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UFC 263 Live Coverage – Adesanya Vs Vettori 2

ufc 263 live coverage

Welcome to our UFC 263 live coverage. We’ll have live main card coverage once the PPV starts at 7/10PM.

After the show, Ryan Frederick, Paul Fontaine, and myself will be going live with our UFC 263 Recap Show on the Fight Game Media YouTube channel.

Jamahal Hill Vs Paul Craig

Craig had Hill’s arm in an armbar twice but Hill didn’t tap. He then put him in a triangle and Hill’s arm was flopping around as if it was broken for at least 10 seconds.

Winner: Paul Craig by way of 1st round submission

Belal Muhammad Vs Demian Maia

Maia looked really good in the first round. Muhammad was fighting going backward as Maia controlled him throughout, though, he only got one takedown. He even landed the better punches.

Muhammad changed up his looks and Maia wasn’t able to walk him backward. He also rebuffed his takedowns. Maia looked tired and his reactions were slow. Muhammad wasn’t hitting him with big shots, but Maia didn’t look to be taking them well. His face is really red.

Muhammad is clearly the more fresh fighter. Maia looks really tired. He keeps going for the single leg but Muhammad is waiting for it. Maia couldn’t do anything and Muhammad was staying active and stayed ahead of him and should get the win.

Winner: Belal Muhammad by way of unanimous decision

Nate Diaz Vs Leon Edwards

Diaz tried to play possum, but he didn’t do it well. Edwards wasn’t shook. Edwards landed the low leg kick a few times and Diaz’s leg went bright red. Diaz answered back with an inside leg kick. Both landed good punches. Nate pushed him up against the cage, but Edwards ended up sliding out and getting the takedown and getting his back. Good round for Edwards.

Diaz is trying shenanigans that don’t seem to be working like walking away and looking away and then attacking. He’s also shaking off punches as if they didn’t hurt, which means they did hurt. Edwards took Diaz down again. Diaz grabbed a hold of his leg, but Edwards got out. Diaz’s leg is in bad shape.

Diaz’s left eye is cut badly from an elbow on the ground. There’s also a cut on the side of his head. Nate’s cup needed to be adjusted and when they went back to the center, Edwards tried to touch gloves and Nate pushed his hand away and they both flipped each other off. Edwards is up 3-0 and while he’s still cautious, Nate hasn’t done much with him.

Edwards hit him with a left hand that nearly knocked Diaz down. He stumbled around and gave him the thumbs up but Edwards didn’t follow up. Edwards got him again. Now he’s going hunting with the left hand and the left elbow. Nate landed a nice left hand. Edwards is up 4-0.

Diaz landed a few lefts that caused Edwards to go backward a bit. Nate landed a big left hand and wobbled Edwards. It looked like he could go and Nate tried to follow up but he couldn’t close him out and the bell ended with Edwards holding on for dear life.

Winner: Leon Edwards by way of unanimous decision

The scorecards saw it 49-46, 49-46, and 49-46.

Brandon Moreno Vs Deiveson Figueiredo

Moreno is looking great early on. He’s lightning quick and beating Figueiredo to all the strikes. Figueiredo finally landed a shot, but he was countered with a shot and went down. Moreno followed him to the ground. Round one goes to Moreno.

Figueiredo got him down, but Moreno turned the tables. He then took Figueiredo down and tried for a rear naked, but Figueiredo fought it. Figueiredo landed an elbow from the bottom which caused a giant mouse on Moreno’s eye. But this is still Moreno’s round. He stayed busy in his guard and Figueiredo looks a bit tired.

Moreno nearly got another takedown, but then jumped on Figueiredo’s back and sunk the choke in again while taking him down. He had to let it go, but got it back and tapped him out.

Winner: Brandon Moreno by way of 3rd round submission

Marvin Vettori Vs Israel Adesanya

Vettori caught a leg kick early and he took Adesanya down. He didn’t stay down very long. Adesanya’s defense is tremendous so far. Adesanya was quick with the leg kicks and also had a nice uppercut. Vettori was a half second slow in that first round.

Vettori is working hard, but Adesanya is working smart, to use a boring cliche. Vettori is swinging hard and missing, while Adesanya is racking up the points and not wasting a ton of energy in doing so. Vettori got him up against the cage, but Adesanya was elbowing him on the side of the head.

Vettori got a nice takedown to start the round. He actually got Adesanya’s back and there was a little bit of panic there from Adesanya, but he got out of it and ended up on top. As they were getting up Adesanya poked him right in the eye. Vettori’s front leg is taking a beating. Adesanya also kicked him right in the cup.

Adesanya started out with the a flurry of activity, banging away at the lead leg again. Vettori got the takedown and then Adesanya powered out of and got right back up. He hit Vettori with a two punch combination and then followed it up with a leg kick. Vettori went for the takedown again as the round was going to come to an end and Adesanya squeezed his butt.

Adesanya was having too much fun in the fifth round which means that Vettori wasn’t doing enough. His corner wanted him to stick two jabs in and go for the takedown. But he couldn’t get close enough. Adesanya feigned that he got his eye poked. Vettori couldn’t really do anything at the end.

Winner: Israel Adesanya by way of unanimous decision

He won every round on all cards.

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