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Christian Cage comes home

Christian Cage returns to the IMPACT Zone

After winning the IMPACT World Heavyweight championship, Christian Cage made his return to the IMPACT Zone for the first time in nine years this week. His first order of business was to retire the TNA Heavyweight title that Moose resurrected last year. The title served as an accessory to Omega but now no longer has value. Cage talked about his history in IMPACT, leaving WWE and taking a chance and really becoming a main event player here.

Cage put over the talent and made it seem like he was there to give back to the company. It was really refreshing to see an AEW talent come to IMPACT and not act above the company and its hard-working roster. Myers interrupted Cage to set up there match tonight on Emergence. They dropped some funny lines and got somewhat physical, but really did nothing to create interest in the match.

Kenny Omega likely done with IMPACT

Dave Meltzer I reported that since Omega is no longer IMPACT champion, his IMPACT commitments are now complete. Omega was a great champion and had awesome matches, but he was no longer a ratings draw. If he truly is done, it’s disappointing for IMPACT. We never got those matches with Eddie Edwards and Josh Alexander. He also never put over anyone in the company to help build a star on his way out.

IMPACT! on AXS TV review

This week’s episode was excellent from top to bottom. It started off hot with a brawl between Eddie Edwards and Morrissey, saw the return of Christian, and ended with an awesome hoss fight between Joe Doering and Doc Gallows. Talent up and down the roster seem to have direction, matches are good, and the show has energy. While last week was a misstep, it seems like the company is continuing to head in the right direction. They just need to do a better job of creating strong contenders for their world championship.


Joe Doering vs. Doc Gallows: This was a sloppy hoss fight between two big bastards and I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this. It resembled more of an old All Japan match that also saw both men crash through the stage. Doering picked up the win and honestly looked like a potential challenger for Christian Cage, hope they keep him strong.

Christian returns: Great to see Christian back on IMPACT. He came across as an awesome babyface, like you’d expect.

Jake Something kills: Something destroyed Kaleb in a No-DQ match. He totally smashed that dude.

Jordynne Grace lifting highlights: This was wonderful. Grace is a legitimate national record holder for powerlifting and this video added so much to her character. Such a badass.

Sami Callihan and Chris Sabin vs. Moose and Ace Austin: Fun opening tag team match that serves as a preview for the four way number one contenders match at Emergence. Callihan is starting to get over as a babyface. Sabin hit the Cradle Shock on Ace Austin to get the win. Sami turned on him after, which the crowd loved.


Melina vs. Brandi Lauren: Not a good showing by either woman here. Lauren is young and has room for improvement, hope she sticks around. Melina has been around a long time but was never a full time wrestler, so this pairing was probably not the best way to showcase her.

Quick hits:

  • Fightful Select reported that Zicky Dice signed a multiple year deal here. Dice is a former NWA TV champion who famously left that company and had an “AEW or bust” mindset. Looks like it’s bust. Zicky is pretty good though.
  • The IIconics posted pictures on their Instagram that they were in Nashville over the weekend. Well they ended up not working the IMPACT tapings. Per Fightful Select, IMPACT remains interested in signing them.
  • Jay White did not work the tapings this past weekend but remains in the US. The September events don’t conflict with any New Japan dates, so hopefully he returns.
  • IMPACT sure is teasing a G.O.D. vs. Good Brothers match and I am here for it.

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