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AEW and WWE Ratings Report: Wednesday Night Ratings Movers for 2020 Q3

The Big News:

AEW Dynamite had a special called “Winter Is Coming” on December 2nd, featuring a World title change with Kenny Omega winning the AEW World title from Jon Moxley. The show averaged 913,000 viewers, it’s best number against NXT on the same night since March 18th. It also did it’s best 18–49 demo number in over a year, whether opposed or unopposed.

This week’s numbers:

As mentioned, Dynamite averaged 913,000 viewers Wednesday Night, up 28.6% from last week. In the 18–49 demo, the show did a 0.42 rating, up a whopping 61.5% from last week. The demo number was the best since October 25th of 2019.

NXT on the USA Network was down 7.6% in overall viewers from last week, averaging 658,000. In 18–49, the show did a 0.16 rating, down 20% from last week.

The combined 18–49 number of 0.58 was 10% higher than what Monday Night RAW did this week. The shows combined did 1.571 million viewers, the highest total since October 28th.

Monday Night RAW on December 30th averaged 1.74 million viewers on the USA Network, down 1.5% from last week’s post-Survivor Series show. That’s actually a little better than shows usually hold up following one of the big four PPVs and the RAW immediately after. The show did a 0.53 rating in 18–49, down 7.1% from last week. The third hour rating in the demo was 0.49, just above the AEW number of 0.42. It’s possible, but not known at this time, that the main event of Dynamite beat the third hour of RAW in 18-49.

Smackdown on November 27th averaged 2.141 million viewers on FOX. This was the night after Thanksgiving when TV viewership is generally down and this was no exception, dropping 8% from the previous week. In 18–49, the averaged a 0.6 rating, down 14.3% from the previous week.

Year over year numbers:

AEW Dynamite was up 7.3% in overall viewers and 31.3% in the 18–49 demo over the same week last year.

NXT was down 22.1% in viewers and 44.8% in 18–49.

Monday Night RAW was down 21.1% in overall viewers and 23.1% in the key demo.

Smackdown on FOX was down 7.9% in viewers and 14.3% in the demo.

Very good showing this week for Dynamite as last year, on this week, NXT basically tied them in overall viewers for the show.

Ratings Extra:

Two weeks ago, I published a preliminary look at Wednesday night ratings movers for the month of October. I can now present the same for the full 3rd quarter of 2020, which is from the July 1st episodes of both Dynamite and NXT until the September 3oth episodes. To appear on these lists, a performer must have appeared in at least two segments over this time. The total viewers category is the average number of viewers for a segment this performer was featured in. It’s not as meaningful as the other category, but it does show who got to perform in front of the most people on average.

The ratings mover category is the most important to me. It’s the average increased or decreased number of viewers per segment that each performer was featured in.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll publish similar results for Q2 and Q1 and then in the early part of 2021, I’ll publish a cumulative list for the entire year of 2020.

Q3 Top total viewers:

  1. Eddie Kingston 908,750
  2. Thunder Rosa 900,000
  3. Brodie Lee 884,583
  4. FTR 879,909
  5. Dustin Rhodes 872,000
  6. Jon Moxley 860,045
  7. Cody 854,556
  8. MJF 853,500
  9. Mark Quen 849,400
  10. Dakota Kai 848,600

Q3 bottom total viewers:

  1. Dominick Dijakovic 626,250
  2. Indi Hartwell 639,667
  3. Kayden Carter 658,333
  4. Marcel Barthel 663,000
  5. Killian Dane 663,000
  6. Danny Burch 664,000
  7. Damien Priest 670,167
  8. Bobby Fish 675,500
  9. Fabian Aichner 678,250
  10. Oney Lorcan 682,000

Lowest AEW wrestlers: Brandi Rhodes and Allie

Q3 Top movers:

  1. Dustin Rhodes 80,000
  2. Keith Lee 49,500
  3. Brodie Lee 40,700
  4. Joaquin Wilde 39,000
  5. Penelope Ford 37,500
  6. Tegan Nox 36,000
  7. Dexter Lumis 36,000
  8. Brian Cage 35,200
  9. Finn Balor 33,000
  10. Cody 31,857

Q3 Bottom movers:

  1. Fabian Aichner -85,250
  2. Griff Garrison -77,000
  3. Marcel Barthel -75,500
  4. Alan Angels -68,000
  5. Frankie Kazarian -59,750
  6. Oney Lorcan -56,667
  7. Fandango -56,000
  8. Pat MacAfee -50,500
  9. Killian Dane -50,250
  10. Mia Yim -44,333

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