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All Out Live Coverage – Jon Moxley Vs MJF

all out live coverage

We’ll have full All Out live coverage for tonight’s PPV.

If you want to read up on the event, check out Chris Aiken’s preview from earlier today.

It looks like the cinematic match opens the show.

Big Swole Vs Britt Baker

Swole showed up at the dentist office and somehow couldn’t tell that Rebel was at the front desk. She pulled off her scrubs. She went to find Britt and heard some windup teeth all going off at the same time. Britt hit her with her medical degree. The fight immediately went outside and they’re working toward the dumpster. It’s two on one. Swole dumped Rebel into the dumpster. Rebel pulled a crutch out of the dumpster and gave it to Britt to hit Swole.

Back in the office, Britt got her nose bumped and she was quite upset. She also gave Swole a swinging neck breaker onto the floor and got a two count. Swole hit a European uppercut and then a super kick for a two count. Britt grabbed a drill and it wasn’t the kind of drill a dentist would use. Rebel came back in with a syringe full of novacaine to give to Swole, but Swole stuck it in Britt’s thigh. She then put the laughing gas on her and she was out.

Winner: Big Swole

At least we got that out of the way. Now let’s get to some wrestling.

Jungleboy & Luchasaurus Vs The Young Bucks

Bucks are the heels here. Early stuff with Jungleboy and Nick Jackson was pretty good. Matt was tagged in and got in Jungleboy’s face and asked him to punch him. Well, he did. Luchasaurus came in and hit a big kick that turned into a suplex combination.

Heel Matt and Nick are fun. And Jungleboy is the perfect babyface for them.

Marko Stunt interfered after Nick kicked Luchasaurus right before JB was going to make the tag. Luchasaurus made the hot tag and ran wild a little bit. Luchasaurus hit a choke slam on Matt and a flip choke slam on Nick. Nick tripped Luchasaurus as he went slowly into the ropes. JB did a dive onto Nick outside. Luchasaurus did a backflip moonsault onto both men from the apron.

Matt got Marko back and put him out. Nick did a swanton onto Jungleboy with Matt hold JB perched on the second rope. They set up their BTE Trigger, but they missed. They then went for the Meltzer Driver, but Luchasaurus interfered. They then nearly had Matt with their finisher. JB and Nick went to the outside. Luchasaurus did a dive outside knocking the entire first row out.

The Bucks had JB pinned twice, but he kicked out at 2 and 1/2. He then ate the BTE Trigger.

Winner: The Young Bucks

Casino Battle Royal

The first group are Trent, Christopher Daniels, Jake Hager, the Blade and Rey Fenix. No one went out in the first five minutes.

In the next group are Frankie Kazarian, Will Hobbs, Chuck Taylor, and Santana and Ortiz.

The Blade and Daniels are first out.

Billy Gunn, Penta El Cero, Ricky Starks, Brian Cage, and Darby Allin were next. He brought in his skateboard.

Cage pressed Billy Gunn out. Allin dumped Fenix out. Chuck Taylor went out next.

Shawn Spears put on a headset and started talking to the announcers. Eddie Kingston and the Butcher were out next. Sonny Kiss and Lance Archer were next in. There’s one person left.

Sonny Kiss dumped out Hager. Cage dumped out Kiss. Santana went out after charging Trent. Never run toward the ropes in a battle royal. Archer threw out Trent. And then he punched out Ortiz.

Matt Sydal was the last entrant. He fell on his head while attempting his shooting star. Penta went out next. Kazarian went out next.

Cage accidentally hit Starks and Allin dumped out Starks. Starks pulled out Darby and rammed him into the post. He then pulled out a body bag and gave it to Cage. Cage dumped thumb tacks into the body back and put Darby in them. He then zipped up the bag and dropped him outside. Didn’t look good.

Sydal and Spears were outside fighting and Sydal did a stomp on him to the apron and Spears is gone. Archer knocked Hobbs and Cage out. Sydal pulled Butcher over the top rope. It’s Kingston, Archer, and Sydal.

Kingston threw out Sydal. Butcher and Blade are trying to help Kingston win the match. Archer threw Kingston off the top rope onto Butcher and Blade to earn his shot at the World Title.

Winner: Lance Archer

Matt Hardy Vs Sammy Guevara

This match is starting at the football field like the Spring Stampede.

Guevara was in the golf card and tried to run Matt over. Matt DDT’d him on one of the steel tables. They were on a forklift and Sammy speared Hardy onto a double table below. It looks like Hardy’s really in bad shape. They tried to keep it going, but it had to be stopped. Matt must’ve hit the back of his head bad on the spear.

And then, they restarted the match. Hardy and Guevara started fighting back toward the ring. They then started climbing the lighting tower and Matt hit Guevara and he dropped down to the floor and through some padding. I guess Hardy wasn’t supposed to retire.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Thunder Rosa Vs Hikaru Shida

They smartly started with a slower wrestling match. I think I’ve seen all the plunder I’ve needed to see so far. Lots of back and forth early on.

They went to the outside and Shida put a chair out. Rose used the chair to do a jumping kick to Shida.

Back in the ring, Rosa took control, but Shida hit a jumping knee to takeover. She then hit a beautiful suplex for a two. Rosa worked an arm bar. JR is selling that the NWA champ beating the AEW champ is a major headline. Shida hit a Falcon Arrow for a one count. She went for it again and was rolled up. She then put Rosa in the Stretch Muffler but Rosa got to the rope to break it up.

Shida hit a backbreaker that started in a fireman’s carry. Shida hit the running knee for the win. Good match, especially after what we just saw.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford announced that they’re getting married live on AEW Dynamite. Sabian is going to announce who the best man is on Wednesday.

Dark Order Vs The Natural Nightmares, Scorpio Sky & Matt Cardona

Long heat on QT. Colt had some nice chops in the corner, trying to get praise from Vince, I mean Mr. Brodie Lee. Cardona finally made the hot tag. JR kind of buried him earlier saying that he was missing something, but once he gets it, you’ll know what it was. Weird. Cardona was quickly selling. All heat in this match so far.

Dustin got the hot tag and the match picked up. Sky was in the ring and Anna Jay tried to slap him. He blocked it and then she got kicked by Brandi. Sky hit a TKO on Grayson. Evil Uno saved him. Cardona tagged in and hit two of his flying leg drops. Brodie Lee powerbombed him to cut him off.

QT was the legal man and Colt wanted to finish him. Lee requested the tag and he had to tag out. Lee threw QT so he could tag in Dustin. Lee killed Dustin with a clothesline. Colt went to the top rope and missed a moonsault. Dustin rolled him up for the win. Good finish.

Winner: The Natural Nightmares, Scorpio Sky & Matt Cardona

Dustin gets a TNT title shot against Mr. Brodie Lee.

FTR Vs Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page

Lots of quick tags early from the champs. They weren’t on the same page early on, but did give a high 10.

Hangman came in and FTR took the offense. Lots of classic heel tag team wrestling here, including Page getting a small package, but the ref was tied up. Hangman was about to be thrown back into the ring by Harwood, but he blocked it and fired back with a clothesline and tagged in Omega. Kenny hit the You Can’t Escape for a two count. Omega did his Terminator dive outside on both and then a missile dropkick on Wheeler for a two count. Harwood tagged in and they hit a powerbomb and German suplex combo on Omega for a near fall.

Late in the match, Kenny was hitting his moves getting to the finish, but Wheeler got out of the One-Winged Angel. Omega that hit his knee on the top turnbuckle missing a V-trigger. They started working on his knee. As he was getting close to tagging Page, Omega pushed Harwood who bonked into Page. Omega finally made the hot tag and Page started running wild. He hit a senton to the outside on both.

FTR hit a bulldog off the apron to the floor on Omega, like they were the Steiner brothers. They then did the same thing to Page inside the ring. Page kicked out at two. Page then did the powerslam flip from the top rope for a two count. Not sure what else is left here.

Page set up the Buckshot Lariat but Omega was holding Wheeler. They both ducked. Omega went for the V-Trigger, but missed and hit Page. Page then ate the spike piledriver for a near fall. They did it again and Omega tried interfering and couldn’t get there in time.

Winner: FTR

Omega nearly snapped on Page after the match and walked to the back. The Young Bucks were in the back and tried to talk him down of whatever he was upset about. He got in a SUV and left in a huff.

Orange Cassidy Vs Chris Jericho

OC rushed Jericho at the start of the match and Jericho hit him with a Code Breaker. Jericho tried to catapult Cassidy into the mimosa that’s right next to the ring. It looks like a hot tub.

They were playing teeter totter out on the platform before they got back into the ring. The main problem with this setup is that we know the finish is coming from going to the drink, so it really doesn’t matter what happens inside the ring.

Jericho went over the top rope and got a leg into the mimosa, but not his full body. Jericho hit a Code Breaker on Cassidy who dove off the top rope for a two count.

Jericho was on the middle turnbuckle and Cassidy hit a superman punch which had Jericho reeling. Then he gave him another and Jericho fell into the mimosa.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

MFJ Vs Jon Moxley

MJF did some nice mat work early on. Moxley got the upper hand and was very methodical in his offense. They were on the apron and Moxley looked over at Wardlow who was coming toward them. MJF then grabbed his left arm and slammed it down on the apron. Mox was selling it like his shoulder was dislocated.

Mox was wrestling with one arm. Outside, MJF got busted open and was a crimson mask. Mox couldn’t do certain moves because of his shoulder, but he did get him up for the Gotch pile driver. MJF jumped off the top rope right on his left arm. He also put him in an arm bar.

Moxley went for the Paradigm Shift and the referee reminded him what would happen. That allowed MJF to get the Fujiwara arm bar on. Moxley hooked his foot on the bottom rope.

MJF went to all of the heel tactics. He thumbed Moxley in his bad eye. He pulled the ref toward him so he could mule kick Mox and get a near fall. He hit the Cross Rhodes for a two count. Wardlow was on the apron and had the referee’s eye. That allowed Mox to hit the Paradigm Shift without the referee seeing and win the match.

Winner: Jon Moxley

This match was really good and ended the PPV nicely. But that was a long show with a lot of stuff, some way too dangerous, and at other times, just too uninteresting. This was AEW’s first PPV that you felt that you didn’t really get the full value.

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