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Jake Paul’s KO Of Ben Askren, Oscar De La Hoya’s Commentary Highlight Absurd Triller PPV

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A man holding a sign that said “Why TF Am I Here?,” a commentary team which included Snoop Dogg, Oscar De La Hoya, Al Bernstein (all probably not sober by the way), a controversial ending that certainly had theatrics and a giant robot accompanying Jake Paul to the boxing ring were major parts of Triller’s second Fight Club show.

To say that Triller put on an event for the ages is the understatement of the century.

What was advertised as a boxing pay-per-view with a plethora of top tier musical talent quickly turned into a theater of the absurd. The first two hours of the show had a total of six minutes of boxing between a British multi-millionaire and a Columbian reggaeton performer. The main event, almost four hours after the show began, saw Jake Paul knock out former MMA star Ben Askren in the first round.

Nothing about this event made sense and that’s why it was so entertaining.

GG and Justin Knipper hosted the Fight Game Media Recap Show

The show opened with a skit featuring Snoop Dogg and Jaleel White’s Steve Urkel character with booze and marijuana out in the open. That alone was an indication of how the night would proceed.

Triller Fight Club had a little bit of everything as far as musical performances were concerned. Justin Bieber, The Black Keys, Mt. Westmore and more took the majority of the pay-per-view’s runtime with boxing seemingly being a minor part of it all.

The one actual fight between two boxers didn’t even have a real conclusion. After former junior welterweight champion Regis Prograis grazed his right arm on Ivan Redkach’s body, Redkach went down, holding his groin (despite replays showing Prograis never hit him there) and being carried out in a stretcher. In other fight action results, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair refereed a slap-fight match, former boxing world champion Steve Cunningham went the distance in a win against former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir, and Joe Fournier knocked out Reykon, the aforementioned reggaeton performer.

Even the broadcast’s commentary was a roller coaster to go through. No one shined (or sullied himself) on commentary more than De La Hoya. Below are just a few of De La Hoya’s many, many great quotes.

  • On his inspiration for his comeback: “Mike Tyson, I love you because you inspired me at 56 years old to make me think, to make me know I can do it.” Neither Tyson nor De La Hoya are 56 years old.
  • De La Hoya seemingly burying the evening’s fights when asked what to expect for his comeback fight: “You can expect a fu**ing real fight… I’m going to be the best motherf**ker out there.”
  • During the Cunningham vs. Mir fight: “Look at him. He looks like an Adonis. He looks beautiful.”
  • “I like the bouncing of Frank Mir. I like the legs.”
  • “There is a reason Cunningham has nine losses. He has no chin.”

All of this led to the main event, with Paul coming into the ring with a giant robot. The boxing fight that followed afterwards was sloppy and it ended before it even began. A big right hand from Paul sent Askren to the canvas midway through the first round and the referee stopped the fight even after Askren got back up.

Triller Fight Club’s first show of 2021 shouldn’t be viewed as a boxing show, but it didn’t need to be. It was a spectacle to be seen and never to be taken seriously, especially for diehard boxing fans. The boxing was always going to be garbage, but that’s part of its charm.

People didn’t buy this pay-per-view for world class boxing. That’s what DAZN, ESPN, FOX and Showtime offer on a regular basis. What they bought in was a smorgasbord of concerts, comedy (both intentional and unintentional), and celebrities beating each other up. Come into this event with no expectations and there is plenty to enjoy.

Although there’s no guarantee it will be as impactful five years from now as it is in 2021, there’s no question that Triller is the talk of the entertainment and sports world at this moment.

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