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DragonGate ‘Open The Final Gate’ Preview

On December 20th, in the Fukuoka Kokusai Center, the landscape of DragonGate Pro-Wrestling will change when The Final Gate opens in Fukuoka. As 2020 has fundamentally changed the world, the year also shifted the Kobe-based promotion in various ways as the company heads into its final show of the year.

DrangonGate’s fast-paced, high-intensity cards have increased in popularity in the US in 2020. The promotion has long showcasing innovative action and deep, intricate storylines. Gone are longtime stalwarts like Akira Towaza, Shingo Tagaki, and CIMA. In their place stands some of the most explosive young athletes in pro wrestling. The main event showcases two of Japan’s best performers, as newly-crowned Open The Dream Gate Champion, Shun Skywalker defends his title against his former tag team partner Ben-K. Skywalker recently returned from excursion in Mexico to defeat Eita for the championship at the Kobe World Festival in November. Upon winning the title, Ben-K, who defeated AEW’s PAC for the Dream Gate belt in 2019, immediately challenged Skywalker.

Shun Skywalker and Ben-K

For over a year, a three-way generational rivalry has been at the center of the company. The DragonGate Generation faction, featuring performers like Kzy, YAMATO, the dynamic Open The Brave Gate (cruiserweight) Champion, Keisuke Okuda, and Ben-K, a band of black-and-gold-clad grapplers trained in the Dragon system. The Toryumon Generation, a group of competitors trained by the legendary Ultimo Dragon named for his former promotion. This group features veterans like Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, and Don Fujii, and Dragon Kid. RED is the heel faction that’s pillaged the company since 2018, led by former champion Eita and the Open The Twin Gate (Tag Team) Champions KAI and BXB Hulk. The RED team strikes in packs, often ending matches in disqualification due to interference. Though RED is anchored by long-time vets, two of the hottest rookies in all of Pro Wrestling, SB KENTo and Hip Hop Kikuta, have recently joined their ranks.

The generational war is set to boil over in a massive ten-man tag team match where the losing team must permanently disband. The Toryumon team of Dog, Yoshio, Kid, Susumu Yokosuka, and Genki Horiguchi will face the RED unit of KAI, HYO, SB KENTo, Kikuta, and the dynamic Kaito Ishida. After this match, the landscape of DragonGate will look very different.

While one unit must permanently disband, a new force is on the rise. Upon Skywalker’s return, his impending conflict with Ben-K drew the new champion into the war. Skywalker has aligned himself with Jason Lee, Dragon Dia, Kota Minoura, and the debuting La Estrella to form his own faction, called Masquerade. Final Gate will also feature a 4-way faction tag team match between Masquerade (Minoura, Did & Estrella) vs. RED (Diamante, Dia Inferno & Kazma Sakamoto) vs. DragonGate Gen (YAMATO, Kzy & U-T) vs. Toryumon (Ultimo Dragon, Shuji Kondo & Yasushi Kanda).

Okuda also defends his Brave Gate title against Kagetora. KAI and BxB Hulk will also defend their Twin Gate belts against Masaaki Mochizuki and Don Fujii.

DragonGate presents Final Gate 2020, live with English commentary on December 20th on the DragonGate Network.

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