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Marvelous Korakuen Preview: Takumi Iroha Returns

Marvelous Korakuen Takumi Iroha vs Hibiki

Marvelous: That’s Women Pro Wrestling, the promotion of Joshi legend Chigusa Nagayo, has a major show this coming Monday that will feature the return of their ace, Takumi Iroha. Not only is it a major show due to Iroha’s first match back, but it will also feature three talents from Stardom as they are set to face off with the best that Marvelous has to offer.

Here’s what you need to know heading into the show.

Main Event: Takumi Iroha vs. Hibiki

The return of Takumi Iroha is finally here. After devastatingly injuring her right knee in October 2020, Iroha has managed to work herself all the way back to in-ring competition. Many believed that she could have wrestled at GAEAISM, the 25th Anniversary show celebrating GAEA Japan, but that was not the case. Instead, she announced her return at GAEAISM for this special Marvelous Korakuen show. Iroha’s first opponent is an interesting one in Hibiki, who has been causing plenty of havoc since turning to the dark side. Not only has she become this cowardly heel of sorts, but one that you want to cheer against in every way imaginable.

Seeing that Iroha was just announced for Stardom’s 5STAR Grand Prix tournament, this match will be a major test for her to work out the kinks with her repaired knee and show she is still as great as she was before the injury. Seeing that many acknowledged her as one of the best in the world before her injury, this match will have all eyes on it to see if her strikes and movement are up to par.

Mio Momono & Starlight Kid vs. AZM & Mei Hoshizuki

After the return of Takumi Iroha, this match may be the one most anticipated. Four of the best high-speed wrestlers in the entire world will face off in what, in many ways, is a first-time-ever match. Marvelous and Stardom have had a great relationship for some time now. Mio Momono has been wrestling out of her mind this year, taking on the task of being the ace of Marvelous with Iroha being on the shelf. Momono’s matches in the Marvelous vs. Sendai Girls, specifically against Chihiro Hashimoto, were some of the best in Joshi all year. Now having the chance to square off with someone like AZM for the very first time? The possibilities are endless.

But this isn’t just about Momono. Starlight Kid’s involvement is the most interesting aspect of this match as she has recently fully embraced her spot in Oedo Tai. Momono is one of the true babyfaces in all of wrestling so teaming together should make for an interesting story to watch. AZM and Mei Hoshizuki have the advantage in this one as, despite being in separate promotions, they teamed together earlier this year in Stardom to defeat Saya Iida and Kid. This one should be special and could be one of the best Joshi tag matches of the year.

Rin Kadokura vs. Mayu Iwatani

Friends always make for good rivals in matches. Rin Kadokura will face Stardom’s Mayu Iwatani in a special singles match. This will be a first-time-ever matchup between the two and comes just a month after Kadokura joined Iwatani’s STARS for the Full Out War match against Oedo Tai that saw Starlight Kid switch factions. The reason that this match has such exciting prospects is that Iwatani in a singles match is always a win but also due to Kadokura only getting better and better every single outing. Kadokura is one of the top three in all of Marvelous in terms of positioning so the major match with Iwatani is not only a proving ground for her but for Marvelous as a whole. Kadokura and Iwatani very well could have the match of the night.

The Undercard:

Mikoto Shindo, Yuki Miyazaki, & Tomoko Watanabe vs. ASUKA/Veny, KAORU, & Chikayo Nagashima: This six-person tag team match is very interesting as it continues the retirement tour for KAORU, whose final match will be happening in August at her retirement show. Interestingly enough, it features ASUKA who is known by many worldwide for their involvement in AEW’s Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament earlier this year. Anyone a fan should enjoy this mix of the new breed and veterans.

Leo Isaka vs. Hartley Jackson: The lone men’s match of the show will feature Marvelous trainee Leo Isaka taking on ZERO1’s Hartley Jackson. The 22-year-old Isaka has shown signs of being great somewhere down the line and will have a great test here against Jackson. This should be an interesting clash of styles.

Ai Houzan vs. Kaoru Ito: Rookie Ai Houzan will take on 49-year-old veteran Kaoru Ito in the opening match of the night. This should be a great chance for Houzan to learn as Ito has been everywhere in her storied career including AJW and JWP.

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