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Dynamite #102 Breakdown || Building to Omega vs. Danielson

While it didn’t quite reach the heights of last week’s extraordinarily great episode, this week’s Dynamite was a very good one and succeeded greatly at building next week’s pay-per-view-level supercard at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadows, New York.


I can’t think of a hotter first few minutes of any episode than CM Punk’s hero’s welcome on the New Jersey stop of his comeback tour. Adam Cole would then come out, with his great entrance music, and it felt like people in Jersey were on the brink of passing out. 

Cole got a win over Frankie Kazarian in a great bout that did everything it needed to. Cole cut a good post-match promo challenging Chistian Cage, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus for a six-man against himself and the Young Bucks, reuniting the Super-Kliq. The babyfaces would later respond and accept, with a shockingly large amount of Jungle Boy speaking. It’s good to see that. 

MJF ran New Jersey down to near nothing before vehemently disrespecting Brian Pillman Sr., which brought Jr. out and they did the thing where the bodyguard goes up the ramp but the babyface comes through the crowd to get to the heel. It was a little clunky but effective. So too was the pre-taped sit-down with Jim Ross and Pillman Jr. 

CM Punk spoke the truth, among his many zingers, on commentary agreeing that FTR are the best tag team in the world. They got a win over the duo of Dante Martin & Matt Sydal in a great tag match. The use of tag ropes needs to be mentioned and praised. Martin is getting over and he almost reached the arena’s catwalk with how high he went up for the finishing Big Rig. 

Malakai Black’s promo somehow turned into Rosario Dawson (huge for me as I’m currently watching Netflix’s Daredevil)  jumping on his back and then brawling with the returning Cody Rhodes into the audience and up the stairs. 

Dan Lambert yelled at these fans until he was literally red in the face. He did his usual shtick, which is starting to get old, until Chris Jericho and Jake Hager interrupted the rant and challenged Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page for the Arthur Ashe card. I can’t not mention CM Punk’s line “Dan Lambert is like if Bobby Heenan had a wardrobe full of Affliction”. 

After Punk addressed the “Suzuki Incident,” we had a VTR for the reuniting Suzuki-gun in Lance Archer and the King himself. There was one following up the Andrade win over PAC and subsequent shitcanning of Chavo Guerrero Jr. Miro’s pre-tape accepting Fuego Del Sol’s challenge was done well. 

Jade Cargill beat Leyla Hirsch (New Jersey resident) in a passable match. It was a little messy early but they worked hard. With more experience she’s going to be a superduper star. Do not sell your Cargill stock. 

The best angle on the show was Will Hobbs putting CM Punk through the announcer table. Taz came up to Punk, Hook got in Punk’s face, Hobbs jumped him from behind and put him through. Hobbs wrestles Punk next week in Queens which should be an awesome match. 

Another great angle came after the Darby Allin vs. Shawn Spears match, which was quite good. FTR came down and helped Spears and Tully Blanchard beat down Sting & Darby. Tully wiped off Sting’s facepaint after FTR hit the Icon with the spike piledriver, setting up a tag match with FTR vs Sting & Allin. I loved this. Give me more FTR. 

Another highlight was the Bryan Danielson-Kenny Omega promo, aside from the typical interrupting of Tony Schiavone. Don Callis did all the talking for Omega, Danielson kept calling him a piece of shit and challenged Omega to a match which was accepted and the crowd popped huge. 

The main event was a hit, too. A little more than a squash with Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston going over 2.0. The post-match saw the wrongness of the Suzuki Incident be righted, with the New Jersey crowd being able to sing “Kazi ni Nare” as loud as they could, and Mox & Kingston brawled with the Suzuki-gun duo as Dynamite went off the air. 


The Butcher & the Blade are challenging the Lucha Brothers all of a sudden? The Butcher has only been back for less than a couple of weeks. This match doesn’t exactly excite me but it won’t be terrible. It just feels like a match for the sake of a match. 

Matt Hardy wants to shave Orange Cassidy’s head. Like I said last week, it wouldn’t even take that long to grow back. This obviously ends with Hardy losing a hair match to Orange. 

This might be an unpopular opinion but I’m not into this Fuego Del Sol-Miro feud continuing. Miro killed him, and then he wants a rematch putting his new, yet mid, car on the line? This didn’t work for me and I don’t care about Fuego’s average car. 

Dark Order, who I am generally rooting for, make it hard to do so when they act like high school kids. This segment was a miss for me. The Anna Jay vs Allie feud isn’t exactly lighting the world on fire either. I think it’s time for someone to light a fire under the Dark Order. By someone, I mean Windham Rotunda. 

I don’t think the fanbase at large is that invested in the Gunn Club. Unless I missed something, this show had a pre-tape for the Gunn Club, but nothing with their World champion Britt Baker.

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