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Brace for IMPACT: Jordynne Grace re-signs; Will Moose stay with IMPACT?

Jordynne Grace re-signs

Pro Wrestling Illustrated announced this morning that one-half of current Knockouts tag team champions Jordynne Grace has re-signed with IMPACT Wrestling. Many assumed she would be part of the exodus of Knockouts who recently left the company.

Ring of Honor seemed to be a probable destination for her considering that her husband, Jonathan Gresham, is in charge of booking the women’s roster there. But IMPACT made the best pitch and was able to keep one of their top stars in an era where smaller companies struggle to compete in free agency.

All eyes on Moose

Now that Grace is locked in for the foreseeable future, all eyes will be on Moose, who spoke publicly about his contract status for on Twitter, confirming that his deal will end in June.

My prediction is that he stays with IMPACT. Losing Moose would be a major blow to the company, so IMPACT should do everything they can to keep him. He is being positioned to be the one to take the IMPACT title away from Kenny Omega and lead the company going forward, but who knows when that will happen? Moose is a big time player and an invaluable asset to IMPACT.

Impact Wrestling's Moose
Will Moose re-sign with IMPACT?

IMPACT! on AXS TV review

While not being as good as last week’s episode, this week’s was still very good. This week continued the focus on the qualifying matches to enter the six-way number one contender’s match at Under Siege and building to the main even trios match between the Elite against Eddie Edwards and FinJuice.

Watch the full episode for FREE here.


Moose vs. James Storm: The main event was designed to take Moose look like a viable contender for Kenny Omega, and it worked. Moose is in the best shape of his life. Storm did everything he could to get him over. After the match was finished, Moose Pillmanized the “Cowboy’s” leg.

Trey Miguel vs. Rohit Raju: Another excellent television match worth going out of your way to see. Raju is one of the more underrated talents in the industry, and Miguel continues to look like a top star. Miguel picked up the victory here, but Raju might have earned the most respect. Afterwards, Jake Something exacted his revenge. Hopefully this means he gets pushed? I am not getting my hopes up, though.

Morrissey vignette: I don’t think I have ever seen Morrissey look like a bigger star than he did during this promo. They explained why he is mad at the fans and the entire industry. He has fair reasons to be angry. I still think he should be a babyface. Outstanding job by the production staff.

El Phantasmo’s debut: New Japan’s EL P looked great in his IMPACT debut. His first match with the company was against vs.K from AEW Dark. EL P did his backscratching spot. He actually gave vs.K quite a bit of offense before loading up the boot and superkicking his way to victory. I was worried that his shtick wouldn’t work in an empty arena setting, but I was wrong. Phantasmo is a fantastic heel.

Taylor Wilde: Wilde seems to have gotten better despite being gone from wrestling for more than a decade. She wrestled Susan this week, and I will talk about her in MISSES.

Doc Gallows vs. Juice Robinson: Minor hit here. The match served its purpose in getting the Good Brothers back in the win column. They’ve lost two straight matches to FinJuice. This also reminded me of how good Juice Robinson was. If IMPACT can get him to commit to most of their dates, he could be a top star here. Omega vs. Robinson could do great business.

Johnny Swinger: There isn’t a better comedic character in all of wrestling than Johnny Swinger. Not Toru Yano. Not anyone from BTE. No one. Swinger is the best. During the Swinger’s palace segment when Alisha Edwards ran out of money, he told her, “Walk the plizank, seahag.” If you don’t think that is funny, we couldn’t ever be friends.


Susan: I feel like this will be a recurring segement but the Susan stuff has run its course. I get why these characters exist. They are designed to be entertaining and take quick losses. Unfortunately, the character is no longer entertaining. Bring back Su Yung.

Rosemary’s Hocus Pocus: I really like Rosemary and Decay, but the magic stuff in wrestling just doesn’t work for me. As my Brace for IMPACT podcast co-host JD Oliva explained, if they have magical powers, it means they can’t lose. Why wouldn’t they just use them in all their matches?

Rosemary also confronted Brian Myers backstage about his anger. She read him tarot cards, which I could honestly see her being into. Then Taurus attacked him. If it were just that, the segment would have worked. Instead, they did way too much. Let Decay stay crazy, but leave the magic out of it.

Ratings analysis

This week’s episode averaged 123,000 viewers and scored a 0.04 rating in the 18–49 demo. Viewership was slightly up from last weeks 120,000 viewers but down in the rating from 0.05 in the 18–49 demo. The show ranked #125 in the Showbuzz top 150.

The disappointing number was to be expected as Vice TV’s Dark Side of the Ring season three debuted last night with their Brian Pillman episode. That show averaged 272,000 viewers with a 0.09 rating and was #74. ESPN 2’s Professional Fighter’s League also aired live last night with a main even that featured former UFC Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum. I think it’s safe to say that IMPACT will continue to struggle up against Dark Side of the Ring, which is a huge hit.

One interesting note from this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Dave Meltzer reported that for the April 26 episode of IMPACT! on AXS TV 73% of the viewership was live while 24% was from DVR and 3% was VOD. The final total number of viewers including DVR and VOD was 328,000. This did not count other means to watch the show like Twitch and IMPACT Plus.

IMPACT Ratings 2021

1/5: 148,000 viewers with a 0.04 rating

1/12: 161,000 viewers with a 0.05 rating

1/19: 147,000 viewers with a 0.03 rating

1/26: 186,000 viewers with a 0.05 rating

1/2: 173,000 viewers with a 0.05 rating

2/9: 153,000 viewers with a 0.04 rating

2/16: 197,000 viewers with a 0.06 rating (FinJuice debut)

2/23: 170,000 viewers with a 0.04 rating

3/2: 134,000 viewers with a 0.03 rating

3/9: 144,000 viewers with a 0.04 rating

3/16: 146,000 viewers with a 0.04 rating

3/23: 116,000 viewers with a 0.04 rating

3/30: 148,512 viewers with a 0.04 rating (final Tuesday night episode)

4/8: 168,000 viewers with a 0.06 (Thursday night debut, head-to-head w/NXT)

4/15: 132,000 viewers with a 0.04 rating

4/22: 145,000 with a 0.05 rating

4/22: 120,000 with a 0.05 rating (head-to-head with NFL Draft)


  • Deonna Purazzo challeneged AAA’s Reina de Reinas champion Faby Apache to a title vs. title match at this year’s AAA Triplemania. The event’s date, time, and location are to be determined.
  • Fightful Select confirmed what we had talked about on our podcast, that Killer Kelly will be heading here as soon as she can get out of Portugal. She is currently unable to travel due to COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Tommy Dreamer, who is a talent and producer here, got really sick due to COVID-19. He was infected during a tour for WrestlePro in Alaska.
  • Slammiversary will take place on July 17 this year, just three days after the non-compete clauses are up for the released WWE talents.
  • Steve Maclin (FKA Steve Cutler from WWE) and Salina de la Renta from MLW are officially free agents. Would not shock me to see either or both end up here, as IMPACT continues to expand their talent pool.

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