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Introducing The Fight Game Media Network

fight game media network

SUNNYVALE, CA — Fight Game Media website owner and Fight Game Podcast host Garrett Gonzales is launching a new podcast network focused on pro wrestling, boxing and mixed martial arts. The Fight Game Media Network looks to deliver a new podcast Monday through Friday via a Patreon subscription model.

Two longtime shows, The Fight Game Podcast and Two Jabronis With a Wrestling Podcast anchor the network while newly created shows In The Clinch, Pound 4 Pound, and High Tension round out the daily shows. Break It Down, a WWE recap show focused on WWE PPVs and NXT TakeOver shows, is also on the network. Special shows with Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer, All Elite Wrestling superstar Jon Moxley, and a partly narrative podcast called The Match are some of the exclusives that round out the higher subscription tiers.

“I’ve always loved radio and have been enamored with podcasts since listening to Wrestling Observer Radio, Bill Simmons’ shows, as well as the original Gimlet Media show Startup,” said Gonzales. “In doing my own podcast under the Blue Wire Podcast network banner headed by Kevin Jones, it felt like creating my own subscription network was the next step.”

Gonzales wanted to make clear that The Fight Game Podcast as well as Two Jabronis With A Wrestling Podcast would continue on Blue Wire. They will produce an extra show that will be on the new subscription podcast network.

Subscriptions start at $5 per month with the highest tier at $25 which gives customers one-on-one Zoom calls with Gonzales if they want to learn how to start a podcast or website.

Here’s a list of the current schedule of shows:

Monday: The Fight Game Podcast with Garrett Gonzales and John LaRocca reviewing every episode of Monday Night Raw in 1997 beginning in 2021.

Tuesday: In The Clinch with Paul Fontaine and Ryan Frederick brings you conversation from two friends with tons of insight while they cover all the news in MMA.

Wednesday: High Tension, a Japanese wrestling and culture podcast hosted by Fight Game Media editor Justin Knipper and co-hosted by JD Oliva, with guest John LaRocca.

Thursday: Pound 4 Pound with Carlos Toro and Robert Silva discussing the sweet science of boxing.

Friday: Two Jabronis With A Wrestling Podcast with BJ Cruz and Jeremy Los focusing on the career arc of WWE superstar turned actor and famous celebrity, the Rock.

As stated, Break It Down will cover major WWE/NXT shows when they happen on specific Sundays during the year and is co-hosted by Keila Cash and Andy Marshall.

You can listen to a sample of the shows below.

For feedback or questions about the Fight Game Media Network, contact support at support@fightgamemedia.com. Gonzales can be reached at gg@fightgamemedia.com.

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