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Does Moose really think he can beat Floyd Mayweather?

moose floyd mayweather

On a recent interview by Mike Gilbert and JD Oliva, hosts of Brace for IMPACT on the Fight Game Media Network, Moose talked about being interested in MMA. He said that former MMA fighter Frank Trigg is one of his good friends, and is also the person who introduced him to Scott D’Amore when he was with the Falcons. Trigg trained him for MMA while he was still with the Atlanta Falcons. He said while he doesn’t want it to be his career, he definitely wants to have one or two fights.

As for the conversation about Floyd Mayweather, Moose was adamant that he couldn’t beat him in a boxing match, but says he could definitely beat him in a street fight. You can listen to the clip below.

Check out the full interview where Moose talks about his contract (or doesn’t talk about it really), thoughts on IMPACT and AEW working together, and this weekend’s Slammiversary show.

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