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ESPN Boxing – Vasiliy Lomachenko Vs Teofimo Lopez Jr. Live Coverage

Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez Jr. live coverage

Photo via Sky Sports

It’s time for our Vasiliy Lomachenko Vs Teofimo Lopez Jr. live coverage. If you want to check out our preview, by Carlos Toro, check it out.

We’ll be back when the main fight starts.

The Top Rank bubble still looks a little weird to me.

Vasiliy Lomachenko Vs Teofimo Lopez Jr.


Lomachenko pretty much gave away the first round. Lopez threw some jabs and landed a couple body shots. Lomachenko just looked to measure him a bit. From a size standpoint, Lopez is clearly the bigger man. His back is enormous.


For about two minutes, the second round was just like the first. But finally, Lomachenko threw two left hands and both landed, one to the face and then one to what looked like the upper shoulder. We’ll see what the judges say about that round. Lopez controlled the round, but Lomachenko landed the only real punches that mattered.


Interesting round as Lomachenko tried to be slick and got caught with a body shot which he didn’t expect. He did land a nice shot, but I think he started too late and probably gave that round away. I have it up 2-1 Lopez.


Pretty disappointing round from Lomachenko again. He landed a left hand that was like a pawing jab, and while Lopez didn’t land too many more, he is more active and pacing the fight.


This is getting a little awkward. Lopez must be waiting for an onslaught pretty soon, but he’s continuing to set the pace, land on the body when it’s open, and not do anything too crazy to allow for openings. I have him up 4-1.


Lopez landed two big shots at the end of the round; an uppercut followed by a straight right. Lomachenko tried to get inside and land a combination but they got tangled up. It’s 5-1.


We finally saw a little bit of what the strategy might be from Lomachenko. He started to push Lopez and was able to get inside. Lopez fought off his back foot for the first time in the fight.


Lomachenko is starting to get really active now. Lopez is game though. Lomachenko caught him with a few punches that caught him off guard and Lopez was reeling a bit, but he was able to get the clinch and did much better the next part of the round. Lopez looked super confident from rounds 1-7, but the guard looks a little shaken. He’s still winning by at least 5-3.


I think Lomachenko won that round as well. He’s making Lopez uncomfortable by how much he’s closing the distance. By the time Lopez punches out of it, Lomachenko has fired off three shots. However, when he can maintain the distance, Lopez is still landing well. He landed a great uppercut.


This was another Lomachenko round. He’s throwing so many punches from different angles that Lopez doesn’t know what to block. Lopez had an excellent combination, but it wasn’t enough. He threw a shot at the belt line that the referee called low right at the end of the round.


Lomachenko won that round again. You can see Lopez getting frustrated. They were in a clinch, but the referee didn’t separate them so Lomachenko kept punching. Finally he broke it up and you could see Lopez look at Lomachenko as if he was fighting dirty. That’s just called the bully being bullied. Lopez needs a great 12th.


And Lopez had that great 12th round. He landed some big shots and stopped Lomachenko from coming forward. He hit Lomachenko with a body shot that staggered him. Late in the round, they clashed heads and Lopez had a nasty cut that stopped the fight with 10 seconds left. Lopez clearly won the 12th.

I have Lopez winning 6, Lomachenko winning 5, and I scored that 7th round 10-10.

Winner: Teofimo Lopez Jr. by unanimous decision

The wide scores were 116-112, 119-109, 117-111.

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