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Brace For IMPACT: Moose expected to remain with IMPACT

Against All Odds

Moose vs Omega

It’s All About Moose

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that Moose was either close to signing a new deal with IMPACT or had done so already. Later in the day, it was reported that Moose had in fact, signed a deal with IMPACT signed. Moose has since denied the story on Twitter.

Moose won this past Saturday night’s Under Siege main event, securing a shot at Omega’s IMPACT championship. He pinned Chris Sabin in a 6-way match that also featured Sami Callihan, Chris Bey, Trey Miguel, and Matt Cardona. While Callihan was taken out of the match by the Good Brothers to be kept strong, Moose was the star of the match.

Don Callis no longer IMPACT EVP

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has confirmed that Don Callis is no longer the EVP of IMPACT Wrestling. It was brought to my attention in the Talking Nonsense About IMPACT Wrestling chat group that Anthem’s corporate website had removed Callis from their executive list. I sent the info to Sapp and he was able to confirm  most other outlets have since been able to confirm the news

Callis was named co-EVP back in 2018 with his long time associate Scott D’Amore.  The company was in shambles before they took over, and Anthem was ready to sell. The two have endured several talent and production losses, the loss POP TV, accusations, lawsuits, and of course, the pandemic.

Callis was a major force in creative and a big reason why their company is as stable as they have ever been. Losing him also means eventually losing Kenny Omega.

IMPACT! on AXS TV review

Check out our mini-review of Under Siege on the Fight Game Media Network.

This week’s episode of IMPACT! on AXS TV was all fallout from Under Siege and kicked off the road to Against All Odds. We also got a major surprise: NJPW’s Satoshi Kojima makes his debut next week.

Between the two companies that IMPACT is working with, New Japan seems the most selfless and committed. Sending Kojima, knowing he wil have to quarantine when he gets back, and then using your own network to promote another company like they have is the sign of a great partnership.

Watch the full episode for FREE here.


Moose, Callis, and Kenny Omega promo: Callis and Moose were on top of their games in this segment. Moose talked about his accolades, compared himself to several Gods of Greek mythology. It was intense. Omega came out to confront and Callis just cut in to Moose. Telling him about how much of a wasted talent he is. That he was never able to win a title in ROH. Then began trashing his football career. Omega talked but it was nothing special. The Good Brothers came out to attack Moose, but Callihan made the save.

Jordynne Grace vs Rachel Ellering: This was a really good babyface match, although it looks like Grace is slowly turning heel. Ellering picked up the victory here. Go out of your way to check this out.

FinJuice vs Austin/Fulton; VBD wins tag titles: Just last week, JD Oliva and myself wondered when Rhino would cash in his “Call Your Shot” trophy (which looks like is cost about $8 USD). Well, we now have our answer: After a very good tag title match, in which FinJuice defeated Austin and Fulton, VBD hit the ring and Rhino cashed in his opportunity. He teamed with Joe Doering, and the two laid waste to the former champions. Doering pinned Robinson with the damndest lariat you will ever see.

This was taped back in April. David Finlay tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this month and has been stuck in Japan and couldn’t make it back for  tapings. All things considered, IMPACT made the right call, and I am glad VBD finally has some direction.

Petey Williams vs. VSK: Minor hit here. I like that they are bringing in these young guys and giving them time to world with the veterans. It’s always great to see Petey.


Swinger’s Palace: I love Swinger’s Palace, but it just didn’t hit me this week. In fairness to the Swing-man, I blame the black hole of charisma that is TJP. He sucked the life out of the segment and made all Johnny’s zingers fall flat.

Chaotic Knockouts Segment: After the ending of the Tenille Dashwood vs. Kiera Hogan match, where Dashwood picked up the win, a few Knockouts came to the ring and started to brawl. It came off like IMPACT’s attempt to mimic AEW’s weekly version of this and it it just didn’t work. Most of it didn’t make sense and it came off badly altogether.

Jake Something loses . . . again: Jake Something lost to Rohit Raju after they did the Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior spot from WrestleMania V. Something picked up Raju for slam and Shera pulled Jake’s leg out from under him and held is foot down so Rohit could steal the win. That was just lazy. Honestly, if I were Jake Something, I would try and find another place to go. They aren’t going to push this guy.

After the match was over, Jake put an impressive beat down on Shera to get some of his heat back


  • Eddie Edwards had to have an appendectomy on May 17. There’s no timetable for his return. This was first reported by Dave Meltzer.
  • Of the NXT releases from the week, keep your eyes on Alexander Wolfe, Ezra Judge, and Brandie Lauren and potential targets for IMPACT.
  • In the newest Slammiversary teaser, a big “YES!” picture appears. It ain’t happening folks. There’s also a Forgotten Sons and IIconics logos added. Those two teams I could see in IMPACT.
  • Still no word on if fans will be able to attend Slammiversary live. I do know that several members of the media have been invited to attend.
  • W. Morrissey is not signed to a long-term deal. He has impressed, so hopefully a deal is worked out.
  • IMPACT secured a TV deal in Iraq. Their UK is still dead in the water, though.

Ratings analysis

The 5/13 episode of IMPACT averaged 112K viewers with a 0.03 rating in the 18–49 demo according to Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics.

IMPACT on AXS TV 2021 ratings

1/5: 148,000 viewers with a 0.04 rating

1/12: 161,000 viewers with a 0.05 rating

1/19: 147,000 viewers with a 0.03 rating

1/26: 186,000 viewers with a 0.05 rating

1/2: 173,000 viewers with a 0.05 rating

2/9: 153,000 viewers with a 0.04 rating

2/16: 197,000 viewers with a 0.06 rating (FinJuice debut)

2/23: 170,000 viewers with a 0.04 rating

3/2: 134,000 viewers with a 0.03 rating

3/9: 144,000 viewers with a 0.04 rating

3/16: 146,000 viewers with a 0.04 rating

3/23: 116,000 viewers with a 0.04 rating

3/30: 148,512 viewers with a 0.04 rating (final Tuesday night episode)

4/8: 168,000 viewers with a 0.06 (Thursday night debut vs. NXT)

4/15: 132,000 viewers with a 0.04 rating

4/22: 145,000 with a 0.05 rating

4/29: 120,000 with a 0.05 rating (head-to-head with NFL Draft)

5/6: 123,000 with a 0.04 rating

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