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DAZN Boxing – Anthony Joshua Vs Oleksandr Usyk Live Coverage

Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk live coverage

We’ll be back for live coverage of the big main event on DAZN at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. Carlos Toros and Robert Silva previewed the fight, which you can listen to on YouTube.

Anthony Joshua wins the walkout with his second song being No Easy Way Out from Rocky IV.

Anthony Joshua Vs Oleksandr Usyk

Round 1

Usyk got in a nice power shot early, but Joshua hit a cross that moved Usyk back. Usyk landed another nice left hand that was flush. Joshua won’t give up the center of the ring and Usyk is dancing around him. Joshua controlled the round, but Usyk landed two big shots to his one. Easy to give the round slightly to the smaller fighter.

Round 2

Joshua did a much better job fighting from the outside. Usyk walked right to a hook. But Usyk was able to bob and weave and get inside again. He landed a couple that got the announcer’s excited, but didn’t really affect Joshua. I’ll call that Joshua’s round slightly for controlling 80% of that round.

Round 3

This was all Usyk right until the last shot by Joshua, which straightened him up a bit. Usyk’s left hand found its mark a couple times and one wobbled Joshua. He had that look on his face like when Andy Ruiz hit him. This was Usyk’s round.

Round 4

Joshua stumbled a bit after trying to get out of the way of a shot. Joshua did a much better job at not getting sucked into getting hit with Usyk’s left hand, but he still lost the round. Interestingly, Usyk has a mark near his left eye, possibly from a jab or two landing. I have Usyk up 3-1.

Round 5

This is Joshua’s best round as far as being able to land punches. His strikes were more varied, giving Usyk something to think about. Usyk’s jab is starting to mark up Joshua’s left eye too. Joshua wins the round and it’s his best one so far.

Round 6

Usyk looks a lot ore uncomfortable now. He’s still able to sneak his left hand through the pipes, but Joshua is starting to walk him down a bit. Joshua is able to time his counter shots a lot better now, which is really the only way he’s been able to hit Usyk. I have the fight dead even.

Round 7

This was an amazing round by Usyk. It was almost as if Joshua got too comfortable and stopped doing what he was doing the previous two rounds. But what it might’ve been is that Usyk made the necessary adjustments to Joshua’s adjustments. This is a very solid strategic fight. Usyk had Joshua spinning around and Joshua needs to answer. I have Usyk up 4-3.

Round 8

That was a nice bounce back round from Joshua. He started throwing and landing uppercuts as an answer to that last round. Joshua wins that round to keep it even.

Round 9

Joshua had to be warned for grabbing the back of Usyk’s head and trying to punch. Usyk looks pretty tired and he had to clinch on the ropes late in the round. I’d give that round to Joshua as well and he takes his first lead on my card. Usyk has been able to counter Joshua’s winning rounds by coming back in the next round, so round 10 is crucial for him.

Round 10

This was a super duper close round, but I’m giving it to Joshua. Joshua is landing right hands that don’t even register with the announcers because it’s not as impressive when he hits Usyk as it is with Usyk hits him. Usyk has a cut over his right eye brow and Joshua has a mouse under his right eye. I have Joshua up two rounds.

Round 11

It seems like Joshua thinks he’s in control as there’s more urgency to Usyk this round. Joshua looks like he’s still in great shape and Usyk picks his spots a bit more. But Usyk won this round as we head to the 12th. I have Joshua up one round 6-5.

Round 12

Usyk closed strong. Even though my scorecard is a draw because I gave some of those close rounds to Joshua, I’d expect Usyk to get the decision. This was an excellent tactical battle. Joshua didn’t close strong at all. Usyk had him on the ropes and had there have been another 30 seconds, he probably puts Joshua down.

Winner: Oleksandr Usyk by unanimous decision

The scores were 117-112, 116-112, and 115-113.

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