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High Tension Bonus Content – Wrestle Kingdom 15 Review

Wrestle Kingdom 15 review

Wrestle Kingdom 15 was a two night event that lived up to its name if you want to look at it from a perspective of promised matches living up to their billing, and then some.

Justin Knipper watched live on both nights and recorded some bonus content for High Tension listeners.

For night one, we put the bonus podcast on our Fight Game Media Network for subscribers, but we also put it up for free on our YouTube page to give people a taste of High Tension.

For night two, Justin’s review is exclusive to our Patreon network.

Here’s Justin’s review of night one:

And you can subscribe to our Patreon’s lowest tier of just $5.00 to hear Justin’s review of night two. You can do that here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/45851617.

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