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New Pricing Tiers for the Fight Game Media Network

karate kid podcast

Earlier this month, we told you about the new shows coming to the Fight Game Media Network. In addition to those new shows, as well as one other, it’s time to announce a new pricing structure.

Gone are the previous four tiers. We have simplified the subscription model and now only have two tiers. The first tier is at just $2.99 per month and the second is at just $7.99 per month. It is now much easier and cheaper to subscribe to the network.

The first episode of our Karate Kid universe podcast is now up. You can listen to it on the Fight Game Media Network and it’s in our $7.99 tier.

This weekend, the new podcast from the former Heartbreaker (Antonio “The Promise” Thomas) and former Thrillseeker (Johnny Jeter) debuts. It’s called What’s Your Finish? I’ll Move and it is also in our second tier.

Also debuting tomorrow is Parker Klyn’s AEW Dynamite recap show. Similar to his breakdown of the show on this website after every Dynamite episode, Parker will give you the quick and dirty about what was good and bad on AEW Dynamite. Paul Fontaine is his co-host. This podcast will be available in our $2.99 tier.

Here’s an explanation of our tiers:

The Fight Game Media Loves You Tier ($2.99)

With our first tier, you will get episodes of The Fight Game Podcast (GG & John LaRocca) and Two Jabronis With A Wrestling Podcast (BJ Cruz & Jeremy Los) every week. These episodes will be ad-free.

We have a new AEW Dynamite recap show debuting in this tier which will be published after Dynamite ends hosted by Parker Klyn.

GG is bringing back his pop culture inspired podcast called #BALLSOHARD.

You will also be able to join our Patreon-only Fight Game Podcast Facebook group once you subscribe. Here, you’ll be able to mingle with our podcasters as well as over 200 other passionate fight fans.

At least once a month and possibly more, we’ll throw in a bonus episode from our second tier.

The Fight Game Media Really Loves You Tier ($7.99)

In addition to all the ad-free shows in the first tier as well as our Patreon-only Facebook group, this is where we’ll add our network of shows as well as our special shows (more than 20 shows per month).

– Shows with Jon Moxley covering MMA (and some pro wrestling)
– Q&A and history shows with Dave Meltzer
– Weekly/regular shows which you can see below
– Write That Down! with Justin Knipper and Fumi Saito on Japanese wrestling and wrestling history
– Early access to podcast versions of book club Q&A’s on Zoom with special guests
– Early access to other pop culture-inspired podcasts such as movie and TV show reviews like our Karate Kid podcast

And at some point, when we get back to going to live wrestling and MMA shows, we’ll do live podcasts where subscribers will be able to attend and possibly join us.

Here is the weekly schedule:

Monday: The Fight Game Podcast with Garrett Gonzales and John LaRocca reviewing every episode of Monday Night Raw in 1997.

Tuesday: In The Clinch with Paul Fontaine and Ryan Frederick brings you conversation from two friends with tons of insight while they cover all the news in MMA.

Wednesday: High Tension, a Japanese wrestling and culture podcast hosted by Fight Game Media editor Justin Knipper and co-hosted by JD Oliva, with guest John LaRocca.

Wednesday: The Dynamite Show with Parker Klyn and Paul Fontaine is a quick recap of AEW Dynamite.

Thursday: Pound 4 Pound with Carlos Toro and Robert Silva discussing the sweet science of boxing.

Friday: Two Jabronis With A Wrestling Podcast with BJ Cruz and Jeremy Los focusing on the career arc of WWE superstar turned actor and famous celebrity, the Rock.

Major WWE show weekends: Break It Down will cover major WWE/NXT shows when they happen on specific Sundays during the year and is co-hosted by Keila Cash and Andy Marshall.

Every other weekend (for now): What’s Your Finish? I’ll Move with Antonio “The Promise” Thomas and Johnny Jeter telling old WWE and OVW stories while talking about modern pro wrestling matches.

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