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AEW Revolution Live Coverage – Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match

exploding barbed wire death match

We will have live AEW Revolution coverage once the main card begins. How will the Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match play out? Stay tuned.

We’ll also be back after the show on Locker Room (for iPhone only right now) for a live and interactive recap show. Join us after the show.

Chris Jericho & MJF Vs The Young Bucks

Babyfaces were headed toward their full revenge until Wardlow pulled the middle rope down which caused Matt Jackson to take a fall to the outside. Jericho and MJF took over until Matt was able to make a hot tag to Nick. Nick hit a middle fingered bulldog headlock on MJF while clotheslining Jericho at the same time.

Jericho put both guys in the Walls. Jericho hit Matt with a bat and MJF hit his middle rope DDT for a two count.

Matt made the tag and Nick did a high cross off the top onto Jericho for a two count. Matt hit one on MJF to the outside. Jericho tried to hit the Judas Effect, but hit Wardlow instead. Jericho tried the Lionsault but ate a double superkick. They hit the BTE but MJF broke it up.

They hit the Meltzer Driver on Jericho to win the match.

Winner: The Young Bucks

Casino Tag Team Battle Royale

QT and Dustin are team number one. Dark Order 5 and 10 are team two. A new team comes in every 90 seconds. Santana and Ortiz are next. They Sydel bros are next. Grayson and Evil Uno are next. Mike Sydel went out, but Matt is still in the match so the Sydel bros are out. Santana and Ortiz threw out Matt. So the Sydel bros are out.

Gunn Club are in. Avalon and Bononi are in. They shouldn’t even be on this card. Varsity Blondes are in. Peter Avalon went out. Gunn Club dumped out Bononi but then QT dumped out the Gunn Club. Because they are part of the Nightmare Family, Dustin was upset at QT. QT eliminated himself and then spit at Dustin.

Bear Country was next. Jungleboy and Luchasaurus were next. Jungleboy eliminated Ortiz. Luchasauras threw out Bononi. Finally. He then threw out Griff. Jungleboy tossed out Santana. They’re out. Marko Stunt ran in and did some goofy stuff and Evil Uno was out. Butcher and the Blade are next. Bunny eliminated Dustin.

Private Party are next in. Then SCU came out. Bear Country threw out Luchasaurus and then the Butcher threw out Bear Country. Fenix and Pac are in. They threw out Blade and Marq Quen. Silver and Reynolds were in next. Isiah Kassidy went out. Kazarian and Daniels went out.

The final four are John Silver, Jungleboy, and Fenix and Pac. Silver was on the apron and Fenix walked the top rope to kick him off. Jungleboy eliminated Pac. Fenix clotheslined Jungleboy over the top rope to win the match for his team.

Winner: Fenix & Pac

Ryo Mizunami Vs Hikaru Shida

Excalibur explained that Ryo trained for a more serious style of pro wrestling and Shida trained a more “creative” or less serious style and said that they switched places lately. This was after she started dancing. Then Shida did a sit down piledriver type move on the ramp way.

They hit each other with everything including the kitchen sink. This was a match where there were a lot of moves and I’m not sure much of it made a ton of sense. Shida won the match with a jumping spinning knee.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Nyla Rose attacked her after the match. And theorn she attacked Ryo too. Britt Baker and Maki Ito came out. Rebel hit Shida with a crutch. Thunder Rosa came out.

Miro & Kip Sabean Vs Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy

Miro and Kip beat up Taylor and Orange backstage including sending Chuck through glass. They started the match as a 2 on 1 since Cassidy wasn’t ready to go yet. Taylor said to start the match.

Cassidy finally made his way into the match and hit a Superman punch. But his back was hurting. Cassidy hit the Stundog Millionaire and the punch again, but had to pause because Penelope Ford was on the apron. Miro pushed Cassidy into Ford and then beat Chuck with the Game Over.

Winner: Miro & Kip Sabean

Matt Hardy Vs Hangman Adam Page

This is heel Matt Hardy beating up the babyface Adam Page for a very long time. I’m not sure how long it was but Matt Hardy got a ton of nearfalls, including hitting the Side Effect and Twist of Fate but Page kicked out. Private Party interfered a ton and finally, Page knocked them out. Dark Order came out to equal the odds, but not really since there’s so many of them and they caught Page before he got knocked off the apron. Then he hit the Buckshot Lariat to win the match.

Winner: Hangman Adam Page

Max Caster Vs Lance Archer Vs Penta El Cero Miedo Vs Scorpio Sky Vs Cody Rhodes Vs Ethan Page

Winner has to grab a brass ring hanging above the ring.

Page was rumored all weekend for this match, but based on the crowd reaction, it wasn’t quite the surprise they were looking for.

Caster called for some help and Jack Evans brought out boom box but Preston Vance came out and attacked him.

There was a really unfortunate spot where Lance Archer was selling Page’s cutter. Sky came in and they were trying to get Page to throw Sky onto the ladder as Archer was inside it. He had to sit there for 20 seconds while they got there.

Cody hurt his shoulder and he was contemplating going back to the locker room. But he is staying on the hard cam for the entire time, so if he’s coming back in this match, it won’t be that much of a surprise.

Sky hit a crazy frog splash onto Caster who was on the ladder. Cody came back out with tape on his shoulder. Cody tried to climb the ladder to do a dive but Archer caught up at the top and gave him a suplex off the ladder. Then Caster dropped an elbow on Cody. Archer started choke slamming everyone. He then gave Caster the blackout on top of the ladder.

Archer went to win the match, but Page caught him and powerbombed him. Jake The Snake came in and gave Page a short clothesline.

Penta knocked Jake out. Cody missed a cutter from the middle rope but Penta had to sell it. Sky was on top of the ladder with Cody and he pushed Cody off the ladder to grab the ring.

Winner: Scorpio Sky

The mystery wrestler who is signing with AEW is Christian using his TNA name Christian Cage.

Brian Cage and Ricky Starks Vs Sting and Darby Allin

The match is coming from an undisclosed location which looks like a warehouse with a ring inside.

Lots of Brian Cage beating up Darby including him holding him in the suplex position while walking up stairs before throwing him onto a garbage can.

Members of Team Taz interfered. Will Hobbs and Hook have made this a handicap match. Darby jumped from a few floors above and onto Cage in a terrific stunt.

Back in the ring, Sting missed a Stinger Splash on Starks. Starks hit a spear. Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop to beat him.

Winner: Sting and Darby Allin

It wasn’t the Boneyard Match but it was still entertaining.

Jon Moxley Vs Kenny Omega

The match started with both guys teasing going into the wire but stopping in scared fashion. Moxley threw Kenny over the top rope and hit him with a barbed wire bat. Omega threw Moxley into one of the ropes which set off the first explosion. Omega had Moxley in a figure four. He threw Moxley into a barbed wire table in the corner and he broke through it. He’s bleeding like crazy already and I didn’t see how he cut himself. He kicked Kenny off and Kenny ran chest first into the ropes which ignited the explosion right in his face. He was sent in again.

Omega was suplexed into a corner table, getting stuck in the barbed wire. Kenny pushed Moxley into the ropes and took the explosion face first again. He asked for water to wash out his eyes. Moxley had Omega on the apron and did a falling DDT onto the table and barbed wire on the floor.

Omega hit two V-triggers and then the One-Winged Angel. Moxley didn’t kick out, but got his foot on the middle rope which set off an explosion.

The Good Brothers brought out a bat for Omega and he hit Moxley with it which set off an explosion. Omega then hit Moxley with a One-Winged Angel through a chair.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Moxley had his arms handcuffed behind his back. Omega scraped a barbed wire bat over his forehead. The clock hit 30 minutes which meant that explosions were supposed to go off in the ring. Omega and the Good Brothers left the ring. Eddie Kingston came out and covered Mox. The explosions were disappointing to say the least.

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