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Greatest Knockouts in Boxing History: 9. Juan Manuel Marquez Vs Manny Pacquiao IV

juan manuel marquez knocks out manny pacquiao

Juan Manuel Marquez Vs Manny Pacquiao IV

December 8, 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada
Venue: MGM Grand Arena

Going into the night of December 8, 2012, Juan Manuel Marquez had yet to secure an official victory over his greatest rival, the legendary Manny Pacquiao. In their three previous fights, Marquez and Pacquiao had fought an incredible 36 rounds at an even standstill, yet Manny won two via decision and a third fight was scored a draw. The Mexican great Marquez was deeply convinced that he had won all three fights. It is rare that a fourth fight would occur between two fighters if one of the combatants had never officially won any of the fights, but that’s how evenly fought these fights were. This was Marquez’s final opportunity to obtain the signature win of his career.

As great as the first three fights were, the fourth and final fight between the two legends was easily the most action packed fight of the series. Marquez gave Manny hell because of his innate ability to counter Manny’s relentless southpaw style with his accurate and punishing right cross. Finally, Marquez knocked Manny down for the first time in their series with a crisp right cross in the third round. Manny was able to get up and survive the round. The fifth round was the single most scintillating round of the series. Pacquiao landed his signature left cross early in the round to score a flash knockdown. Marquez came roaring back and slugged it out with the Philippine legend for the rest of the round. Then came the iconic moment in the fight.

Round six saw Manny dominate for the entire round until right before the end of the round he walked into one of the greatest right crosses ever landed in boxing history. Marquez’s right was so accurate and potent that Manny was unconscious the second he was hit and fell face first to the canvas. Referee Kenny Bayless immediately stopped the fight as Pacquiao laid unconscious for several minutes. It was one of the most momentous knockouts in boxing history because of the rare occurrence of a legendary fighter like Manny getting put to sleep in that fashion.

Marquez fought two more times before finally retiring after a Hall of Fame career. Manny is still active today at the age of 43. More on both these iconic fighters later on in future articles. Needless to say, this was the most significant and satisfying victory of Marquez’s career.

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