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UFC 265 Live Coverage – Derrick Lewis Vs Ciryl Gane

While UFC 265 doesn’t look too hot on paper with its manufactured fake heavyweight title match, there are still some interesting fights on the card.

Ryan Frederick previewed the show and gave his picks in his Guide to UFC 265. Ryan, Paul Fontaine, and Antonio “The Promise” Thomas also made their best bets for the card.

We’ll be back with UFC 265 live coverage of the main card.

Casey Kenney Vs Song Yadong

Excellent first round action-wise. Both guys landed nice shots and were letting each other know about it. Kenney landed a shot while Yadong was off-balanced and he went down hard, but he kept his composure and got back up and finished strong. Both guys are tremendously quick.

Yadong figured out the pace in the second round and it was definitely a competitive round, but he was in much more control. Kenney landed two shots late that were solid, but Yadong still wins the round.

Yadong’s right leg is a trigger. He’s letting it go like it’s a right cross. Kenney got a takedown late to finish the round strong and did an excellent job pushing the pace in the last round. He may have won the third round but I have Yadong winning the first two and thus winning the fight.

Winner: Song Yadong by way of split decision

The judges had it 29-28 for both and then one judge had it 30-27 for Yadong.

Angela Hill Vs Tecia Torres

Wasn’t all that interesting of a round until the last part of it where both women’ turned it up. More of a mechanical striking round, which is better for Torres.

Torres is still in control here as it’s a kick boxing fight. Hill hasn’t been able to figure out the leg kicks. Since Hill’s quite a big longer, she seems like she’d be able to compete at the distance, but she’s not the same striker.

Torres was so good in the pocket. She’d bounce in, land a shot, and get out before Hill could even react. She was very comfortable by the third round. Hill had a ton of fight in her so she was competitive, but she wasn’t going to beat Tecia at her game.

Winner: Tecia Torres by way of unanimous decision

Vicente Luque Vs Michael Chiesa

This fight was nuts. Chiesa was circling toward Luque’s right hand and got caught. He was clearly hurt and stumbled up. He immediately went to his wrestling and took Luque down and was near choking him out, but Luque sunk in a D’Arce choke to turn the tables and win the fight.

Winner: Vicente Luque by way of 1st round submission

Pedro Munhoz Vs José Aldo

Aldo’s length is a pretty big deal here. Munhoz is coming up short on his punches. Munhoz ran right into a knee for the first big shot of the fight. But he also landed a sneaky right hand. Munhoz is having to take some shots inside to land one of his own.

Munhoz was doing a pretty good job slipping to get inside, though, he was eating a few shots to get inside. But he was landing shots. Munhoz is much more active, while Aldo is very patient. Maybe too patient. I have the fight even after two. Close rounds.

Aldo’s hands came alive in the third. His hand speed was impressive. By the time Munhoz recognized they were coming, his head bounced back multiple times. Munhoz slipped and ate a shot coming up and he’s bleeding. The first two rounds were close, but the third wasn’t. Aldo’s percentage of shots landed was ridiculous in the third round. He should win this decision.

Winner: José Aldo by way of unanimous decision

Scores had Aldo winning every round.

Ciryl Gane Vs Derrick Lewis

Lewis’ first shot was a head kick attempt and he fell from it. Gane is light on his feet, has the reach advantage and a major quickness advantage. You’d think Lewis has the power advantage. Lewis kicked him low and the referee had to remind him what a low blow is. Lewis couldn’t get to him at all. First round for Gane.

The most excitement so far is when Lewis loads up and swings and misses big. You’d think he’d land at least a few, but nothing yet. Also, no jab coming inside. Gane is too quick for him to be so predictable so far. Gane is using his kicks to keep the distance and is landing them. So far, 2-0 Gane.

Gane stopped him in the third. Lewis didn’t have much and seemed as much frustrated as he was knocked out.

Winner: Ciryl Gane by way of 3rd round TKO

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