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Brace For IMPACT: Will fans be able to attend Slammiversary?


IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary

Will fans be able to attend Slammiversary?

IMPACT Wrestling held a “Press Pass” event hosted by Gail Kim with special guests TJP and X-division champion Josh Alexander. They were promoting this week’s 60 minute Iron Man match for the X-division title. Most of the match will air live this Thursday on “Before the IMPACT” at 7pm est. The closing minutes of the match will kick off IMPACT! on AXS TV. During the event I was able to ask the panel if fans would be returning at the upcoming Slammiversary pay per view. Ross Forman, IMPACT’s head of public relations, stated that “that has not been decided yet.”

Last week in my Brace for IMPACT column, I revealed that the feeling within the company is that “Skyway Studios is too small to hold a safe event with fans, and having the event anywhere else may not be cost effective right now.” Many have stated safety as the main reason why IMPACT may not get back to live shows very soon. However, EVP Scott D’Amore and many of their talents will be a part of the upcoming Lariato Pro Wrestling Guild “Sizzling Summer Series Tour” which will have live attendance.

It would seem to me that financial concerns are possibly the priority here. The company has done well in the studio and they may believe that running a live show could be too costly at this moment.

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