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Bloodsport 5 Live Coverage – Jon Moxley Vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.

bloodsport 5 live coverage

Welcome to our live coverage of Bloodsport 5. We’ll be back when the show starts. We interviewed Jon Moxley on the Fight Game Podcast earlier this week. You can listen to that podcast below.

Calder McColl Vs Bad Dude Tito

McColl got Tito down with a double leg and then was riding his back a bit, but Tito escaped. McColl was throwing some soft kicks and it looked like one may have hit the liver as Tito went down. McColl went for the rear naked choke, but Tito got out of it.

McColl landed a huge knee that knocked Tito to his knees. He put in a rear naked choke, but then changed his grip to more of a bully type choke and Tito tapped out.

Winner: Calder McColl

Nolan Edward Vs Calvin Tankman

This one ended with a ground and pound stoppage. Tankman outweighs Edward by at least 75 pounds and probably more. Edward tried to hit and run, but when Tankman would catch him, he’d brutalize him. Edward had a front facelock on him and Tankman picked him up. He then hit an overhand right that knocked Edward down. He then used his knee to pin him to the ground and finished with the ground and pound.

Winner: Calvin Tankman

Kal Jak Vs Super Beast

Super Beast threw some jumping kicks that you’d see in karate. Jak is using his wrestling as you’d expect. The jumping kicks bit him in the rear end. Jak caught him and slammed him and nearly knocked him out. Then he beat him with a head and arm choke. It was a quick, but explosive match.

Winner: Kal Jak

Alex Coughlin Vs Royce Isaacs

Isaacs had a calf crusher on, but Coughlin just reached back and pulled him over and then got on top. He went for the arm bar, but Isaacs powerbombed him out. Coughlin got a cross armbreaker on but Isaacs turned it into a Texas Cloverleaf. Coughlin rolled to the edge of the mat and they fell off to break the hold. Coughlin got a powerbomb, turned it into a side choke and Isaacs dropped him on the back of his head. Issacs used a Dragon Sleeper to beat him.

Winner: Royce Isaacs

Simon Grimm Vs Rocky Romero

This match is closer to how a New Japan match would start with some catch wrestling. Grimm hit a scoop body slam and then later hit a lariat. Romero got the full mount and Grimm tried to buck him off. Grimm gave up his back. Romero hit a suplex and went for the cross armbreaker.

Romero held onto a cravat. Grimm tried to slam his way out of it but Romero held on. Grimm hit a belly-to-belly. Rocky went for a triangle. Grimm tried to slam his way out of it, but Rocky transitioned to an arm bar and won the match.

Winner: Rocky Romero

JR Kratos Vs Chris Dickinson

Kratos is putting his body weight on him early on. Back on their feet, Dickinson gets an open hand to land and drops Kratos to a knee and kicks him to the body and then to the hamstring. JR powerbombed him but Dickinson grabbed Kratos and pulled him into his guard. Dickinson gave him a German suplex. Kratos tried to pick him up, but Dickinson slipped behind him and got a choke in and the tap.

Winner: Chris Dickinson

Filthy Tom Lawlor Vs Jeff Cobb

Lawlor is trying to chop Cobb down with leg kicks. Jeff grinded on Tom and wore him out in a different way, using size and weight to wear him down. Lots of suplexes. Lawlor knew that he had to stay away. Jeff put on a killer full nelson to beat Lawlor.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

Jon Moxley Vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.

There’s a slower start to this one. Moxley got behind Davey Boy and hit him with forearms to the face. Davey Boy is the better grappler and Mox is fighting from behind here. DBS threw elbows which busted Moxley’s forehead up. Mox was on the bottom and got out with head butts. He gave Mox head butts of his own. Moxley hit DBS Jr. with knees to the head and a kick to the face.

Back on their feet, they went to a slap fest and then Moxley used his DDT finisher and DBS was knocked out.

Winner: Jon Moxley

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