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AEW Full Gear Live Coverage – Jon Moxley Vs Eddie Kingston

aew full gear live coverage

Follow along with our AEW Full Gear live coverage. We’ll be updating this after every match or when something big happens.

If you haven’t read it yet, check out Chris Aiken’s guide to the show, which features a backstory on every match on the card.

We’ll be back when the main card starts.

Had internet issues for most of the first match so I’ll crib the notes from Parker’s play by play.

Adam Page Vs Kenny Omega

Omega won with the One-Winged Angel after two V-Triggers. Page fought him, but Omega hit it for the win.

The match wasn’t a slower type of long match. It was more like a sprint with a lot of big and quick moves. Lots of back and forth with neither guy really being on top for long. It was two guys who knew each other’s moves very well.

Omega finally won after he avoided the Buckshot Lariat twice before going into his final winning sequence.

Winner: Kenny Omega

John Silver Vs Orange Cassidy

John Silver was appalled at Cassidy trying to put his hands in his pockets. Silver ripped the pockets out of his pants.

Silver got the heat early and was using his power to keep Cassidy down. Mostly just big move after big move until Silver went for the Discus Lariat and missed and Cassidy hit the Orange Punch and the Beach Break for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Darby Allin Vs Cody Rhodes

The story early on is that Darby is on his game and is a step in front of Cody. Arn took Cody aside and told him to muscle him around. Cody had him in a hammer lock and launched him outside of the ring and onto the ramp. Cody had his arm behind his back and then body slammed him onto it from the top rope.

Cody went to the top and missed a moonsault, giving Darby a new chance. Darby has been selling his arm/shoulder, but then during part of his comeback, had to slap Cody with his bad arm and then I think he accidentally sold the wrong one.

Cody hit the Cross Rhodes from the top rope. Darby rolled across the ring and had his arm under the rope, which caused the rope break at the two count.

Darby won’t quit and Cody got frustrated and went to get his weight belt. Darby had another comeback and hit the Coffin Drop for a two count.

They went for some reversals and Darby cradled Cody to win the match and the TNT championship. Cody gave Darby the belt and they had a nice moment.

Winner: Darby Allin

It wasn’t too nice. Taz came out and called Cody and Darby out for the love fest. Then Brian Cage and Ricky Starks jumped them. They took Darby all the way to the back and put him on top of the car he came out in and tried to break his arm. But Will Hobbs saved him.

Nyla Rose Vs Hikaru Shida

The story of the match is that even though Shida is the champ, she’s the underdog. She’s having to play hit and run. Shida knocked Rose down but then Vickie Guerrero hit her with a kendo stick. Ah, the kendo stick.

Shida is selling her knee from the kendo stick shot. The psychology feels a little backward with the smaller person having to sell a body part because Nyla shouldn’t need it. It’s also a similar story to the previous match.

Shida’s comeback was all about dropkicks, which kind of hurts the selling of the knee. It makes sense to an extent because Shida’s finisher is a running knee, but then don’t do drop kicks and other things. Nyla did a powerbomb and pulled Shida up. She did it again and Shida kicked out at one.

Shida did a Falcon Arrow from the top rope and pulled Nyla up. She went to the rope to hit her finisher and then was stopped by a missed grab by Vickie. Then she was dumped to the outside. Twice in a row she went for the pinfall on Nyla and we saw the weakest kick out. Probably because she couldn’t cover correctly? Unsure. Shida hit the knee four times in a row and pinned her.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Vickie and Nyla are arguing after the match. Vickie is yelling at her. And then she slapped her. Nyla just cowered.

The Young Bucks Vs FTR

Even though Matt is hurt, he opens up the match in the ring. He’s selling the knee, but soon enough, Dax Harwood has to sell his arm as they work his arm. His hand is also bleeding.

This is the Brainbusters vs the Rockers. Matt Jackson is Marty Jannetty selling and selling and not being able to make the hot tag. They’re keeping Matt on their side of the ring. He fights out but then right when he gets to the middle of the ring, they cut him off and pull them back to their corner.

Matt finally makes he hot tag. Nick is running wild. Matt tags back in and they do some double team stuff as Matt tries to find some fire. It became an ode to great tag teams of the past. There was a bulldog off the top rope. There was a Hart Attack. There was a 3-D. There was a Swanton.

Every time Matt mistakenly does something with his leg, he hits it and then has to fall to the ground and sell it. FTR did the DIY Meet in the Middle finisher for a two count.

Matt has Harwood in the sharpshooter. Nick was outside with Wheeler and had him in one as well. FTR touched hands over the top rope, which should’ve broken the hold, but it didn’t and JR got quite upset. Matt’s knee couldn’t hold the weight and he had to break it.

Matt grabbed a chair and Dax told him to hit him with it. He pretended to, but it was only to fake him out to get the Meltzer Driver. But Wheeler threw Nick through a table. They hit the spike pile driver on Matt, but Matt got his foot on the ropes. Wheeler took Matt’s boot off. They exposed his knee and Wheeler came off the top rope on the knee. Harwood put him in an inverted figure four. Nick broke it up as Wheeler dove at him and missed. Nick hit him with a 450 splash to break it up.

Wheeler had Matt dead to rights, but he missed a springboard 450 off the top rope and Matt hit a superkick with his bad wheel to win.

Winner: The Young Bucks

Elite Deletion

Sammy drove a golf cart onto the Hardy Compound. A drone showed Hardy like he was in Star Wars, but he was actually in a monster truck and tried to run over Sammy’s golf cart. Sammy got out and did a moonsault off the monster truck.

Then it became just about impossible to recap. I’ll just leave you with the beats.

Santana and Ortiz interfered once they got into the ring. Private Party came in as well.

Somewhere, the Hurricane and Gangrel showed up. Hurricane got dumped into the Lake of Reincarnation. He showed back up as Gregory Helms. Then he got dumped as well.

Sammy and Matt were locked in a large shed where there was another ring. They then killed each other. Matt hit Sammy with a chair to the back of his head as he was laying on the ground and pinned him. They wheeled him out.

Somewhere along the way, there was also fireworks.

Winner: Matt Hardy

MJF Vs Chris Jericho

This match is very slow and very safe. The punches, the hitting the ropes, and everything else in between feels in second gear. Even Jericho’s hurricanrana from the top rope felt ho hum.

The match didn’t pick up, even in the end. Wardlow came out to give MJF the ring. Jericho got his bat. He got ready to hit him, but MJF went down like Eddy Guerrero without being hit. Jericho got caught by the referee and then was rolled up. MJF is now in the Inner Circle.

Winner: MJF

Eddie Kingston Vs Jon Moxley

This was a little bit of a sadistic match. They threw chairs at each other’s faces. They used barbed wire and Kingston grabbed it and wrapped it around his hand. I’m assuming it wasn’t real barbed wire. Moxley was bleeding from the forehead while Kingston was bleeding from the mouth.

And that was before they busted out with the thumbtacks, which Kingston suplexed Moxley on. It was between a suplex and a urinagi. Kingston then grabbed rubbing alcohol which the doctor had at ringside. He then poured it on Moxley’s bloody back. He hit Moxley in the face with some tacks and then put on the bulldog choke. He hit Moxley with some crossface forearms. Moxley returned the favor with the bulldog choke. Moxley then hit the Paradigm Shift. Moxley grabbed the barbed wire and told Kingston that there’s no other way out. And then he wrapped it around his arm and applied the bulldog choke with it. Eddie had to quit.

Winner: Jon Moxley

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