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AEW and WWE Ratings Report: November Cumulative Ratings

november pro wrestling ratings

With television viewership down on Thanksgiving Eve, AEW Dynamite and NXT did similar numbers to last year with NXT edging out a small ratings win. RAW and Smackdown held up better this week as well with nothing dropping by more than 20% year over year.

This week’s numbers:

NXT on the USA Network averaged 712,000 viewers on November 25th, up 11.6% from last week. The show finished 25th in the 18-49 cable charts with a 0.20 rating. That was up 42.9% from the previous week. NXT had finished out of the top 50 for the last several weeks.

On TNT, AEW Dynamite was down 16.5%, averaging 710,000 viewers. The show finished 7th on cable, but 3rd among non-news shows, with a 0.26 rating in 18-49. That rating was down 29.7% from last week.

Monday Night RAW on November 23rd averaged 1.807 million viewers. That was up 1.6% from last week. They were up 11.8% in the 18-49 demo, averaging a 0.57 rating. This despite over 12 million people tuning into Monday Night Football. That beat everything on cable except the NFL and the SportsCenter that immediately followed the game on ESPN.

FOX’s Friday Night Smackdown on November 20th averaged 2.326 million viewers. That’s up 4.1% from last week. The show averaged a 0.7 in 18-49, up 16.7% from last week and tied Shark Tank for the top spot on network TV.

Year over year numbers:

NXT was down 12.1% in overall viewership and 16.7% in the 18-49 demo.

AEW Dynamite had the exact same 18-49 number as they did one year ago this week. They were actually up 7.1% in overall viewership.

Monday Night RAW was down 14.3% in overall viewers. The show was down 19.7% in 18-49.

Smackdown was down 8.6% in overall viewers and 12.5% in 18-49.

Ratings Extra:

For the 4 week period ending on Wednesday November 25th, which includes the November 23rd RAW and November 20th Smackdown, here’s what the shows averaged as compared with the same period last year:

AEW Dynamite averaged 760,250 viewers this year. That’s down 8.8% from the 833,750 the show averaged last year. In 18-49, the show averaged 0.3075, down 14.0% from the 0.3575 they did last year.

NXT averaged 648,000 viewers this year. That’s way down from the 822,250 they did last year, which was due to featuring RAW and Smackdown wrestlers in the built to Survivor Series. The drop was 21.2%. In 18-49, the show dropped event more, at 41.3%, from 0.2725 last year to 0.16 this year.

Monday Night RAW averaged 1.733 million viewers this year, down 17.8% from the 2.107 million the show did last year. In 18-49 the show averaged 0.5225, down 25.1% from the 0.6975 the show did last year.

Friday Night Smackdown averaged 2.29 million viewers, down 8.2% from last year. So that held up better than any of the nationally televised shows. The average last year was 2.496 million. In 18-49, the show averaged 0.675, down 15.6% from the 0.8 average in 2019.

As compared to the previous month (October), with last month’s number in parenthesis:

Dynamite was down 2.3% (778,000)

NXT was down 7.8% (703,000)

RAW was down 1.6% (1,762,000)

Smackdown was up 24.8% (1,835,000) but that includes the week in October when the show aired on FS1. Factoring that week out, the show averaged 2.152 million last month, so this month was up 6.4%.


The return of Roman Reigns and his ongoing angle with Jey Uso, along with the Mysterio family saga continues to see Smackdown ratings performing the best of all WWE programming over the last few months.

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