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Brace For IMPACT: Is Slammiversary losing steam?

Is Slammiversary losing steam?

For the past few weeks, it seems as if the buzz surrounding IMPACT’s Slammiversary pay-per-view has lost some momentum. With the teased surprises about talent from WWE and other companies, the Kenny Omega title defense, and fans being allowed in the studio for the first time since the pandemic, Slammiversary seemed well on its way to being the most successful pay-per-view since Rebellion, and possibly the most successful of the Anthem era.

When Sami Callihan was named as Omega’s opponent, it halted some of the company’s momentum. It’s nothing against his talent, but he has not been booked as a threat to Omega.

Samoa Joe, who would have been the biggest surprise, has re-signed with WWE. Mickie James then showed up on NWA, and while her appearing is still a possibility, some of the luster is gone now that she has already begun appearing elsewhere.

If IMPACT has something planned with their partners at NJPW and/or AEW, they should announce it now. They legally can’t announce if WWE talent will show up, but they should publicize their appearances as soon as they’re allowed to. I think it’s important to leave surprises for the show and deliver them live. But they somehow need to re-gain some lost momentum.

IMPACT expands its digital footprint with new Pluto and YouTube deals

IMPACT is expanding its digital footprint and has signed a deal with Pluto TV. Anthem announced in a press release that they are “furthering the promotion’s reach across the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.” No word as to whether or not you can watch the weekly show on Pluto TV in those countries yet. Unfortunately, there is still no news regarding a respective television deal in the UK.

IMPACT has also added a subscription service to their YouTube channel. There is a $0.99 version, which gets you the weekly show on-demand, as well as the chance to participate in exclusive live chats. The other option is the $4.99 version, which has monthly events, pay-per-view replays, the IMPACT/TNA video archive, and exclusive merchandise deals. I’m not sure if this will replace IMPACT! Plus or if it’s a separate, cheaper service that offers the same content.

IMPACT! on AXS TV review

(Watch the full episode for FREE)

This week’s episode was a triple; not a home run or a grand slam, but still really good. There were three *** matches and there were promos that helped further some characters. The company also did an excellent job of introducing a new star who could ultimate end up being a big player for them. While NBA and NHL ruled the night, IMPACT went unopposed from any of wrestling content. This was a great show to have to maximize viewership.


Kojima and Jake Something vs. Brian Meyers and Sam Beale: The Beale and Meyers act continues to grow on me. Very good opener and I thought everyone involved looked great. Sam Beale specifically looked the best he has ever looked and worked well with Kojima. Kojima got the pin over Beale after the lariat. He has been a bright spot every week, and I hope they bring him back for that Edwards match.

Chris Bey vs. Petey Williams: I honestly think Petey is aging in reverse. He looked fantastic in there with young Chris Bey. Williams is in great shape and can hang with anyone. Bey was great as usual and seemingly turned babyface in the aftermath. Raju and Austin hit the ring with their giant henchmen, Fulton and Shera. The four men beat down the other competitors in the Ultimate X match until Bey finally stormed the ring with tons of fire and helped vanquished the villains.

Rachael Ellering vs. Tenille Dashwood: Dashwood looked great here, as did Ellering. These two are great opponents for each other. Ellering won with a roll up. Afterwards, Dashwood and K got the upper hand in a melee which brought out Jordynne Grace who cleaned house and embraced her tag partner.

Steve Maclin continues to impress: Maclin returned this week and squashed Manny Smith, who is an independent wrestler that has appeared on AEW Dark in the past. Maclin looked like a total bad ass in there, proving that “job” matches are important.

Team Callis vs. Team Dreamer: The body of the match was good, however they leaned too heavily on the “COULD THEY CO-EXIST?!” story between Moose and Sabin. Thankfully, they did enough in the ring to warrant a hit. Moose attacked Sabin and left him hanging which led to the Good Brothers hitting the magic killer for the pin.


Havok and Rosemary—Fire ‘n’ Flava segment: IMPACT is trying their best to make us care about this match. Hogan openly questioned why they should get a shot when they have already defeated them with different partners, which actually makes total sense. The bad comedy and hocus pocus is a bit of a drag.

Quick Hits:

  • RUMOR: Bound for Glory will likely take place outside of Nashville. Rumored locations are Dallas, Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York.
  • IMPACT officially announced that they will be selling tickets for the tapings after Slammiversary. The empty arena era is officially over starting July 17.
  • The promotion is scheduled for TV tapings August 15–18 and again in September from the 16–20. Speculation is that they will be in the studio in Nashville for those, but that could change.
  • Sonjay Dutt, the former IMPACT wrestler, producer, and announcer, left his role with WWE and joined AEW as a producer. There was some speculation that he may end up back here, but as of now that isn’t happening.
  • Count out Thea Trinidad (a.k.a. Zelina Vega) out for a return to IMPACT: She showed up on WWE SmackDown! tonight.

Ratings delayed

As of this writing, no ratings information has been published. I will write a second article with the updated information as soon as I get it.

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