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Tommy Dreamer indefinitely suspended

Tommy Dreamer, who is a member of the creative team as well as a wrestler, has been suspended indefinitely by Anthem (parent company of IMPACT) for his comments made on Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring: The Plane Ride From Hell. Anthem released a statement saying, “We are aware of Mr Laughlin’s (Tommy Dreamer) comments on “Dark Side of the Ring.” The views expressed by him in the interview are completely unacceptable. We can confirm Mr Laughlin was suspended this morning with immediate effect, pending further action.”

The trouble stems from Dreamer’s response to flight attendant Heidi Doyle who accused Ric Flair of sexual assault on the plane. Dreamer stated if “that’s how she felt, then she should not have taken a payout and went to the fullest extent of the law.” He came across as very dismissive of her accusations and lacked any empathy, at least on the edit that made the documentary. There is no timetable for how long the suspension is and if he will ever return.

IMPACT! on AXS TV review

It would have been difficult to top last week’s “episode of the year”, and IMPACT did not do that this week. However, it was still an overall good episode that effectively built for this weekend’s “Victory Road” special on IMPACT Plus. There were many quality promos and three good matches. The main event, a 10-man tag match between every top star in the company was good, but a bit of a letdown considering who was involved.


Swinger’s Palace: This was one of the funniest versions of these skits they have ever done. Swinger killed me when when asking about who was in charge of the company, naming off “Jerry” (Jarrett), “Bill Watt’s son” (Erik), “Dixie”, and the “Smashing Pumpkin guy” (Billy Corgan). Unfortunately since they will be moving to Las Vegas starting with Bound for Glory, this could spell the end of the Palace.

TJP vs Petey Williams: Petey picked up the win in an excellent match. The feud does nothing for me but both guys are awesome. Maclin hit the ring after and laid out both men to set up a three way. Maclin’s attack was intense and very well done.

The Good Brothers/Rich Swann and Willie Mack segment: The Brothers were in the back bragging about putting Willie in the hospital. While they were trying to leave, they were confronted by Mack and Swann who were carrying crutches and a brawl ensued. Both teams have been fantastic in building this match upcoming at Victory Road.

Trey Miguel vs Matthew Rehwoldt: This was a very good match with Miguel getting the win. Was pleasantly surprised that Trey won given that Rehwoldt is new and is a WWE cast-off. A great brawl took place between Mickie James and Deonna Purazzo after the match. The build for the Purrazzo-James match is one of the best they have done in a long time.

Team Cage vs Team Austin: It was good match that was not as good as I hoped it would be. It started very slow but the last five minutes were well done. I wanted much more chaos and excitement considering the heat involved in the individual feuds. What we got was just a good professional wrestling match.


John Skyler vs Laredo Kid: It was a good match with another bad finish. Not sure what IMPACT is thinking making Kid lose in his 2nd match, but they are already missing the boat on this guy.

All About Me: These segments usually fall in to this category for me. Tenille just isn’t funny. However, many people like the segments and find them funny, so maybe I am just out of touch with this.


  • On Saturday October 9, IMPACT will present the return of the all-women’s event “Knockouts Knockdown.” The last event was held in 2017. Already announced for the show is the all-women’s broadcast team of Veda Scott on play-by-play, Mickie James on color, and Melissa Santos as the ring announcer. Deonna Purazzo will be defending her Knockouts championship against an opponent to be named later. Mercedes Martinez and Lady Frost have also been announced for the show as well as a Monster’s Ball match in tribute to the late Daphne.
  • Rhino has re-signed here. No details on how long his new deal is for.
  • Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman) continues to be in negotiations with IMPACT. It looks like if he does sign, he will be held off until Bound for Glory.
  • Wyndham, formerly known as Bray Wyatt, is still in the mix for IMPACT, but AEW continues to be interested. Right now on AEW Dynamite, a story with the Dark Order needing a leader is playing out and it would make a lot of sense for the new leader to be Wyndham.


The September 17 episode of IMPACT! on AXS TV averaged 105,000 viewers with a 0.02 demo. It did not crack the Showbuzz Top 150 this week. This is down from 111,000 and 0.03 last week. Dark Side of the Ring averaged 153,000 with a 0.07 rating for the aforementioned Plane Ride from Hell episode, which is their lowest rated of their current season. Between NFL and Dark side, it could be a brutal couple of months for IMPACT’s ratings.

IMPACT Ratings 2021

Date Total Viewers 18- 49 Demo Rating Notes
5-Jan 148,000 0.04
12-Jan 161,000 0.05
19-Jan 147,000 0.03
26-Jan 186,000 0.05
2-Jan 173,000 0.05
9-Feb 153,000 0.04
16-Feb 197,000 0.06 FinJuice Debut
23-Feb 170,000 0.04
2-Mar 134,000 0.03
9-Mar 144,000 0.04
16-Mar 146,000 0.04
23-Mar 116,000 0.04
30-Mar 148,512 0.04 Final Tuesday Night Episode
8-Apr 168,000 0.06 Thursday Night Debut, head to Head with NXT
15-Apr 132,000 0.04
22-Apr 145,000 0.05
29-Apr 120,000 0.05 NFL Draft Night
6-May 123,000 0.04
13-May 112,000 0.03
20-May 109,000 0.04
27-May 140,000 0.06
3-Jun 143,000 0.04
10-Jun 124,000 0.05
17-Jun 111,000 0.03
24-Jun 111,000 0.03
1-Jul 69,000 0.02 Technical glitch w/TV Guide
8-Jul 120,000 0.03
15-Jul 109,000 0.02
22-Jul 104,000 0.04
29-Jul 113,000 0.02
5-Aug 103,000 0.04
12-Aug 122,000 0.04
19-Aug 126,000 0.04 #122 in Top 150
26-Aug 93,000 0.03 Did not chart
2-Sept 126,000 0.04 #129 in top 150
9-Sept 111,000 0.03 #125
17-Sept 105, 000 0.02 Did not Chart

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