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Brace for IMPACT: “King Switch”

Jay White is a star

“Switchblade,” or as he likes to be called now, “King Switch,” was a total star in his IMPACT! on AXS TV debut. His promo was fantastic. Everything about him, from his look, music, attire, mannerisms, screamed “big time” to me. He promoted his upcoming match with Finlay at the NJoA: Resurgence show on August 14.

He then turned his attention to The Elite, referring to them as the “biggest Bullet Club fans in the world.” The Elite then showed up, and we got our first confrontation between White and Omega. White reminded Omega that he defeated him previously. The Good Brothers came to the ring and confronted White, but potential Bullet Club newcomer Chris Bey made the save.

Will White challenge Omega for the IMPACT title at Bound For Glory? Or is Josh Alexander the challenger? Both matches would be great. Omega vs. White would garner the most commercial success but Alexander is the better match.

White appearing at Bound for Glory on October 23 would be a logistical challenge as that is very close to the G-1 final. He will be able to appear on at least one day of the August tapings (15–17) but not all, as NJoA Strong is taping on the 16th. If White is indeed competing in the G1, that would preclude him from appearing for IMPACT during the September tapings.

IMPACT! on AXS TV Review

This week’s episode was as good as we have seen all year from IMPACT. Every segment was fun and made sense. We saw big stars, the elevation of new stars, and everyone up and down the card has a conflict. The matches on the show were not at all spectacular but they were effective. Plus, this was the first IMPACT! on AXS TV with fans since April of 2020, and they made a huge difference.


Jay White interview: It was just surreal seeing White in an IMPACT ring. Everything about this was great, and to top it all off, they brought up and coming star Chris Bey in to the feud, which will greatly up his stock.

Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju: Very good opening match that saw Chris Bey come off like a babyface. Bey got the win and and after the White was greeted in the back by Jay White. White tried recruiting Bey for the Bullet Club.

Deonna Purazzo, Mickie James, Gail Kim interview: Mickie James was here to recruit Purazzo for NWA: Empowerrr. Purazzo balked at first but Kim came and talked her into it. James and Purazzo shook hands and now its official.

Matt Cardona, Jake Something and Chelsea Green vs. Brian Myers, Sam Beale and Tenille Dashwood: Fun little match that was kept very short. Taylor Wilde returned to help the babyfaces. Green hit the Unprettier on Beale for the win.

Alexander/Omega stare down: Josh Alexander was in the middle of an interview backstage when Omega and Callis bumped in to him. The two had a quick stare down which is beginning to plant the seeds of match between the two down the line.

FinJuice vs Ace Austin and Madman Fulton: The crowd was hot for this one. FinJuice are big stars here. Shera and Raju helped Austin and Fulton beat down Finjuice after the match was over.

Eddie Edwards/Morrissey parking lot brawl: Edwards and Morrissey continued their feud with an impromptu brawl in the parking lot. There were fans out there cheering on Edwards who got the best of Morrissey after hitting him with several kendo stick shots.


Havok and Rosemary vs. Fire ‘N’ Flava: This dragged in the middle and was a bit sloppy. Decay was over as hell, but this match had no business being in the main event. Decay retained and Hogan took the pin.

Quick hits:

  • Kiera Hogan has left the company. Her contract ended a few months ago and the two sides could not work out a deal. She has a great upside and could be a star.
  • Matt Rehwoldt (Drama King Matt), Savannah Evas, and John Skyler have all signed deals here according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter
  • Dave Meltzer is also reporting that Laredo Kid is heading there soon and will be pushed.
  • Chelsea Green plans on sticking around but will remain a free agent, for the time being. She will also continue working for Ring of Honor.
  • Missy Hyatt announced on Twitter that she worked the IMPACT tapings and that everyone there was very nice and kind to her.
  • Thunder Rosa was one and done with the company. She did not work the latest tapings, and has now officially signed a deal with AEW.
  • Ace Romero and Larry D of XXXL are healthy but missed the tapings again. Romero was out with COVID-19 in May.
  • Word on the street is that another big NJPW name arrives in August.

Brace for IMPACT note

There will be no column next week. I will be camping with my family. I plan on posting a column on August 6–7. JD Oliva will host the next two episodes of the podcast without me. I will return to the show on August 11.

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