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AJPW: Suwama and Shotaro Ashino win World Tag Titles

2021 Royal Road winner Suwama and runner-up Shotaro Ashino, former recently joined forces to win AJPW’s World Tag Team titles from Kento Miyahara and Yuma Aoyagi this week in an excellent match that saw Ashino pin Aoyagi for the win in just over 25 minutes. 

“Master of Suplex” offers masterclass in humility

Interestingly, the two began training together recently after Ashino came to Suwama for advice after his loss in the Royal Road finals. AJPW.tv documented some of their recent sessions together, where Suwama went over headlock and suplex details with the younger ex-ace of Wrestle-1, Ashino.

Ashino and Suwama enjoy chanko nabe after training

Suwama bounces back

It was Kento Miyahara who Suwama had to defeat before Ashino in the Royal Road tournament a few weeks back, which added extra intrigue to this week’s tag match. The two have a short but storied history between each other over AJPW’s Triple Crown. In their Royal Road match weeks ago, Suwama, who has been recovering from a bout of COVID-19 earlier in the year, beat Miyahara in the semi-finals with a sudden and uncharacteristic inside cradle before defeating Ashino in the finals in a bout that’s without a doubt a contender for best bout of 2021.

AJPW’s Super Deluxe Series mini-tour ends on 9/21 at Korakuen Hall next week. Replays will be available on AJPW.tv.

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