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Kenny Omega Beats Laredo Kid at Triplemania XXVIII

kenny omega beats laredo kid

Saturday evening was a big night for professional wrestling, MMA, and boxing. UFC wrapped up their 2020 PPV year with UFC 256. Anthony Joshua defended his title. And there were multiple wrestling cards. Not only did Impact Wrestling offer it’s Final Resolution PPV, but the New Japan Super J Cup got underway as well. However, the night may have belonged to AAA, as the company offered the 28th edition of its Triplemania show.

Laredo Kid and Kenny Omega at Triplemania

Presented live from Mexico City, Triplemania XXVIII featured several wrestlers known to the American audience. No match held greater interest stateside than the first half of the double-main event. AEW World Champion Kenny Omega defended the AAA Mega World Heavyweight Championship against the Laredo Kid.

Since winning the AEW Championship from Jon Moxley on December 2, Kenny Omega and his business associate and family member, Don Callis have taken over the pro wrestling zeitgeist. Appearing on Impact Wrestling, Omega and Callis laid out their plan to take over not just in AEW, but theoretically spreading their invisible hand across the entire wrestling sphere. Omega compared championships to rare collector’s edition comics, which he used to collect growing up. Omega wants to start a new collection, adding the AEW title to the AAA Mega Championship that he won from Fenix in October of 2019. Though, Omega didn’t state specifically state it, the implication is that he plans to add the Impact belt to his collection.

Before this quest could begin, Omega had to defend the Mega Championship against the fast-rising Laredo Kid. This late match-of-the-year contender, started quick and explosive as both Omega and Laredo traded blows. When Michael Nakazawa, Omega’s second become involved, El Hijo del Vikingo teamed with the challenger to battle back the DDT duo. The luchadores timed a picture-perfect stereo plancha off a stack of tractor tires. When the action returned to the ring, Laredo Kid hit multiple 450 attacks, but each time, the champion managed to kick out. Near the end, Laredo locked in a modified figure-four leg lock in the center of the ring. Omega feigned submitting multiple times, before finally escaping the hold. Finally, the Mega Champion stopped Laredo from hitting a moonsault by positioning his head under Laredo’s legs. With the challenger on his shoulders, Omega scaled up the turnbuckle and delivered an epic avalanche version of his One-Winged Angel finisher for the victory. It may have been Omega’s best singles match since winning the title from Fenix.

In the post-match, Laredo offered Omega a handshake. The double champion responded by literally flicking sweat into the challenger’s eye. Announcer Hugo Savinovich, who frequently bounces between Spanish and English, said that Omega had become “a changed man since falling under the influence Don Callis.”

Savinovich then called Omega a belt collector. This angle now encompasses three different promotions in three different countries.

In other action, AEW’s Lucha Brothers (Fenix and Pentagon Jr.) successfully defended their AAA World Team Championship in a three-way match over Los Mercenarios and the team of Octagon Jr. and Myzteziz Jr.

In a special tag team match, AAA unveiled their promotional tie with Marvel comics as Arcano (Spider-man played by Lio Rush) teamed with Leyenda Americana (Captain America played by Daga) in a losing effort against the team of Terror Purpura (Brian Cage under a Thanos hood) and Venenoide (Taurus). In the second half of the main event, Pagano defeated Chessman in a gruesome hardcore hair vs. hair match.

Triplemania XXVIII was presented live and free on YouTube and Facebook.

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