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UFC 257 Live Coverage – Conor McGregor Vs Dustin Poirier

conor mcgregor vs dustin poirier

UFC kicks off their PPV season with a big show. It’s the return of Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirer.

We’ll be back with live coverage of the main card.

If you haven’t heard our UFC 257 with Dave Meltzer, Ryan Frederick and Paul Fontaine from In The Clinch, and Jon Moxley, you can listen to it below.

See you when the main card begins.

Sorry y’all, we’re facing technical difficulties, as in, ESPN and the UFC couldn’t handle the demand and I can’t yet watch the fight. Nice job billion dollar companies.

Alright, we’re sort of back.

In the first fight, Marina Rodriguez upset Amanda Ribas in what may have been a controversial ending. But I didn’t get to see it so I’m not exactly sure what happened.

Andrew Sanchez Vs Makhmud Muradov

Missed most of the first round, but it sounds like Muradov won the round.

Muradov was kicked low early in the round. Muradov may be busted Sanchez’s nose late in the round, though Sanchez had a competitive round and possibly won it. Sachez’s corner specifically told him not to blow his nose.

In the third, Sanchez’s coaches are telling him to keep his guard up. You could hear one of the announcers saying that he didn’t like that Muradov was just missing with the right hand. Sanchez snuck one in and looked to advance. He then ate a right by Muradov and Sanchez was knocked wobbly. He finally caught his balance but was eating shots in against the cage before the referee stopped it.

Winner: Makhmud Muradov by way of third round TKO

Joanne Calderwood Vs Jessica Eye

Calderwood stayed active with both the hands and the feet. She’s trying to keep Eye out of the inside. Eye is throwing and landing the harder punches, but she’s not as active as Calderwood. Good round for both.

That was much more of a Calderwood round. She’s smartly throwing a front kick when Eye tries to engage as it throws Eye off her rhythm. Calderwood got the better of most of the exchanges including a great knee. Eye took her down late but couldn’t follow up.

Really good third round. Calderwood was using her front kick like a jab. Eye could never really get to where she wanted. And when she did, Calderwood would clinch and throw knees on the inside. Calderwood did what she wanted, and I imagine Eye is frustrated because she couldn’t execute her game plan. I expect Calderwood to win the decision.

Winner: Joanne Calderwood by way of unanimous decision

Michael Chandler Vs Dan Hooker

Hooker was circling and circling and circling and was trying to land a calf kick. Chandler tried to stay inside so that the calf kick wasn’t able to be thrown. Chandler threw a body shot and then started to loosen up. He landed some shots up top. He went low again and then dropped him with a left hook. Hooker tried to wrestle but Chandler kept peppering him with punches on the ground as both were on their knees. The ref had to stop it.

Winner: Michael Chandler by way of 1st round TKO

Chandler called out McGregor, Poirier, and Khabib in his post-fight promo.

Conor McGregor Vs Dustin Poirier

Dustin starts the fight early with a takedown. They were up against the cage for a good amount of the first throwing shoulder strikes. Back in the middle, McGregor landed some nice punches and Poirier looked a little flustered. He calmed down and landed a nice right hook of his own. McGregor’s round, though close.

Conor was more strategic in the round, mixing up some kicks with his punches. But the leg kicks started to wear on him. All of a sudden, Conor wasn’t moving and Poirier was lighting him up. Conor wasn’t throwing back and Dustin put him up against the cage and wouldn’t get off the cage. Dustin dropped him and finished him.

Winner: Dustin Poirier by way of 2nd round TKO

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