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Wrestle Kingdom 15 Live Coverage Night One – Kota Ibushi Vs Tetsuya Naito

wrestle kingdom 15 live coverage

It’s one of the best pro wrestling nights of the year. If you’re hanging out with us and watching Wrestle Kingdom 15 live, welcome. If you aren’t and are reading this during a normal time of the day, welcome as well. It’s night one, and on paper, night one looks excellent. We’ll be back at start time.

New Japan Ranbo

Chase Owens and Tomohiri Ishii are the first two competitors. There are one minute intervals. The final four will be in a match tomorrow for the KOPW 2021 title.

Minoru Suzuki was out third while Owens bailed. Yuji Nagata was fourth. Toa Henare was next. And then Hirooki Goto was next. Henare clotheslined out both Suzuki and Nagata. Suzuki and Nagata kept fighting outside.

Yujiro Takahashi was next in. Henare got backdropped out. YOSHI-HASHI is next. Togi Makabe is next with his altered music because of rights. He clotheslined out YOSHI-HASHI and Goto. Tomoaki Honma is next. Tenzan was next in. Makabe went out. Rocky Romero is next. DOUKI came in and then was eliminated for using a steel pipe.

SHO is next in. Then BUSHI came in next. Yujiro had the top rope pulled down and he went over the top. Tiger Mask is in next. Bad Luck Fale is next in. Ishii and Owens were fighting on the apron. Fale hit Ishii who went out. Owens is still in.

Gabriel Kidd is in. Honma is out. BUSHI won’t let Kidd in the ring. Tenzan is also now out. Yuya Uemura is next in. SHO and Rocky Romero are out. Tiger Mask is out.

Ring is cleared a bit and Fale, Kidd, Uemura, Owens, and BUSHI are in the ring. Yota Tsuji came in next. Toru Yano is last. Owens dumped out Gabriel Kidd. And the other young lions got dumped out.

The final four and in the match tomorrow night are Chase Owens, Bad Luck Fale, BUSHI, and Yano. Yano didn’t even make it to the ring and still was one of the final four. BUSHI stayed outside almost the entire match.

Winner: Chase Owens, Bad Luck Fale, BUSHI, and Yano

Riki Choshu came out to say hi to the crowd and introduce the show.

Rocky Romero started the show by saying, “It’s January 4th and you know what that means.” Kevin Kelly dedicated the show to Jon Huber’s memory.

El Phantasmo Vs Hiromu Takahashi

Winner faces Taiji Ishimori on night two.

Hiromu started hot by hitting a big butt drop from the top rope and to the outside. Hiromu teased the sunset bomb to the outside, but instead, Phantasmo gave it to Hiromu on the floor. Phantasmo did a moonsault off the top and to the outside. He rope walked to get there.

They were setting stuff up on the top rope. Hiromu pushed Phantasmo off the top rope and he fell back into the referee who bumped. El P then hit Hiromu low, then hit a sweet Frankensteiner off the top rope and then a frog splash for a two count. He also hit a Styles Clash for a two count. He hit a V-trigger like Omega, or maybe not quite like Omega and set up a One Winged Angel. But he got reversed and sent into the corner.

Earlier in the match, he busted up Hiromu’s fingers so whenever he needs to make a comeback, he attacks the fingers and Hiromu screams loudly.

Phantasmo went for a powerbomb, but Hiromu reversed it and pinned him.

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi

It’s Hiromu vs Ishimori tomorrow.

Guerrillas Of Destiny Vs Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr.

Tonga and Loa looked awesome in this match. Their offense looked great and their athleticism is top notch. ZSJ had counters to stop the momentum, but for the most part, Tonga and Loa were on offense and looking explosive. They set up the Super Powerbomb, but ZSJ locked in a guillotine.

Taichi wouldn’t die. He took a kick to the head by Loa and powered up for a sweet side suplex. Jado interfered and Tonga hit Taichi with the iron glove which lead to Loa hitting Apeshit to get the pin.

Winner: Guerrillas Of Destiny

Next was a Jon Moxley promo about the US Heavyweight title. I guess he’s defending it against the winner of the next match.

Satoshi Kojima Vs KENTA

Kojima is working really hard here, whcih is making KENTA up his game. KENTA looks like a complete asshole with that blond hair.

Kojima fired up and took off his elbow pad, but KENTA turned it into a powerslam. KENTA grabbed the briefcase but Kojima knocked it away. KENTA went for a kick and Kojima blocked it with his arm. He then hit a clothesline with his opposite arm.

KENTA hit two knees to soften up Kojima to set up Go To Sleep to win the match.

Winner: KENTA

So it looks like we’ll get Moxley vs KENTA.

The Great O-Khan Vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

This match was more really cool story than great match. Tanahashi took everything O-Khan had including the claw and the cobra twist at the same time. He blocked a move with the chair and teased using it, but because he’s a great babyface, he didn’t use the chair.

He then hit a High Fly Flow while O-Khan was on his stomach. Then he turned him over to hit him with one on his back and pinned him.

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi

Will Ospreay Vs Kazuchika Okada

The athleticism has leveled up here for this match. Okada did a dive over the top rope as if to tell Ospreay that he can do all of those things too.

They spent a lot of time outside the ring with Ospreay removing the padded mat. Ospreay suplexed Okada over the railing and through one of the tables near the announcers.

Ospreay didn’t want to win by count out so he threw Okada back in. He then hit Okada with the Hidden Blade to the back of the head. He killed him with a powerbomb for a two count. They were on the edge of the apron and Ospreay tried to hit the Oscutter on the edge, but Okada caught him and gave him a tombstone on the edge.

Ospreay got back into the ring at 18 and then ate a short Rainmaker and then a drop kick. Okada put on the Money Clip. He then hit another tombstone before putting the Money Clip back on. Bea Priestley was on the apron and Okada threw Ospreay into her and knocked her off. He then put the Money Clip back on. Ospreay almost went out but his foot snatched the bottom rope.

Will hit a beautiful Spanish Fly from the top rope. He tried to hit the Oscutter, but it was blocked. Then he finally hit it for a two count. Will started booting Okada in the face after first slapping him and then shoved Red Shoes to the ground.

Okada hit a dropkick out of nowhere to set up the Rainmaker. But Will jumped to the top rope for an Oscutter, but Okada hit a dropkick. Okada hit the Rainmaker to set up the Money Clip. Then Ospreay hit a jumping tombstone and then the Rainmaker on Okada for a two count. This is nuts.

Will went for the Storm Breaker and Okada turned it into a sit out tombstone. Then Okada hit another Rainmaker for the win.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada

Kota Ibushi Vs Tetsuya Naito

It wasn’t long before they wanted us to think about Kota’s head/neck.

They went out on the floor and Ibushi set up a powerbomb, but Naito flipped out of it and hit a neck breaker. They were on the edge of the apron and were teasing dropping each other on their head. Naito ran over and Ibushi jumped and in midair, did a hurricanrana from the apron to the floor.

Naito barely beat the count. Ibushi was on the second rope inside the ring and was trying to German him into the ring. He was cut off and Naito gave him the Super Poison Rana. Naito tried setting up the Destino, but ate a high kick. Ibushi set up the Kamigoye, but then Naito transitioned into the Destino and Ibushi kicked out at 2.9. Naito tried to hit it again and Ibushi caught him in the Bastard Driver.

Ibushi hit him with the Last Ride and then the Kamigoye for a two count. He went to the top for the Phoenix Splash and missed. Naito hit a Destino, but it wasn’t clean. Ibushi kicked out.

Ibushi hit him with another Kamigoye but Naito kicked out. Ibushi took down his knee pad to expose his knee. Naito countered him to set up the Destino again, but Ibushi countered and hit him with a knee, like a V-trigger and then another Kamigoye to win the match. Great final series.

Winner: Kota Ibushi

Kota is now the double champ.

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