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WWE TLC Live Coverage – Roman Reigns Vs Kevin Owens

tlc live coverage

Andy Marshall has your TLC live coverage. Does Kevin Owens have a chance against Roman Reigns? Will Charlotte Flair show up? Those questions will be answered soon.

Also, Andy and Keila Cash will be back after the show with Break It Down, their new WWE big show recap podcast on the Fight Game Media Network. You can subscribe to the network through the Patreon.


Good evening ladies and germs, we’ll be getting underway shortly. Shout outs to the AFC East champion Buffalo Bills!

We’re live with the TLC 2020 pre-show, where an eight-man tag is set to kick things off live from the ThunderDome.


Big E, Daniel Bryan, Chad Gable & Otis vs. Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

This is an absolutely incredible list of talent for a pre-show tag team match. If Big E is really in line to have a marquee match at WrestleMania this year, his climb starts from the TLC pre-show. I very much enjoy the Sami Awards gimmick.

Big E and Sami start things off, but Corbin is immediately tagged in. He is wearing two-toned black and gold pants that look stupid. Like one pant leg is gold, and the other is black. Corbin eats a suplex before Chad Gable and Cesaro tag in. Gable works over Cesaro before tagging in Daniel Bryan.

Bryan goes for the Yes Kicks but gets rolled up for two. Cesaro with an uppercut before tagging in Nakamura. Michael Cole once again referring to Nakamura as “Shin.” Daniel Bryan is your face-in-peril as Corbin tags in and the ThunderDome boos.

Corbin goes to superplex Bryan but is pushed away and eats a missile dropkick. Bryan sells his neck and head. Otis is finally tagged in and starts working over Nakamura. Corner splashes from Otis. Otis hits the Caterpillar, and Gable demands to tag in. They set up for a double team move but Nakamura scouts it and kicks Gable in the head. He tags in Cesaro who hits a huge throwing power bomb on Gable before the count is broken up.

A parade of finishers as Bryan his the running knee, Cesaro hits the Very European Uppercut, Gable hits a Chaos Theory. Sami leaves his hiding spot and tags in. He runs right into Big E and a Uranagi. Big E lifts Zayn for the Big Ending and gets the three!


Winners via pinfall: Big E, Daniel Bryan, Chad Gable & Otis

The pre-show comes to a close.  I enjoyed Jeff Jarrett’s hard sell for the show, more of him, less of Peter Rosenberg please. Kayla Braxton announces the WWE Championship match is kicking off the show!


WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs AJ Styles (w/ Omos) in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match

This is the 27th TLC Match in WWE history. A bit of continuity as RAW went off the air this past week with the belt hung high in the air, and that’s the first shot we see going into the match. Styles out first with his enforcer. Interested to see how Omos gets involved tonight. Styles has been heavily protected, pardon the pun, since Omos’ introduction a few weeks ago.

The promo package puts over Styles as being more prepared, having won a TLC match in the past. The pyro budget will likely be split between McIntyre and Roman Reigns tonight. AJ Styles sporting some very villainous facial hair tonight.

Styles makes good on the evil beard and immediately attacks Drew’s leg as we have the plot point for the match. Chops in the corner from Styles but gets thrown back by McIntyre. Drew with chops of his own before tossing Styles across the ring. McIntyre works Styles’ leg now as he points and shouts at Omos on the outside.

We are reminded, much like Takeover: War Games, that it’s all legal in this match. AJ is chopped down from the top rope and tumbles to the outside in front of the announce table. The commentators get over the pace McIntyre is setting.

Drew sets up the first table of the night on the outside and attempts to suplex Styles through but it’s blocked. McIntyre throws Styles into the barricade as Omos kind of awkwardly stands nearby. Him and Drew have a brief stare down as Drew just continues to beat up Styles. McIntyre throws a ladder into the ring and sets it up. Drew takes a casual pace as Styles grabs a chair and hits him across the back. Both men are selling their legs.

Styles sets up a chair in the corner as McIntyre attempts to climb the ladder. AJ gets catapult onto the ladder and tries to climb but he’s caught. AJ eventually gets catapult into the chair that he set up in the first place!! Who would have seen that coming!!!!

Styles recovers and throws McIntyre into the ladder. He then throws the ladder at McIntyre. Styles with a bicycle kick enziguri to the back of McIntyre’s head. AJ teases the Styles Clash on a ladder but it’s reversed into a Future Shock DDT. McIntyre sells his leg more as both men are down.

Drew slowly to his feet and attempts to suplex a ladder onto Styles and not sure if he was supposed to clip him, but he did. Styles no-sells and gets up to kick Drew’s leg out of his leg. Styles sets up a ladder-assisted Calf Crusher.

Styles with chair shots to the back of McIntyre. More chair shots to the left leg as Styles sets up a chair-assisted Calf Crusher. Any guesses if he tries a table-assisted one? McIntyre fights out by bashing Styles’ head into a ladder on the ground.

The two tussle over the ladder in the ring as they spill to the outside. McIntyre’s leg gets thrown against the post before Styles wallops McIntyre with a ladder in the face. That looked kind of gross. Styles does that slow deliberate moving around of tables and chairs as McIntyre gets put across a table. A ladder is setup leaned against the turnbuckle on the inside, and attempts a springboard from ladder to turnbuckle but gets a chair thrown in his face for his troubles. McIntyre throws a table in the ring. He charges Styles but gets drop toe holded into the aforementioned ladder.

Styles goes for a Phenomenal Forearm but gets caught, suplexed into that same ladder and bounced to the canvas. Styles gets to his feet and hits a Phenomenal Forearm to the jaw. Omos helps throw another ladder into the ring for Styles. Styles climbs a ladder as McIntyre grabs him with a gorilla press and throws him out of the ring and through the table on the outside. Styles might have overshot his landing a bit.

McIntyre climbing the ladder before The Miz shows up with John Morrison and knocks McIntyre off the ladder and through a table. The Miz is cashing in his Money In the Bank Briefcase and this is now a triple threat match!


Triple Threat Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match for the WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre vs, AJ Styles vs. The Miz

Miz tries to climb but Omos snatches him out of the air and throws him through another table on the outside. Morrison hits Omos with a chair and the chair explodes as Omos no-sells and chases JoMo out of the ring. Morrison comedy sells among the furniture on the ramp.

McIntyre and Styles are both stirring in the ring. Both men try to climb each side of the ladder. McIntyre is the first to the top of the ladder. Miz is back up and setting up his own ladder. McIntyre takes a shot to his knee as he’s down. There is a struggle for the title at the top of two ladders. McIntyre and Miz trade right hands at the top. Miz is pushed down by McIntyre, Styles climbs up quickly and hits Drew with a forearm to the gut. McIntyre is down! Miz back up and climbing across from Styles. They fight at the top of the ladder. McIntyre pushes over both ladders as Styles and Miz fall down. McIntyre hits Miz with a Claymore Kick!

Drew McIntyre climbs the ladder and grabs his title belt and wins the match.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

That’s how Otis’ big Money in the Bank win from this year is officially flushed away. Thanks for coming out tonight, Miz.


Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks vs. Carmella

We get a promo package of Sasha and Carmella’s rivalry over the last month or so. This has seemed very one-sided on television as Carmella has repeatedly punked Sasha by breaking champagne bottles over her back. Carmella has one of the best heel promo laughs since Seth Rollins. I am a big fan of Mella and while I don’t see her picking up the title tonight, I am very much enjoying their renewed focus on her as a challenger.

Sasha looking very cool in a white leather jacket with lots of tassles. These two start off with Carmella rolling to the outside to fix her gear while the ref counts. Sasha chases and gets the upperhand before an armdrag takedown to the outside. Back in the ring and Carmella gets knocked off the apron before getting caught by her sommelier. An assisted takedown allows Carmella to take control. Carmella hits some kind of Bronco Buster variant for a two-count.

Carmella talks trash to Sasha before she is able to reverse into a Meteora. Banks to the outside with a kick to Carmella’s head. Carmella hits a backstabber to the hardest part of the ring. It gets a near-fall as Carmella continues to talk more trash with Banks in a rest hold. Sasha counters with a backbreaker. Sasha with a kick to Carmella. Sasha goes for her dad’s move, Three Amigos, and hits all three suplexes. Sasha positions Carmella for a Guerrero Family Frog Splash but the ensuing cover only gets a two.

An exchange of reversals leads Carmella to hit her Implant Buster finish but Sasha kicks out of all three consecutive pinning attempts. Carmella with a modified Tarantula on the ropes as the ref counts to five. Carmella in control as she hammers away with elbows to the back of Banks. Sasha eats a superkick while draped over the ring apron and Carmella’s pin attempt is broken up with a rope break.

Both women end up on the top rope and a Frankensteiner attempt is reversed into a pin attempt by Banks, with a kickout at two. The two exchange a flurry of nearfalls before Carmella locks in her Code of Silence submission. Sasha counters and goes for the Banks Statement. Carmella reverses into a double chicken wing before Banks rolls over and covers for a two count.

Mella goes for the Bronco Buster thing again but she gets flipped over into the Banks Statement in the center of the ring. Her sommelier Reginald pulls Carmella out of the ring. Sasha hits a Meteora on Reginald as Carmella lays Banks out with a superkick. She rolls her into the ring for a count of two.

More trash talking as Carmella shows visible frustration. Carmella’s Implant Buster attempt is reversed into a Banks Statement and Carmella taps!

Winner, by submission: Sasha Banks


Asuka is shown warming up backstage as she is approached by Billie Kay and her new gimmick of handing out her resumé. She makes her pitch to be Asuka’s partner tonight. Billie Kay has her own Kabuki mask made of a paper plate. Asuka tells her the position has been filled and that she is not ready for Asuka.


RAW Tag Team Champions The New Day (Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston) vs The Hurt Business (Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin) w/ MVP

The champs start off hot and lay out Cedric Alexander for a two-count to start the match. Cedric eating all of the New Day’s offense to start, Shelton Benjamin needs to break up the pin within the first two minutes of action. Shelton has not been a tag champ in 17 years. MVP offers Cedric a drink of water on the outside and Cedric accepts. Woods with a rolling forearm to Benjamin and he’s hung up in the ropes. Kingston hits a stomp to Benjamin and tags in Woods. Woods DDTs Benjamin for a two-count. New Day being booked extremely strong in the opening minutes.  Benjamin throws Woods ear-first into the bottom turnbuckle. Benjamin hits a kick to Woods and rolls him into the ring for a two.

Alexander isolates Woods in the Hurt Business’ side of the ring. Benjamin with an arm-breaker to Woods. Alexander kicked out of the air by Woods and the hot tag to Kingston. He takes out both opponents and goes for a Boom Drop but he’s caught out of the air by Benjamin. Tag to Alexander but Kofi avoids the double team move. Kofi with an SOS on Alexander for a two. Kofi misses the Trouble in Paradise, Alexander misses the Lumbar Check, but Alexander gets a brainbuster for a two.

Alexander hits the Neuralizer on Kingston as he tags in Benjamin. Kofi reverses an Olympic Slam and kicks to both opponents. Kofi climbing up to the top rope with Benjamin and knocks him back with a headbutt. Benjamin with an athletic t-bone suplex looking move to Kingston. Cedric Alexander tags himself in and Lumbar Checks Kofi. He covers Kofi and pins him to win the titles!

Winners, by pinfall: The Hurt Business (Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin)

Bobby Lashley joins the rest of the Hurt Business on the ramp as they pose victoriously with all their championships.


WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax vs. RAW Women’s Champion Asuka and A Partner To Be Named Later (aka Charlotte Flair)

It is all but confirmed who the mystery partner is but I’ll keep kayfabe until the big reveal. Champions Jax and Baszler are out first, like the afterthoughts they are.

The mystery partner is: Charlotte Flair!

Asuka starts with Baszler who exchange blows and submissions. Baszler goes to stomp Asuka’s arm like she did to Lana but Asuka moves and tags in Flair. Charlotte goes for an early Figure Four but Baszler fights out. Nia Jax tags in and my interest immediately plummets.

Jax and Charlotte go back and forth with some power moves before Asuka tags in and lays strikes into Jax. Asuka with a Code Breaker to Jax that only staggers her. Asuka isolated into the heel corner as she’s sent into the ring post. Baszler with a kick to the arm of Asuka. Baszler with some wristlock submissions on the canvas. Asuka rolls through into a two count. Jax is tagged back in and drags Asuka into the ring post again. Asuka then sent into the barricade by Jax.

Back in the ring and Baszler is tagged back in. Another double wristlock on Asuka but it’s reversed into kicks from Asuka. A nearfall by Baszler and tags in Jax. Asuka with a spinning backfist on Jax but can’t quite make the tag to Flair. Baszler’s attempt to stop the tag is thwarted as Flair comes in with chops to Jax. The ThunderDome WOO’s in approval.

Charlotte Flair with a big boot to Jax, gets a two-count. Charlotte picks up right where she left off by completing missing her signature moonsault to the outside on both champions. Charlotte Flair with a Figure Four attempt but it’s reversed by Jax. Jax hits the Samoan Drop on Flair but Asuka is legal. Baszler is in now and goes for the Kirafuda Clutch on Asuka and locks it in. Flair tags in and takes down Baszler. Flair with a big boot to Jax. Baszler rolls up Flair for a two.

Charlotte locks in the Figure Eight and it’s broken up by Jax. Kirafuda Clutch attempt on Flair. Flair hits Natural Selection and pins Baszler for the win!

Winners, by pinfall and NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Asuka and Charlotte Flair

Ric Flair is shown backstage celebrating. Asuka is now a double-champion. Charlotte is women’s tag team champion for the first time in her decorated career.


R-Truth, Sami Zayn, and Big E are shown hanging out backstage. Sami Zayn crosses a line and says Big E has been floundering since going solo. Big E tells Zayn to “keep playing” as Sami skulks away.


WWE Universal Championship Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match, Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens

With this announcement, the Firefly Inferno Match is apparently scheduled to close the show tonight.

A promo package breaks down the beef between Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns, which has been the best part of SmackDown over the last few months. Roman Reigns as a maniacal heel patriarch has been great for business. Kevin Owens doing his best John Cena Never Give Up impersonation has worked very well for this mini-program. Kevin Owens saying he will win or die trying makes me think he is going to do something very dangerous to set this match apart from the opener.

Roman Reigns out first. Roman taking his sweet time getting in the ring but is ambushed by Kevin Owens, who forgoes his entrance and hits a cannonball splash in the corner. Reigns is reeling and Owens hits another cannonball splash on the barricade.

Owens loads some ladders into the ring as Jey Uso shows up but eats a chair shot for his troubles. Owens with another shot to Uso before hitting Reigns with a chair. Jey Uso goes for a superkick but Owens smacks his foot with a chair in mid kick. Owens then Pillmanizes Jey Uso’s ankle!

Owens gets hit with a Drive By Kick from Roman Reigns to turn the tides following the beating to Jey Uso, who is being helped to the back by WWE staff. Reigns whacks Owens with the ring steps a few times, with the last one going to the ribs. Reigns with step ladder shots. Why is there such a small ladder? Reigns smushes Owens’ face with the small ladder.

Reigns tosses a chair into the ring, stomps on Owens’ hand, before using said chair. Owens tries to shield himself with a chair but Reigns just hits him repeatedly with his own chair across the back and ribs. Reigns sets up both chairs across from each other like a small table. Owens with right hands to the gut to defend himself. Reigns goes to Samoan Drop Owens through the table setup, but Owens reverses into a power bomb attempt, which is also then reversed into a back body drop through the table setup. Phew.

Reigns climbing the ladder but eats chair shots from Owens. These guys are beating the crap out of each other. Kevin Owens with a Fisherman’s Buster on a chair. Owens goes to climb the ladder. All of a sudden, Jey Uso on one leg stops Owens from grabbing the title. Uso and Owens start brawling. Owens gets the upperhand but Reigns flies in with a Super-Man Punch.

Uso helps setup a table as this is basically a handicap match now. This is showing the fatal flaw in this kind of match in that there is nothing against the rules here but the spirit of the match is a bit tainted. Owens fights back and hits a superkick on Uso and a Stone Cold Stunner on Reigns!

Owens again sets up a ladder and tries to climb up again when he is stopped by Uso and they continue brawling. Kevin Owens pop-up power bombs Uso through the announce table before burying him in debris and an office chair. He starts to climb the ladder before Reigns scales the other side of the ladder and they trade punches. Reigns rakes the eyes of Kevin Owens as they both descend the ladder. They trade more rights before a superkick attempt by Owens is caught and countered into a power bomb onto the tiny ladder in the corner! Gross!

Even grosser, Owens is side suplexed onto the tiny ladder laying on its side! Owens loves taking these gross ladder bumps, yeesh. Owens is then chokeslammed by Reigns through a table on the outside before he goes to dig Jey Uso out of the rubble. He throws the office chair at Owens.

Reigns Samoan Drops Owens through another table. Reigns calmly walks up the ring steps and re-enters the ring. He looks up at the title hanging and starts to climb. Owens gets back in the ring and distracts Reigns from ending the match. Reigns slowly descends the ladder in an incredulous manner and talks trash to Owens.

Owens gets to his feet and levels Roman with a right hand. Reigns responds with a spear through a table in the corner. Owens rolls to the outside and begins crawling around before using a ladder to stand up. He tells Reigns he’s going to have to kill him. Reigns obliges with a spear through the barricade but he misses! Reigns crashes and burns as commentary sells here is Owens’ chance.

Owens climbs the ladder and has the belt within his grasp before Reigns interrupts. Reigns throws KO into the ladder. Owens goes for the pop-up power bomb on Reigns but he reverses it into a Super-Man Punch! Owens recovers and puts Reigns through another table! Owens props up a ladder and begins to climb. He has the title in his hands before Jey Uso stops him! Owens headbutts Uso before hitting a Stone Cold Stunner from the ladder onto Uso.

Owens again begins to climb and once again has the belt in his grasp before Reigns hits a low blow. He locks in the guillotine choke on Owens at the top of the ladder. Reigns is alone at the top of the ladder, grabs his belt, and wins the match.

Winner: WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns

We’ve reached the last stop WWE’s 2020 pay-per-view calendar with the Firefly Inferno Match. The announce team shills the Royal Rumble which looks like it will take place in the ThunderDome’s new home, Tropicana Field in Tampa, Florida. Big E is announced as challenging Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Title this Friday on SmackDown.

We throw to the promo package for the main event. Ugh, here we go.


Firefly Inferno Match: Randy Orton vs “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

The rules are there are no pinfalls, submissions, or DQs. The winner is the guy who does not get set on fire. Randy Orton suspiciously wearing more clothing that he typically does. Orton once again thinks he is The Undertaker with a five minute long entrance. The Firefly Fun House theme hits before the monitors of the ThunderDome black out. It’s main event babyface, The Fiend! Orton absolutely no-selling The Fiend’s entrance, sorry Finn Balor.

A lot of tense staring between the two to start. The bell rings without any infernos being lit or shown. They circle each other slowly as Randy Orton finally punches Wyatt, who no-sells by giggling. Wyatt with a lot of vocal work tonight as he groans loudly before attacking Orton. Fiend sets up for Sister Abigal, but Orton reverses out.

Wyatt hits his exploding cross body block on Orton and again goes for Sister Abigal but Orton counters again. RKO reversed, third time going for Sister Abigal was the charm as Wyatt connects. Wyatt then summons the fire around the ring as Orton sells the shock.

Wyatt hits a lariat on the outside as the flames ride. Wyatt produces a leather strap and whips Orton across the back. Wyatt then lights the strap on fire but misses his attack, who almost falls into the fire on the miss. Wyatt produces a pick axe and misses his swing. Wyatt sends Orton into the barricade as the flames rise again.

Wyatt produces his old rocking chair, and gasoline, but throws Orton into the ring steps. He knocks Orton back into the rocking chair. Wyatt produces a Zippo lighter and lights the trail to the chair on fire in an obviously pre-recorded segment as Wyatt giggles more. Wyatt goes to hit Orton with the ring steps but Orton levels him with an axe handle. Orton grabs a chain from under the ring and punches Wyatt three times. He tries to push Wyatt into the flames with the chain but he escapes. Back in the ring, Wyatt takes control and wrings Orton’s neck.

Back outside, Orton goes for the axe handle but Wyatt cuts him off. Wyatt then lights the axe handle on fire but Orton avoids it with a kick to the gut. Wyatt rushes him but runs into the ring steps. Orton signals for the RKO, but Wyatt catches him and locks in the Mandible Claw. Orton and Wyatt fight near the flames and Wyatt catches fire! He chases Randy into the ring, while on fire, and eats an RKO. Isn’t the match over now? Orton is remorseful that he has lit Wyatt on fire. He bails out of the ring and grabs gasoline. Tom Phillips acknowledges that Orton has won without the bell ringing.

Winner: Randy Orton (?)

Randy enters the ring with gasoline and covers Wyatt with it. Orton leaves the ring to get matches, lights one, and lights Bray Wyatt on fire! The flames around the arena erupt as Wyatt’s remains burn in the ring. Randy Orton hits his pose and folks, that’s your show for the night!

Thanks for joining us tonight for TLC 2020. Catch me on the latest episode of Break it Down with Keila Cash on the Fight Game Media Network Patreon!

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