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Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport Live Coverage – Jon Moxley Vs Chris Dickinson

josh barnett's bloodsport

We’ll have live coverage of Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport featuring Jon Moxley vs Chris Dickinson in the main event.

Check out our interview with Grizzly Kal Jack who faces Erik Hammer on the show as well.

We’ll be back at the start of the show.

They introduced all of the competitors to start the show and then introduced Josh Barnett last. The PA system is really poor or it’s not mic’d up very well for the FITE TV broadcast.

Simon Grimm Vs Matt Makowski

Low leg kicks early. Grimm went for a takedown that was stuffed. Makowski was in side control quickly. Makowski rolled out to the floor. Grimm had a headlock takeover. Some weird striking. Makowski cartwheel kicked Grimm who sold it like he was going to Flair flop, but then shot for a takedown.

Makowski wanted to keep the fight on the feet and Grimm wanted to go to the mat. Grimm escaped and did a snap German suplex. The referee called Makowski knocked out and the match was over, though I’m not sure that he was necessarily knocked out.

Winner: Simon Grimm

Killer Kelly Vs Allysin Kay

Kay has a half of foot height advantage on her, but they’re within five ponds of each other.

This was a little more “pro” wrestling than enjoy when it comes to this style. But the story was that Kay is more seasoned when it comes to the style because she’s had actual fights. But Kelly was fiery and never backed down. You could tell that she didn’t know much striking just based on her stance and she was at the mercy pretty much of all times whenever Kay was on the offense. But she never gave up and was always fighting from the bottom.

There was a weird little slapping battle that happened. Kelly then jumped on her back and sunk in a rear naked choke. Kay fell backward and broke the choke. Kay threw a high kick and Kelly was more loopy than Makoski was when he was finished. She ate elbows and was still fighting back. She then tapped her out to a triangle leg choke.

Winner: Allysin Kay

Leyla Hirsch Vs Lindsay Snow

This was much more fun for the style, even if the previous match was probably a bit more entertaining for the crowd. Snow beat the amateur wrestler with a heel hook.

It will be Snow and Kay in the finals.

Winner: Lindsay Snow

Calvin Tankman Vs Alexander James

Tankman is over like Rover in front of this live crowd.

Tankman is a big dude. No real martial arts style for Tankman. Just a bruiser.

Tankman was using his size to get on top as he’s so much bigger. But he’s also tiring himself out while wearing on James. James rolled into the mount and went for the arm bar. Back on the feet, Tankman landed a right hand and James went down and the match was stopped.

Winner: Calvin Tankman

Erik Hammer Vs Grizzly Kal Jack

As expected, Jack is dominating the wrestling. He stopped wrestling to throw forearms to Hammer’s back and Hammer used that to transition to being on advantage.

Jack was on top but left himself open to back elbows and Hammer had the advantage again. He got his back and tried to sink in a choke, then a side bulldog choke.

Jack had some deep slams. Hammer got him back on the ground and sunk in the kimura/double wristlock (just so people don’t get mad) to win the match. This was by far, the best thing on the show.

Winner: Erik Hammer

Filthy Tom Lawlor Vs Homicide

This is street fighter/pro wrestling versus former MMA fighter. Homicide is using pro wrestling chops and trying to get Filthy to fight in a pro wrestling style. But the second he got on the mat with Filthy, Filthy took advantage of him. Homicide suplexed Lawlor to get out of a kimura. He’s using head butts, hip strikes, chops, and over-hand chops. He’s getting Filthy to fight more like you’d see in New Japan.

Filthy was on the ground and trying to pick the ankle and Homicide started stomping on his head and almost knocked him out. Filthy hit a spear and put on a guillotine. Homicide nearly tapped but then hit as suplex out of it. Filthy went for a spear again, but Homicide hit a knee and then went for the Cop Killa before Filthy slipped out and got a rear naked choke. Filthy finally won with a single leg crab of sorts.

Winner: Filthy Tom Lawlor

Josh Alexander Vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.

This was as close to a squash as you’ll get that isn’t a flash win. DBS Jr. pretty much dominated and did what he wanted with Alexander. He had a kimura attempt that he turned into a suplex. He won with a sit out powerbomb. Referee stopped it.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Allysin Kay Vs Lindsay Snow

Lots of pretty decent grappling for most of the match. Snow won similarly as her last match with a heel hook. They didn’t really set anything up as far as drama. Worked much more like an actual sport than a match.

Snow wins the min-tournament and the trophy.

Winner: Lindsay Snow

Chris Dickinson Vs Jon Moxley

Dickinson started first with an inside leg kick to the thigh. Mox slapped him in the face and he slapped him right back. They did some grappling on the floor and then Mox launched him into the ring post and outside of the ring. Mox got the mount and started firing punches down, trying to open up the arm bar. Moxley was in the half-guard trying to get his wrist. He couldn’t get it but stomped him in the face. Dickson was on all fours and Moxley threw a body block on him to send him back down to the floor.

Dickinson had a knee bar on, but Moxley got them to roll outside the ring to break the hold. They started trading slaps and forearms. Dickinson hit a back suplex on him. Then he nearly knocked him out with a kick and tried to set up an arm bar. Moxley either hit a version of the Dirty Deeds or it was a similar looking suplex. He then won with the bulldog choke.

Winner: Jon Moxley

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