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ONE on TNT IV: Reineier de Ridder, double-champion


Kirill Grishenko def. “Reug Reug” Oumar Kane via TKO

Tonight’s episode of ONE on TNT IV kicked off with Senegal’s Oumar Kane, or “Reug Reug,” vs. Kirill Grishenko of Belarus in a heavyweight clash of titans.

In R1, Grishenko circled Kane and landed a series of jabs before he locked underhooks in and landed knees to Kane’s mid-section. Grishenko landed a flurry of body shots before Kane grabbed the shorts and got a warning. Grishenko bullied him into the cage before they went back to the center-circle. Grishenko landed a spinning backfist to close out the first round. He definitely dominated the round, with Kane looking a bit lost after being pushed around and dominated.

R2 was similar, with Kane sending Grishenko into the fence early. Grishenko missed a spinning heel kick. Kane couldn’t follow up with any significant shots. The fighters were trading short punches against the cage until the end of the round, and Grishenko caught Kane in the throat with a shot just after the bell. Kane was stretchered out of the cage. The referee decided that Grishenko’s shot was legal, so he was awarded the win via TKO. This was Kane’s first loss in MMA.

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Ok Rae Yoon def. Eddie Alvarez via unanimous decision

The story was that Alvarez flew over 27,000 miles in three weeks in an effort to move into the top five. Alvarez went for an ankle pick early with Ok against the cage. Ok landed a few illegal shots to the back of Alvarez’ head. Alvarez switched angles in the clinch and took him down quickly, but Ok was up right away. Eddie then landed a flurry of  lefts and a right hook, but also ate a few shots, including one sent him to the mat. Ok capitalized using a flurry of punches on the grounded Alvarez before the first round concluded. This was an all-action, must-watch round and a must-watch round.

Image Courtesy of ONE #ONEonTNT4

Alvarez came into R3 with strong leg kicks and a flurry of punches for Ok before connecting with a massive overhand shot. Ok later rocked Alvarez with a hard right hook but didn’t follow up with anything. Ok wanted to end the match with knee strikes, but Alvarez avoided it, then shook his finger at him like he was Hulk Hogan.

In the end, Ok Rae Yoon got the win via decision in a war that proved Alvarez still has a good amount left in the tank, but he may fit with ONE as more of a draw for North American television draw rather than a serious title contender.

Reineier de Ridder def. Aung La N Sang via unanimous decision

Schiavello hyped this fight by talking about Sang being so big in his home country that they erected a statue of him. De Ridder started the fight off strong with a powerful double-leg takedown. On the ground, he moved from body triangle to arm triangle, but Sang escaped and laid in a hammer-fist punch. Sang got the top position and landed a few strikes before De Ridder laid on his back with his hands behind his head before taking a few upkicks.

Reinier de Ridder came out first for the main event after taking Aung La N Sang’s middleweight crown before. Schiavello hyped the fight by talking about N Sang being so big in his home country that they erected a statue of him. de Ridder started the fight off strong with a powerful double-leg and locks in a body triangle – which is what he used before to close out his last fight with N Sang. de Ridder turned it into an arm triangle, but N Sang escapes and hammer fisted him! N Sang got the top position and landed a few strikes before de Ridder laid on his back with his hands behind his head for some upkicks.

Image Courtesy of ONE #ONEonTNT4


R2 began with both men circling at the center, with de Ridder sliding in with a takedown attempt and strong defense from Sang. This wasn’t as action-packed as the first round, and de Ridder continued to dominate while still being able to show off.

de Ridder couldn’t seal the deal R3, but he dominated by out-grappling Sang at the end of the round. Sang needed strong championship rounds to even have a chance at retaining his title.

At the beginning of R4, de Ridder landed another double-leg which led to another body triangle, which took the air out of Sang. Sang was able to escape briefly before being locked in again like an anaconda. R4 was a dominant one for de Ridder, and it felt like Sang was mentally broken by this round. By R5, and after a strong first three rounds, the final two championship-level rounds were fairly uneventful, beyond Sang getting a bit of his mojo back in the fifth round.

Reinier de Ridder won via unanimous decision. Schiavello talked about how de Ridder not only a double champion, but that he won both titles from the same man across two weight divisions.

Sang cut a total babyface promo afterwards praising his training team. He said wants Brandon Vera’s heavyweight title this summer. He came off as a total star here despite losing.

Eddie Alvarez vs. Ok Rae Yoon was given the fight of the night award on an exciting night of fights.

Official Results for “ONE on TNT IV”
via ONE FC

Mixed Martial Arts – Light Heavyweight: Reinier de Ridder def. Aung La N Sang via Unanimous Decision
Mixed Martial Arts – Lightweight: Ok Rae Yoon def. Eddie Alvarez via Unanimous Decision
Mixed Martial Arts – Heavyweight: Kirill Grishenko def. Oumar Kane via Technical Knockout (TKO) at 5:00 of Round 2
Mixed Martial Arts – Lightweight: Shinya Aoki def. Eduard Folayang via Submission (Armbar) at 4:20 of Round 1
Muay Thai – Strawweight: Jackie Buntan def. Ekaterina Vandaryeva via Majority Decision
Mixed Martial Arts – Catchweight (60.6 KG): Colbey Northcutt def. Courtney Martin via Submission (Armbar) at 2:28 of Round 1

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