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AEW Double Or Nothing Live Coverage – Stadium Stampede II

double or nothing live coverage

Welcome to our live coverage of AEW’s Double Or Nothing event. We’ll have play by play of the main card. And about an hour after the show ends, we’ll have a live recap show on YouTube.

On the Buy In show, Serena Deeb beat Riho after really working on her knee. It was a really good match.

Brian Cage Vs Adam Page

Page is going crazy in this opener trying to get the crowd in a frenzy and it’s working. He did a tope, a moonsault from the top to the floor, and a Mick Foley clothesline to the outside. Cage got his comeback and suplexed Page from the second rope to the floor.

Then they sprinted to a great finish. Cage went for the Buckshot Lariat and didn’t quite do his flip well, but it worked out because Page got him in a F5. Great spot.

Hook came out to distract the ref so Ricky Starks could give Cage the FTW belt to use on Page. He refused to use it and then ate a Buckshot and Page won.

Winner: Adam Page

Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston Vs The Young Bucks

Match started out hot and all on the outside after an amazing entrance by Moxley and Kingston. Moxley drank someone’s 40 ouncer and crashed the can against his head.

Back in the ring, the Bucks took over. Nick Jackson dyed his hair and grew a beard to look like Randy Savage. Matt Jackson is Hulk Hogan. They were beating up Kingston until Kingston finally made the hot tag to Moxley who ran wild. He put the Bulldog choke on Matt, but Nick broke it up.

Karl Anderson walked down the ramp. Doc Gallows tried to sneak attack, but Eddie beat him up. Frankie Kazarian went after Anderson as he hates the Elite. Matt sprayed Moxley with the cold spray while the referee was looking elsewhere. He bonked Mox on the head with the can and then they gave him the Meltzer Driver on the ramp. Mox is busted open.

Bucks are working on Mox while his entire face is a bloody mess. Mox got a little comeback as the Bucks were doing Shield spots on him. Then he made the hot tag to Kingston who ran wild with throwback All Japan wrestling moves.

They cut him off and then he had to make a tag back to Mox. Mox put Matt in a Bulldog choke but Nick did a 450 on Mox. Mox and Eddie used the Dior Air Jordan’s for a Doomsday Device for a near fall. Nick put Moxley in the Sharpshooter. Moxley hit Nick with the Paradigm Shift but Matt broke it up. They hit the double superkick on Mox and he kicked out at one. They then hit Moxley with four BTE triggers to win the match.

Winner: The Young Bucks

Casino Battle Royal

Christian, Matt Sydal, Powerhouse Hobbs, Dustin Rhodes, and Max Castor are the first five. Sydal and Castor were out quickly.

Matt Hardy, 10, Nick Comoroto, Serpentico, and Isiah Kassidy. But Kassidy was in street clothes. Serpentico was eliminated. 10 and Comoroto were dumped by Dustin. Hobbs tosses out Dustin. Hardy and Kassidy are back in.

The Varsity Blondes, Colt Cabana, Anthony Bowens, and Penta El Zero Miedo are next. Cabana got tossed out. The Blondes just tossed out Bowens. Garrison got dumped by Hardy.

Jungleboy, Marq Quen, Aaron Solo, Evil Uno, and Lee Johnson are the next five. Solo and Johnson went out. Evil Uno went out. I might have missed a few because of shoddy camera work. Jungleboy tossed Penta.

Lio Rush is the joker.

Hardy and Private Party dumped Lio. The last five include Jungleboy and Christian. Christian and Jungleboy eliminated Private Party. Christian dumped out Hardy. It’s Jungleboy and Christian. Christian and Jungleboy were on the outside and Christian threw him into the ringpost, but he stepped around it and Jungleboy threw him out.

Winner: Jungleboy

Anthony Ogogo Vs Cody Rhodes

Ogogo hit Cody early with a body shot. He missed a jumping elbow drop. Agogo and Cody were on the top rope. Agogo punched him and Cody went down. He then hit a frog splash. Cody went for the Cross Rhodes, but Agogo hit him with a body shot. Cody won with the Vertebreaker.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Lance Archer Vs Miro

These guys beat the hell out of each other in a very back and forth way. Choke slams and other slams and pounces and everything in between. Jake Roberts came out with a bag and tried to open it, but couldn’t. Miro then threw the bag in which we’re supposed to think had a snake in it.

Miro put Lance in the Accolade and then changed it to a crossface and fell back and Archer submitted.

Winner: Miro

Britt Baker Vs Hikaru Shida

Britt Baker did win the title like all expected. But it was rough getting there. There was a very good match in the creation of the match, but there was way too many things that they missed to say that this was a good match.

It was also way overbooked. The kickouts were overdone and the building took way too long to get there. I think a lot of people will like the match because of the great moment with Britt winning, but it wasn’t a good match in the execution of the moves or keeping the crowd interesting throughout.

Britt put on the glove and teased her finisher. They went back and forth and then for some reason, Rebel accidentally hit Britt with a crutch for a near fall. Not sure the reason for it.

Baker curb stomped Shida into the belt and yet that wasn’t the finish. Shida got a near fall and then Britt put her in the Lockjaw to win.

Winner: Britt Baker

She and Tony Schiavone had a moment after the match.

Ethan Page & Scorpio Skye Vs Sting & Darby Allin

Sting actually got the pinfall on Skye. He did a couple different things including taking a suplex on the stage. He also did a dive off the chips and to the floor.

The match was about Darby taking a lot of bumps including Page press slamming him over the top rope and into the crowd. Sting had a nice hot tag hitting multiple Stinger splashes and putting Page in the Scorpion Death Lock. Skye put Darby in a submission hold right next to them and Page and Darby started slapping each other.

Sting finally won with the Scorpion Death Drop.

Winner: Sting & Darby Allin

Pac Vs Orange Cassidy Vs Kenny Omega

Kenny and Pac are so great together. Cassidy does add something to the match from the perspective of personality, but from a wrestling perspective, Kenny and Pac are at a different level.

As you can imagine, tons of moves here, but the early ones are just to set the tone as no one thought this was going short.

Pac hit Omega with a Falcon Arrow from the top rope. Orange tossed Pac out and tried to steal the pin. Pac had Kenny in the Brutalizer which he submitted to in the past. But Cassidy started hitting Superman punches. He had the pin on Kenny but Don Callis pulled the referee out.

Pac put Orange in the Brutlizer and Kenny tried to break it up, but Pac wouldn’t break it. Omega then hit the referee. Callis threw all four belts in the ring and Omega blasted Pac with all four of them. Orange hit Omega with the Superman punch. There was no referee in the ring, but Aubrey Edwards ran down to count. Omega kicked out at two but rolled Cassidy up in a crucifix and won the match.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Mark Henry was introduced as their new analyst.

Pinnacle Vs Inner Circle – Stadium Stampede

This match is more about singular one on one battles all over the stadium. Jericho and MJF had a battle that ended up in Urban Meyer’s office. Meyer and his linebacker coach, Charlie Strong were watching. Then it was Jake Hager and Wardlow fighting in the freezer. Then it was Sammy Guevara and Shawn Spears fighting in a room full of chairs. Spears handcuffed Sammy and left him.

Santana and Ortiz and FTR were in the bar and they took shots before agreeing to get it on. It was a room with a DJ who happened to be Konnan. This was the best of all the over-produced brawls.

Jericho stapled something to MJF’s forehead. Spears got run away by a motorcycle gang.

They came back to the live crowd. Jericho and MJF fought through the crowd. Sammy chased Spears with a golf cart. Back in the ring, Sammy springboarded into the ring and Spears hit him with a chair twice. Sammy kicked out twice. Sammy hit the 630 on Spears to win.

Winner: Inner Circle

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