.

The Daily Challenge

TJ explains that the mission is called Undercover Comms. There’s a giant rig above the water. There are three codes in morse code that one of the team members has to identify and pass to the other team member through a walkie-talking to unlock something on the shore while hanging upside down. Yes, convoluted challenge.

It’s actually a cool looking challenge. But it’s a communication issue as well with difference accents. When you get a code correct, you can sabotage someone else and end their game.

Some of the highlights:
Heat 1
– Josh and Amber are working well together and hustling their ass off. They kill Jeremiah and Big T.
– CT kills Corey L and Michele which makes Emanuel upset, but he doesn’t want to come for CT just yet.
– Ashley gets revenge on Nelson.
– Josh and Amber win the first heat.

Heat 2
– Devin says his heat is all vets and they want their heat to win so the goal is to not kill anyone who is doing well.
– Fessy and Esther win and drop Tori and Ed.
– Devin drops Gabo and Nany.
– Aneesa and Logan drop Kaycee and Emanuel.
– Kyle drops Devin and Emy. I thought they were best friends.
– Esther and Fessy win their heat, so Devin’s plan didn’t actually work.

Fessy and Esther win the challenge because their time was faster than Josh and Amber’s. They are the agency.

Fessy, Josh, and Nelson are wondering if Kyle is the first vet they should go after based on what he did to Devin.

Wait! Michele and Emanuel had a smooch!

Corey L mentions that he knows he’s going to be the house vote. He wants to talk to Fessy about setting up a good matchup for them. He wants Hughie and Bettina. Corey L says he’s going to win soon and he’ll remember this and not throw Fess in.

Devin and Josh talk about their game relationship and wanting to meet each other in a final.

Amber and Jeremiah are vibin’ a bit.

Kyle and Devin try and talk it out. Devin questions how Kyle is going to react in crunch time, but they bury the beef and say they’re still each other’s number one.

Deliberation Time

Michele mentions that she understands that rookie teams will be thrown in, but she wants a chance to not have to go in all the time and thinks there are others who are under the radar. Hughie is speaking up and making himself a target.

Michele and Corey L are the house votes. Esther and Fessy pick Hughie, who Corey L asked for. Fessy starts to say Amber’s name and Josh goes nuts and starts yelling at him. Fessy had been lil’ broing him all episode. Fessy picks Amber and so does Esther. There goes the vet alliance.

Rumors are that Josh and Fessy are really caput.


The teams are chained together and have to maneuver a thin pole through a maze. Hughie drops the key that helps them unlock their hands at the end which gives Michele and Corey L a chance to get back in the game. But it’s all for naught as Hughie and Amber win.

Hughie gets in Corey’s face and Corey pushes him. That’s a no no in TJ’s book. TJ says he hopes both Michele and Corey come back as they’re both beasts.

Corey L has regrets for acting the way that he did and apologizes to Hughie.

Amber and Hughie split up. Hughie chooses Nany. Amber chooses Devin which means that Emy and Gabo are the new rookie target.

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