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AEW Rampage Live Recap – The First Dance

AEW Rampage live recap CM Punk

Before we get started with our AEW Rampage live recap, want to let readers know that we’re doing a live stream recap of this show on our YouTube channel with myself, Paul Fontaine, and Parker Klyn. We’ll start 10 minutes after Rampage ends.

AEW Rampage Live Recap: When does CM Punk show up?

The CM Punk chants are loud and immediate. Jim Ross is replacing Chris Jericho on announcing tonight.

CM Punk comes out to start the show

Punk looks a bit overwhelmed, but he might just be milking it a bit. No, he’s overwhelmed. This crowd is going nuts for him.

They went to commercial, probably so the crowd could calm down a bit.

Punk says he heard the CM Punk chat for seven years. He said that he’s not going to go into it all right now, but he has time because he’s not going anywhere.

He took a shot at WWE saying he wasn’t ever going to get better staying in the same place that got him sick in the first place.

He said it’s hot in the building so that he could take off his sweatshirt and show off his new shirt.

He talks about leaving ROH in 2005 and had tears in his eyes. He made a place where people could get paid and love professional wrestling. He cried because he knew he was leaving a place he could love and he knew where he was going and it wasn’t going to be easy for a guy like him. He says leaving ROH meant he left professional wrestling. But August 20, 2021, he’s back in pro wrestling.

He’s back to work with the young talent he wish he had in WWE. He’s back because he has some scores to settle as well.

He called out Darby Allin and said nothing he could do would be as dangerous as wrestling CM Punk in Chicago, at All Out.

As a gift to the fans for waiting 7 years for him, he’s giving out free ice cream bars.

Christian promo with the Jurassic Express

Hey, how can Christian be at Rampage when he was wrestling on IMPACT Emergence today?

Christian is motivating the Jurassic Express and calling out Kenny Omega. Maybe he has his number?

Private Party Vs The Jurassic Express

The Young Bucks are on the ramp watching. Lucha Bros were in the crowd.

Most of the match happened in picture-in-picture, but it was all Private Party with Jungleboy selling. After the break, Jungleboy finally made the hot tag and Luchasaurus ran wild. There was a Private Party near fall after Matt Hardy got up on the apron and tossed Marko Stunt off the apron. Cassidy rolled up Jungleboy and grabbed the trunks. We saw some Junglecrack. They hit the Jurassic Express on Quinn to win the match.

Omega promised to retire Christian for another seven years.

Jade Cargill Vs Kiera Hogan

Before the match, Jade said she’s done talking and tonight she feasts, period.

Jade powered her down after a lockup. Hogan caught her off guard with a punch and two kicks. She hit a running clothesline in the corner. She ate a kick from Jade and went down.

Jade hit her finisher and it was over.

Punk will be at Dynamite.

Mark Henry interviews Daniel Garcia and Jon Moxley

Garcia says to be the biggest name in the company, he has to beat Moxley. 2pointO say that Garcia is going to give him a taste.

Moxley says he’s going to commit felony assault. Daniel Garcia has a better chance to get him pregnant than to submit him. Then he walked off.

Daniel Garcia Vs Jon Moxley

Garcia was out with 2point0. Eddie Kingston came out with Moxley.

Moxley immediately hit a back suplex. Garcia nailed his leg, which was hurt from Dynamite when he hit Moxley with a pipe. Moxley got the upper hand again, but Garcia grabbed his leg and took him down and had an ankle lock of sorts. Mox turned him inside out with a flip suplex. He went for the Paradigm Shift and went for a Sharpshooter which Moxley turned into a Bulldog choke and won the match. 2point0 jumped Moxley and Kingston and Darby Allin and Sting came out. Moxley hit Garcia with the Paradigm Shift. He and Kingston stacked 2point0 in the corner and Sting hit the Stinger Splash and then the Scorpion Deathdrop and then Allin hit the Coffin Drop on both of them.

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