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The Big Payback – UFC on ESPN 20 Bets

UFC bets

Ryan Frederick and I are staff writers at WrestlingObserver.com and regular contributors to this site. We also co-host the “In the Clinch” MMA Podcast on the Fight Game Media patreon. Thomas Matera is a former WWE superstar and current independent wrestler  and MMA enthusiast. He also hosts the “Left My Wallet” podcast on the F4W network. 

Ryan’s Guide to UFC on ESPN 20 was posted earlier this week.  

The rules are simple. Each of us makes five picks for each card and a $100 bet on each pick. We will keep track of the profits and losses, the most fights picked correctly and the number of events won per person. Obviously if you’re betting, the ONLY important thing is how much money you win and lose so keep that in mind.

For betting novices, the odds reflect the amount of money won or lost for a $100 bet. If the odds are negative, you must bet that amount to win $100. If they are positive, you win that amount if you bet $100.

In addition, we will give a “best bet” exclusively on our “In the Clinch” podcast show that drops on Tuesdays. This week we had two picks each with another show coming up on Friday. For last week, both our best bets paid off for a profit of $119.43 if you bet $100 on each one.

UFC on ABC 1 results

Ryan’s picks went 3-2 for a profit of $54.43. If you went with the published picks, they were 3-1 with a profit of $154.43 as one of the fights was cancelled and Ryan made a last minute pick, who lost.

My picks went 2-3 for a profit of $5.61. Similar to Ryan, I made a last minute change due to a fight cancellation and my published picks were 2-2 for a profit of $105.61.

Promise went 2-3 and broke even. So, Ryan won the night but it’s a long year with in excess of 40 events to come.

Year to date results

Ryan’s picks are 3-2 for a profit of $54.43.

My picks are 2-3 for a profit of $5.61.

Promise’s picks are 2-3 for a profit of $0.

I can’t speak for Ryan but going forward, but if one of the fights that I’ve picked gets cancelled, I’ll just stick with the other 4 I have picked and not do a replacement one.

UFC on ESPN 20 bets

Odds are from bovada.com as of 4PM Eastern on January 19.

Ryan’s picks:

  • Michael Chiesa at +115 to win $115
  • Tom Breese at -160 to win $62.50
  • Dalcha Lungiambula at -140 to win $71.43
  • Mason Jones at +140 to win $140
  • Victoria Leonardo at +160 to win $160

Paul’s picks:

  • Mason Jones at +140 to win $140
  • Roxanne Modafferi at +250 to win $250
  • Michael Chiesa at +115 to win $115
  • Tom Breese at -160 to win $62.50
  • Umar Nurmagomedov at -550 to win $18.18

Thomas’ picks:

  • Michael Chiesa at +115 to win $115
  • Vinicius Moreira at +115 to win $115
  • Markus Perez at +120 to win $120
  • Jerome Rivera at +130 to win $130
  • Omari Akhmedov at +130 to win $130

Follow Tommyself or Ryan on fight night to keep track of the results. Good luck and enjoy the fights!

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