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UFC 252 Live Coverage – Stipe Miocic Vs Daniel Cormier 3

UFC 252 live coverage

We’ve have live coverage of UFC 252. It features Stiple Miocic defending his UFC Heavyweight championship against former champion, Daniel Cormier. You can see all of our UFC 252 coverage on our details page. Check back here when the show starts for live coverage.

Daniel Cormier Vs Stipe Miocic

Rd 1 – Cormier controlling the Octagon to start. Miocic landing jabs while backing up. Cormier gets a takedown 90 seconds in but Miocic right up. Cormier holding him against the cage and lands some knees. Miocic escapes with 3 minutes left. Miocic targeting the body with punches. Nice punch combo by Cormier at 3:15. Miocic gets poked in the eye. Cormier gets a stern warning to keep his fingers in. Miocic landing a lot of leg kicks. Kick from Cormier looks to have landed low but Marc Goddard doesn’t stop it. Cormier with a punch combo with 45 seconds left. Miocic with a 25-8 advantage in strikes landed but Cormier’s have landed harder. Cormier rocks Miocic with a punch late and may have edged a close round. 10-9 Cormier

Rd 2 – Cormier hit with a low blow early but shakes it off. Miocic with a punch combo 30 seconds in. Cormier rocks Miocic with a combo of his own a minute in. Cormier throwing with everything he has and you wonder if it will tire him out later. Both guys landing hard leg kicks in the middle of the round. Miocic backs Cormier up with a left hook with 2 minutes left. Punch combo from Cormier at 3:45. Cormier had a 22-18 advantage in significant strikes landed in round 2 so another close round. Miocic drops Cormier at the end of the round and landing a lot of punches as the round ends. 10-9 Miocic, 19-19 after 2

Rd 3 – Cormier was almost finished at the end of the 2nd and his corner spent the time on the stool trying to psych him up to go back out there. Miocic controlling the pace to start the third and Cormier clearly is not himself. Miocic rocks him with a punch combo a minute in. Cormier missing badly with his punches. Miocic clinches up on the cage 90 seconds in.They break on their own with 3 minutes left. Cormier looking a little refreshed, throwing jabs. Miocic backs him up with a punch combo and they’re back on the cage in a clinch. Miocic landing knees to the body and shoulder strikes. they break with just over a minute left and Miocic lands a punch combo on the way out. Miocic with a 21-6 advantage in significant strikes landed this round. Miocic rocks Cormier with a punch combo. Cormier lands a nice punch that opens a cut on Miocic at the end of the round. Cormier was complaining about an eye poke. 10-9 Miocic, 29-28 overall. Replay found the eye poke and it was brutal.

Rd 4 – Cormier’s left eye is almost swollen shut from the eye poke, coming out to start the round. Cormier landing some nice jabs and then a punch combo in the first minute. Miocic takes it back to the cage clinch. The break on their own. Cormier gets a takedown but Miocic right back up. Cormier throwing body punches now. they trade hard rights with 2 minutes left and both guys get rocked. Miocic back to the cage clinch. They separate on their own with a minute left. Another close round that could come down to the end as Cormier has a 21-18 advantage in significant strikes landed with 30 seconds left. they break quickly. Great punch exchange with 15 seconds left. Cormier may have gotten the best of it. 10-9 Cormier, 38-38 overall

Rd 5 – Miocic controlling the pace to start the last round. Both guys land good punch combos in the first minute. Miocic goes back to the cage clinch 90 seconds in. they separate at 2:15 with neither guy doing much damage. Cormier rocks Miocic with a punch combo. Miocic answers back with one of his own. Right by Cormier. Body punch by Miocic and they’re back to the cage clinch with 2 minutes left and Miocic in control. Miocic backs off and lands a punch combo with 90 seconds left. Cormier with punches of his own and stuffs a takedown attempt. Back to the clinch with Cormier in control but Miocic breaks free. Cormier with a right and then an elbow to the head. Miocic with body punches and then back to the clinch. Cormier with a bulldog choke attempt. Miocic with a 24-11 advantage in significant strikes landed in round 5 with 30 seconds left and he seems to be riding out the fight in the clinch. 10-9 Miocic, 48-47 overall

Winner – Stipe Miocic (20-3) by unanimous decision (49-46; 48-47 x 2)

Cormier was asked after the fight and he said there wasn’t much he didn’t expect except for all the clinches. He referred to the fact he couldn’t see out of his left eye, which is a valid reason. Rogan asked about the eye poke and Cormier said he couldn’t see out of that eye at all for the rest of the fight but he didn’t want to blame the result of the fight on that. He said it was sad to be on the losing end of this trilogy and confirmed that this would be it for him because he’s not interested in fighting for anything but titles and didn’t think there were any title fights in his future.

Miocic was asked how he feels and he said “tired” and that he wants to go home. He put over Cormier as a tough dude. He tied Randy Couture for the most wins in UFC Heavyweight title fights. He says he’s going to hang out for the rest of the summer with his family and think about where to go next.

Main card undercard fights –

Marlon “Chito” Vera (18-6-1) got a first round TKO win (4:40) over Sean O’Malley. O’Malley got a lot of hype coming into this and is one of the young stars UFC is hoping to build around. He did something to his foot or leg midway through the round and after slipping on it, Vera landed some hard shots on the ground and ref Herb Dean stopped it immediately. It was a quick stoppage based on the damage being down but O’Malley screamed out in pain after it due to the damage to his leg, which he was trying to hide.

O’Malley, you may recall, had broken his foot in a previous fight and went on to win and couldn’t even stand afterward, famously being interviewed in a sitting position in the Octagon by Joe Rogan. After several looks at the replay, it appeared as if O’Malley rolled his ankle when stepping back.

Jairzinho Rozenstruik (11-1) scored a TKO in the 2nd round(3:47) over former UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos. JDS was arguably winning the fight, although it was close, before Rozenstruik knocked him down with a punch and finished him with strikes on the ground. The two embraced afterward and had already announced they would train together after this fight.

Daniel Pineda (27-13) got a 2nd round TKO win over Herbert Burns. Burns, the brother of UFC welterweight contender Gilbert, got tired fast and just got mauled in the 2nd round, getting finished with vision elbows. Nice comeback to the UFC for Pineda, who was cut in 2014 and fought in Bellator and PFL and the regionals for the last several years. He is also coming off a suspension for failing PED tests.

Merab Dvalishvili (12-4) won a unanimous decision over John Dodson at 135. Dvalishvili spent the whole fight trying to take Dodson down, who managed to avoid that. But it’s all Dodson did and Dvalishvili outstruck him as well and won all 3 rounds.

Prelim results –

Vinc Pichel (13-2) won a unanimous decision over veteran Jim Miller. Fun fight with both guys trying to submit each other the whole time.

Virna Jandiroba (16-1) destroyed the returning Felice Herrig, submitting her at 1:44 with an armbar. It was a clinical destruction. She should move into the top 10 in the strawweight division after that.

Danny Chavez (11-3) dominated the first 2 rounds with leg kicks and then held on to win a unanimous decision over TJ Brown. Good UFC debut for Chavez.

Livinha Souza (14-2) won a boring fight by unanimous decision over Ashley Yoder. I had it 29-28 Yoder as did most of the people I saw scoring the fight.

Chris Daukus (9-3) scored a first round KO (4:28) over Parker Porter. Both guys making their UFC debut on short notice and Daukus looked good. He’s the brother of UFC middleweight Kyle.

Kai Kamaka III (8-2) won a unanimous decision over Tony Kelley in the UFC debut for both guys. Great fight with a combined 200 significant strikes landed between the two of them

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