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Brace for IMPACT: Sacrifice main event delivers despite weak undercard

Sacrifice 2021

IMPACT Wrestling’s Sacrifice pay-per-view was a newsworthy show that featured two title changes and three really good matches, but with an over-abundance of run-ins, ref bumps and other lazy booking on the undercard. The two last matches being so good was what made me give this show an overall thumbs up.

It wouldn’t be an IMPACT show without some type of productions issues, though. Viewers who streamed through the IMPACT Plus app couldn’t watch the first two matches because the server was apparently overloaded due from the high volume of traffic. It’s good that so many people wanted to watch, but it’s another example how IMPACT struggles to meet the moment. At least the show was free again.

Both JD Oliva and Jeremy Finestone from the Fight Game Facebook group rarely ever watch IMPACT, but last night, both actually paid for the show, then joined me for a recap over on the Fight Game YouTube page.


Rich Swann vs Moose: Something IMPACT has made sure to do well is deliver on their main events. The undercard is usually filled with angles, but the main events are almost always serious business, and tonight was no different.

Rich Swann has transformed from his “outlandish” dancing guy character from 205 Live to a Ricky Morton-esque style main event babyface. Similarly, Moose went from being a cheesy former football player to a superstar heel.

The match was slow to start but built to two amazing high-spots, one of which was a top rope moonsault fall away slam from Moose, which was the highlight of the entire show. Swann outsmarted and toughed out Moose, winning via roll-up. Swann will now go on to Rebellion to face Kenny Omega.


The Good Brothers vs. FinJuice: This was just an excellent match with a surprise ending that seemed to get the wrestling world talking. NJPW’s FinJuice won the IMPACT tag team titles on an IMPACT show. It was a surprise, and probably the second biggest highlight of the show. The Good Brothers, for all their faults, have really stepped it up in the ring, and this was their best match in years, without a doubt.

FinJuice looks to be sticking around awhile, but unfortunately they’re in Japan right now. IMPACT tapes their television tomorrow, and neither man is still in the New Japan Cup, so conceivably, they could appear at tapings this week.

Ace Austin vs. TJP: This was another really good match that had an ending fans wanted: Ace Austin won with The Fold to become a two-time X-Division champion, and I think he’s the perfect guy to lead the division in to the future. Austin could be heading for a showdown with Chris Bey at Rebellion, and TJP should definitely be turning heel.

Decay vs. Reno Scum: A minor hit here, but a hit nonetheless. This was a fun little opener. Unfortunately, it looked like Taurus tweaked his knee or his hamstring in the match and was slowed down a bit. IMPACT is doing a good job of building up Decay as a formidable team.


Tenille and Kaleb vs. Havoc and Nevaeh: The wrestling wasn’t great, the comedy wasn’t great. It was a total waste of time. This whole Tenille and Kaleb thing jumped the shark months ago. It seems like Tenille is loafing around until a babyface wins the Knockouts title so she can go after it. Until then, she’ll be wasting hers and everyone else’s time with mediocre matches and weak comedy. Oh, Tenille won with a roll up.

Too much outside interference: I’m starting to feel like Bruce Prichard is booking. These were lazy segments that they should be saved for TV. If the final two matches weren’ as great as they were, this show would have been a thumbs-down across the board from the constant shenanigans on the undercard.

In the VBD vs Beer Guns match, 90% of the match featured outside interference from Eric Young and Jake Something. Then, the match finished with Rhino showing up, goring Sabin, then turning heel. While I’m mildly interested in Rhino’s turn, this was all just too much.

The next match was Eddie Edwards vs. Brian “Solid Snake” Myers and, again, Hernandez and Cardona interfered just for the sake of interfering. Eddie ended up winning clean anyway so none of it mattered.

Kimber Lee and Susan interfering in the ODB match, then getting kicked out? That’s the same lazy trope they used last month. It never works, no one cares, and Deonna just wins anyway.

Sacrifice 2021 Results

IMPACT Wrestling: Sacrifice 2021 aired Saturday, March 13 on the IMPACT Plus App at 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT

IMPACT World Title Unification

IMPACT Champion Rich Swann (c) vs. TNA Moose

Winner: Rich Swann

IMPACT Tag Team Championship

The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) (c) vs. FinJuice (David Finlay and Juice Robinson)

Winners: FinJuice are the new Tag Team Champs

IMPACT Knockouts Championship

Deonna Purazzo (c) vs. ODB

Winner: Deonna Purazzo 

IMPACT X-Division Championship

TJP (c) vs. Ace Austin

Winner: Ace Austin is the new X-Division Champ

IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Fire N Flava (c) (Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz) vs. Jazz and Jordynne Grace

Winners: Fire ‘N’ Flava stay Knocouts Tag Team champs

No DQ “Hold Harmless Rules” fight

Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Meyers

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Tag Team match

Violent by Design (Deaner & Doering) vs. James Storm and Chris Sabin

Winners: VBD

Tag Team match

Decay vs. Reno Scum

Winners: Decay 

Inter-gender Tag Team match

Tenille and Kaleb vs. Havoc and Nevaeh

Winners: Tenille and Kaleb

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