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The Big Payback || UFC 260 bets

UFC bets

Ryan Frederick and I are staff writers at WrestlingObserver.com and regular contributors to this site. We also co-host the In the Clinch MMA podcast on the Fight Game Media patreon. Ryan’s Guide to UFC on ESPN 260 went up earlier this week.

Thomas Matera is a former WWE superstar and current independent wrestler  and MMA enthusiast. He also hosts the Left My Wallet podcast on the F4W network and What’s Your Finish? I’ll Move with Johnny Jeter on the Fight Game Media Network on Patreon.

The rules are simple: We make five picks for each card and a $100 bet on each pick. We will keep track of the profits and losses, the most fights picked correctly and the number of events won per person. Obviously, if you’re betting, the only important thing is how much money you win and lose, so keep that in mind.

For betting novices, odds reflect the amount of money won or lost on a $100 bet. If the odds are negative, you must bet that amount to win $100. If they are positive, you win that amount if you bet $100.

Additionally, we will give our “best bet” exclusively on our In the Clinch podcast that drops on Tuesdays. Last week, Ryan’s picks lost and mine did not fight as the fight was cancelled on fight day. Ryan went with Kenan Song and falls to 4-5 on the year with a loss of $313.31 on his best bets. I stay at 3-4 with a loss of $154.39.

UFC on ESPN 21 results

Ryan’s picks went 2–3 with a loss of $151.52. This was only his 2nd losing outing in 6 weeks.

My picks were 0–5 with a loss of $500. In 15 months of doing that, that’s never happened and it shouldn’t happen again. It was my second losing week of the last 5.

Promise went 3–1 with one of his fights cancelling and had a profit of $170.45. That stopped a two week losing streak and he’s now won 6 weeks on the year to 2 each for myself and Ryan.

Year-to-date results

Ryan’s picks are 25–21 on the year with a profit of $11.26

My picks are 18–27 with a loss of $733.95

]Promise’s picks are 23–22 with a profit of $456.81

Overall, our combined loss is $265.88.

UFC 260 bets

Odds are from bovada.com as of 4:30 p.m. ET on March 26.

Ryan’s picks:

  • Francis N’Gannou at -135 to win $74.07
  • Miranda Maverick at -165 to win $60.61
  • Khama Worthy at -125 to win $80
  • Modestas Bukauskas at +140 to win $140
  • Marc-Andre Barriault at -125 to win $80

Paul’s picks:

  • Fabio Cherant at +240 to win $240
  • Thomas Almeida at +250 to win $250
  • Tyron Woodley at +190 to win $190
  • Jared Gooden at +190 to win $190
  • Shane Young at +155 to win $155

Thomas’ picks:

  • Stipe Miocic at +115 to win $115
  • Vicente Luque at -240 to win $41.67
  • Khama Worthy at -125 to win $80
  • Miranda Maverick at -165 to win $60.61

Tom also picked Jessica Penne but her fight was cancelled so it will be scored as a no contest.

Follow Tommyself or Ryan on fight night to keep track of the results. Good luck, and enjoy the fights!

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