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A Golden Screw Job: Kenny Omega and Don Callis Appear at IMPACT

All eyes were on IMPACT Wrestling this Tuesday as the wrestling world waited to see what newly-crowned AEW Champion Kenny Omega and his longtime friend, business associate, and family member, Don Callis had to say. The pair made headlines as they teamed up to swipe the AEW Championship from Jon Moxley.

Don Callis and Kenny Omega on IMPACT

Callis declared that this “Golden Conspiracy” was hatched twenty-seven years ago when Omega’s uncle, the Golden Sheik, trained and managed the young natural. The man who seemed to be in an awkward position as both Omega’s accomplice and IMPACT EVP seemed more than comfortable detailing the machinations behind his work as pro wrestling’s Invisible Hand. The Winnipeg brain trust created a plan to ensure that Kenny Omega would become the biggest star in the pro wrestling world. Both were quick to point out that the company was born from the Chris Jericho/Omega showdown embers at Wrestle Kingdom 12 in Japan.

Omega detailed their history in a story first reported on Fight Game Media. The new AEW champion also talked about his former hobby as an avid comic book collector. Omega gave up this pursuit due to his inability to claim the most valuable and rarest books. However, Kenny Omega claimed to have started a new collection. Slapping the AEW World title, Omega compared it to Action Comics #1, the book that debuted Superman, which sold for $3.2 million in 2014. He then referred to the AAA Mega Championship, which he also holds, as X-Men #1, valued at $750,000. Omega then pontificated claiming Impact’s World Title, calling it Spider-man #1. (Amazing Fantasy #15, the character’s first appearance, sold for $1.1 million in 2011).

The implication is that we could see Kenny Omega traveling across promotions to claim their championships. If we keep to comic book analogies, this would be akin to the Anti-Monitor in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, who traveled to a number of parallel universes, laying them to waste until only one reality was left standing.

One IMPACT wrestler who was not amused by Omega’s presence was Impact World Champion Rich Swann. Heading into the Hard To Kill pay-per-view this Saturday, one can only speculate when and if these two will meet in the ring.

Omega joking referred to his tour bus as the Lex Express, a 1993 WWF bus tour involving Lex Luger. As Josh Matthews wrapped up his interview with the Golden Duo, Callis and Omega teased more surprises for Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite, with Omega referencing Luger again. Speculation is that when WCW Monday Nitro debuted in September of 1995, Lex Luger made an unexpected jump from the WWF to WCW, setting a tone for the show in which anything could happen.

Be sure to check out Chris Aiken’s Wednesday Night War preview for more info on tomorrow’s episode of Dynamite.

You can watch the full video below.

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