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Brace For IMPACT: Against All Odds review

Against All Odds

Against All Odds overall was a really good show that’s worth going out of your way to watch if you are an IMPACT Plus subscriber. Unfortunately, many who tried to watch live were unable to catch the full show, as the app shut down halfway through the show.

This is pretty typical of their streaming service, which has been marred by issues since it debuted. Hopefully, one day, they can either sell their rights to a more capable service or do something else to correct these issues.  AXS TV also aired a commercial a day before the show to promote next week’s television, which would spoil the main event.

Moose stays strong in defeat

The story of the match was that Moose was just too big, athletic, and tough for Omega. I have a feeling they watched Ric Flair vs Lex Luger from Great American Bash 1988. Kenny Omega and Moose were on their way to having a classic main event when about 25 minutes into the match, Omega pulled the referee into a charging Moose, knocking him out. With the official down, the Young Bucks, who have not been on IMPACT television since 2011, came down and attacked Moose and helped Omega hoist him up for the One-Winged Angel to get the victory.

Moose very much looked like Omega’s equal here. In star power and in wrestling ability. Omega did all he could do to make Moose look like a big time player, and in a losing effort, it worked. The opposite was true in the Omega-Swann match, where Omega kicked Swann’s ass for 20 minutes and then pinned him.

This was taped in Jacksonville, Fla. at Daly’s Place, while the rest of the show was in Nashville, Tenn. at Skyway Studios. This would be the first IMPACT match in front of a physical audience in over a year. The audience, made up of mostly AEW Dark and Elevation wrestlers, while sounded exhausted, but they really improved the feel of the match.AEW removed all their logos from the turnbuckles and aprons; not sure why IMPACT didn’t bring their own decorations. AEW also had Tony Schiavone on play-by-play with Don Callis and Scott D’Amore. The collaboration between AEW and IMPACT seems to be as strong as ever.

Jet-flyin Callihan

Sami Callihan showed up in Daly’s Place after competing in the opening match against the Good Brothers. The matches were taped on different days. Callihan attacked Omega and the Bucks with a baseball bat. He was ready to smash Kenny’s head in when Don Callis announced that Callihan had been fired. The show ended as D’amore and Callis were arguing, furthering that storyline.


Kenny Omega vs. Moose: Up until the ending, this match was on its way to competing for match of the year. While they hit many big moves, including Moose landing a top rope Spanish Fly, this was all about old-school storytelling. While I’m not typically not a fan of interference in big matches, the way this was done and the story it told worked for me. Plus, we got the big surprise appearance of the Young Bucks.

W. Morrissey vs. Rich Swann: This may have been the match of the night. It was a classic underdog story with Morrissey beating down the smaller Swann. Both men looked great here, and this was undoubtedly Morrissey’s best singles match ever. This big victory over the former champion should propel Morrissey in to the main event scene.

Deonna Purazzo vs. Rosemary: This was a minor hit. I felt like their previous match was better. This was a bit short but the action and storytelling was very good. Purazzo taking off Rosemary’s knee brace was a nice touch. She’s a menacing heel.

Satoshi Kojima vs. Joe Doering: We’ve all been waiting for Doering to breakout and he did it here. While not comparable to their matches in All Japan from a decade ago, this was still really good. Hopefully, this answered a lot of questions about Doering, and hopefully soon he gets to shine as a singles star. Kojima here losing was a surprise, but it does tell me that the relationship with New Japan is also stronger than ever.

Violent By Design vs. Decay: Solid match between two good teams. I think we will be seeing them have many more matches.

Fire ‘n’ Flava vs. Susan & Kimber Lee: I’m happy to say this was much better than I thought it would be. Not great, but good. Susan did the comedy stuff early, but after that it was fun.

Jordynne Grace vs. Tenille Dashwwod: Grace did the unthinkable and got a good match out of Dashwood, who seemed more motivated here. It would have been better without the silly distraction finish, but I get the story they are telling with Grace.


Number One Contender Match for the X Division Championship: Petey Williams vs. Trey Miguel vs. Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju: The match was good for what it was, but Fulton destroying everyone ruined it. Fulton made them all look weak, and now I don’t want to see any of them get a shot at Alexander.

Street Fight: Sami Callihan & Tommy Dreamer vs. the Good BrothersPlunder for the sake of plunder. Callihan earned a much needed pinfall, but these matches are just so hard to pull off without fans.

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